super high school level princess


Oh man I love Dangle Grandpa and Marvelous Beetle. Just the best. :’))

Adrien would of course be Super High School Level Good Luck Model. And Marinette would be Super High School Level Princess Fashion Designer.

I’ve been wanting to do Dangan Ronpa sprite edits for the longest time. And this was my motivation. Simply that both my tiny baby Naegi and everyone’s favorite Trashcan share a VA with my Cat Son. 

Also girl sprites are all so… similar. Like wow so many of them are having a mental breakdown due to High School Life of Mutual Killing. It’s kind of annoying tbh. (Mainly because Marinette doesn’t fit any of them really. So just imagine she’s telling Chloe off.)

I used a Naegi sprite for Adrien, and a Sonia sprite for Marinette. I have more that i’d like to do. Just not right now.

Alya and Nino (x)
Chloe and Sabrina (x)
Juleka and Rose (x)


It felt as if I was sinking into a dark sea, and my body was becoming so heavy I couldn’t move…
Just then, I heard Hinata-san’s voice…it was just for an instant, but I definitely saw it.
Like a lighthouse illuminating the dark sea…a harsh, but warm light…

The future we’re going to create from now on is also the future that everyone has made for us, right?
In which case…there’s no reason to stop!