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The Super Adult Level Rookie Suzuki greets once again and asks us how how did we like the demo. Today we continue with the character introductions. Suzuki’s imaginary reader says “No probs, I already met the characters by playing the demo, so no need to introduce them”, but Suzuki is having none of that. Today we are having Saihara, Shirogane and Shinguuji (two of my Free Time characters on the same post. Hell yeah!)

Super High School Level Detective: Shuuichi Saihara (seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara)

Saihara is a boy who stands out among the cast for his submissiveness and for his good sense. Complementing his submissiveness, he actually believes he doesn’t deserve his Super High School Level title. He is indeed abnormally timid when it comes to speaking, but when it comes to acting and deducting he is wonderful enough to deserve being Super High School Level Detective (even if he thinks otherwise).

Suzuki then tries to sound as confused as possible as to why would they choose Megumi Hayashibara for his role. It’s very unusual to offer a male character to Hayashibara. Rare to the point Suzuki can’t remember whether or not she ever played a male character before. However, despite not having experience with male, Hayashibara does have a deep and vast experience connected to detective characters (I think he is talking about Detective Conan, but I don’t know her character there, so I could be wrong), which why they just had to choose her for a Super High School Level Detective. Hayashibara actually helped the team on making Saihara more detective-like.

Super High School Level Cosplayer: Tsumugi Shirogane (seiyuu: Mikako Komatsu)

Shirogane is a plain-looking otaku. Well versed in anime, manga, etc. You can find quite a few anime/manga references spread throughout her dialogue. After saying that Suzuki suddenly start challenging the reader.

“I got a nice amount of Shirogane’s references, but what about you? Can you get all the reference? Can you really say can stand in the same level as Shirogane?”

As a cosplayer, she is skilled and popular enough to earn her sponsors.

“Komatsu Mikako was choosing as her seiyuu, contrasting with Shirogane’s plain looking appearance. Komatsu-san’s clean voice quality is one of the few things that stand out in the otherwise plain-looking Shirogane […]”

Comun’s personal opinion time: Yeah, I have no idea what Suzuki is talking about here. I found Shirogane’s voice to be nothing special. Maybe it’s I’m used to Komatsu’s voice because of her role as Kotori in Yugioh Zexal? That said, you probably already know Shirogane is one of my favs, so I take this role as Komatsu’s redemption from the great sin that was Kotori Mizuki.

Super High School Level Cultural Anthropologist: Korekiyo Shinguuji (seiyuu: Ken’ichi Suzumura)

Korekiyo Shinguuji, the cultural anthropologist, is a boy that doesn’t really fit in the definition of normal. He is way too calm for a boy his age, and he has the experience of having met to a huge variety of human beings for his cultural anthropology research, which lead him to the conclusion that “Humanity has an unlimited beauty”. Because of that, he can keep himself composed even under the confinement circumstances and focus on rationally observing his fellow students. Suzuki feels like Shinguuji is a very unique character (I’m assuming he never read or watched Durarara).

His seiyuu is Ken’ichi Suzumura, who has a very experience voicing characters with all sorts of personalities. Suzuki thinks that Suzumura observed as many different characters as Shinguuji observed different people and that’s precisely why Suzumura can nail Shinguuji’s personal intonation and way of speaking so perfectly.

I’ll take this opportunity to link my Shinguuji introduction translation here. I wish I had already done the Shirogane one to add to this post as well.

That’s all for today. Suzuki says goodbye, says there will be more characters tomorrow, asks you recommend the demo to your friends that haven’t played it yet and says that if you’re sad because you couldn’t preorder the limited edition, you should try looking for store close to you, because even though online preorders are sold out, physical store preorders are still available on lots of places. Not that many readers of this translation can do that though.