super high school level hope


Hajime Hinata

  • Normal human with no powers
  • Has dreamed of being a hero and attending the prestigious Kibougamine Academy for Heroes for practically his entire life
  • Pays to join the school under the ‘Hero Studies’ course
  • Is invited to join the 77th class as a ‘trial run’
  • He then becomes…

Izuru Kamukura

  • Undergoes surgery to attain powers artificially
  • He was to become “Super High-School Level Hope”, a Hero to put an end to all evil
  • The surgery works and he obtains every power Kibougamine has ever studied
  • However, he loses his humanity in the process (emotions, memories, morals, etc)
  • Joins Junko Enoshima’s “Despair League” - a gathering of supervillains who have infiltrated Kibougamine
  • “Super High School Level Hope” becomes “Super High-School Level Despair”

Komaeda Nagito

  • Has the power of good luck
  • However, whenever he uses his ‘good luck’, even if it is to help those in need, an equal amount of ‘bad luck’ will affect him
  • Is a cheery person who will help out however he can, but his self-esteem is destroyed and his hope for himself is nonexistent
  • Becomes best friends with Hinata and is utterly betrayed when he goes under surgery and becomes Junko’s right-hand man
  • Superhero name: “Lucky”

Chiaki Nanami

  • Obtains the powers of the playable character (protag) from the last video game she played
  • When she starts a new game, she can no longer use the powers of the playable character from the last game she played
  • Dreams of becoming a popular enough hero that someone makes a video game with her in it
  • Superhero name: “The Protagonist”

Kazuichi Souda

  • He can bring machinery to life
  • The machinery he breathes life into will do his bidding
  • He can only bring five things to life at a time
  • Although, because of his pet screwdriver, he really only ever brings four things to life at a time
    • This is because if e brought more than five things to life at a time, one of his creations would lose its life
  • He is known for chickening out and using his machines for self-defense
  • Superhero name: “The Steel Shark”

Sonia Nevermind

  • She has perfect aim and can hit any mark
  • Although she uses non-lethal bullets, she is known for never failing a job
  • She is regal and poised, but can take anyone down
  • Superhero name: “Princess Pinpoint”

Tanaka Gundam

  • Has the power to speak to animals
  • Knows just what to say to convince them to do his bidding
  • However, he never sacrifices them in order to get what he wants
  • His animals are his partners, not his shield
  • Is sometimes mistaken for a villain because of his costume/makeup/demeanor
  • Superhero name: “Alpha Demon”

Peko Pekoyama

  • All of her senses and abilities are enhanced
  • She uses her incredible swordsmanship to fight off criminals
  • During fights, she can feel where the attacks are coming from and where they are going
  • Superhero name: “The Swordswoman”

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu

  • Can “persuade” others to do his bidding
  • Basically mind control, but it has its limits
    • He can only control a person’s actions as long as they remain within five miles of him
    • He can only control a person’s actions if he knows their name
    • If he controls someone for longer than an hour, he starts to lose energy
  • Wants to team up with Pekoyama, but she insists on being his sidekick
  • Superhero name: “The Boss”

Mahiru Koizumi

  • When she takes a photo of someone she is able to trap them inside the photograph, which is akin to another dimension
  • People can move and talk when photographed (think Harry Potter pictures)
  • She prefers to use her power as a way to rescue innocent bystanders during a crisis
  • Superhero name: “Dimension Girl”

Hiyoko Saionji

  • She can “steal” other people’s powers
  • Can only steal two at a time
  • However, she can keep their powers for as long as she wishes
  • Her dream is to become a team with her classmate Koizumi
  • Superhero name: “Mean Streak”

Byakuya Twogami

  • Shape-shifter
  • Mostly uses this power as either a disguise
    • Can turn into whoever they want
  • Or a tool
    • Can turn into whatever they want. Claws, feathers, wings, you name it. They could have it all if they so choose.
  • No one knows what they actually look like
  • Superhero name: “Doppelgänger” 

Ibuki Mioda

  • Her guitar playing projects sound waves that can knock people out
    • (Basically the same effect as Black Canary’s voice)
  • She doesn’t even need an amp, she can just strum her strings and bam. Temporarily deaf, disoriented villain.
  • She loves helping people, but she loves playing for them more
  • Every fight she’s in she takes as an opportunity to spread her music
  • Superhero name: “Guitar Goddess”

Teruteru Hanamura

  • Can charm anyone who eats his food
  • When someone is charmed, they cannot harm him
  • However, they have to actually eat his food to be charmed
  • He’s basically useless in a fight
  • Everyone keeps a close eye on him to make sure he never misuses his power, and he never does.
  • Superhero name: “Creepy Charmer”

Nekomaru Nidai

  • Has super-strength and enhanced empathetic abilities
  • Is known for trying to solve issues passively before resorting to using his powers
  • Encourages his fellow heroes more than anyone
  • Opens a summer “Hero Training Camp”
  • Mainly wishes to coach other heroes
  • Superhero name: “The Gentle Giant”

Akane Owari

  • Has super-speed and enhanced strength.
  • No one has more agility than she does. No one.
  • Is known for escalating situations and destroying property while trying to beat villains
  • Superhero name: “Ornery Owari”
  • (Don’t worry, people love her. The name doesn’t mean much).

Mikan Tsumiki

  • Has the ability to heal wounds
  • Whatever damage she heals is inflicted onto her own body at half of its original damage
  • Is known for messing up during jobs but still managing to win the fight
  • Prefers to stay out of fights if possible
  • Superhero name: “Healer”


The Japanese words for “Hope (Kibō)” and “Despair (Zetsubō)” both use two kanji.
Hope is 希望 and Despair is 絶望.
They share the same second kanji, and it reminded me of how the Mastermind says that “hope breeds despair”, and Naegi responds with “despair breeds hope” (or something along those lines.

Ouma encounters a mysterious silhouette

Context: Ouma just played his first game in the sports festival and it will take a long while until the next, so he gets bored and goes strolling through the school hallways. He sees a weird silhouette.

Kokichi Ouma: This long hair, could it be… Whoa~, I can’t believe I found you here, I’m so LUCKY~!

Izuru Kamukura: Do you… know who I am?

Kokichi Ouma: No, I don’t really know you… I only know your rumors. They say a man of our age shows up in the academy.

Hey, about you… You’re dead, right?

Izuru Kamukura: …What kind of worthless rumors are the people spreading about me?

Kokichi Ouma: They’re rumors you’re a ghost. And rumors can’t be all lies, can they?

So, what are you?

I’m pretty sure there’s no one among the students and teachers with a silhouette this conspicuous~.

Izuru Kamukura: I am not anyone in particular.

Even though I lost my meaning and my purpose… I will only remain inside this school.

Kokichi Ouma: Then, you used to have meaning and purpose before?

Izuru Kamukura: …Super High School Level Hope.

Kokichi Ouma: …Pardon?

Izuru Kamukura: That was what I used to be called long ago.

Kokichi Ouma: What’s that, sounds really not boring. Tell me details~.

Izuru Kamukura: There is nothing to be talked about. Because I currently am… not anyone.  

Izuru Kamukura's Introduction
Izuru Kamukura's Introduction


You can now make requests for Izuru here!


Alright, you’re probably thinking this: for someone as shy as Hisoka, how then, can he be someone in a position as a camp counselor? For him, he loves the atmosphere. Camp usually takes place out in the summer heat, and best of all, outdoors.

Plus he’s got a knack for handling kids. Whenever they come into his camp, they are always raving about the great experience they’ve had, and want to come back to see him again the next year. On top of that, his adventurous spirit is what invigorates their hikes and campfire stories.

Was that alone what earned him the title Super High School Level Camp Counselor (Ultimate Camp Counselor) from Hope’s Peak Academy? Well, part of it. Hisoka knows how to tie almost every knot know to man, a master of CPR, and is an overall champion in the department of all things outdoors.

Will his experience at Hope’s Peak Academy be an enriching one? Hisoka sure hopes so, but what will fate have in store for him upon arrival?

Introducing Hisoka Saitou for @futurecarrie‘s DRSE 2!

“But Jack! Didn’t you already send off Jessabelle to this?”

Well, yes, but Carrie needed a slot filled, so I volunteered. (Also come to find out someone made two sims for the original original DRSE, so there’s that).

Gender/Sexuality: Demiboy (He/HIm), Gay (Exclusively into men)
Traits: Shy | Loves the Heat | Loves the Outdoors | Nurturing | Adventurous
Height: 5′7″ (~170.2 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs (~65.7 kg)
Chest: 34.6 in (~88 cm)
Birthday: August 24th (Vrigo)
Blood Type: O
Likes: Camping trips, Working with kids
Dislikes: Social situations (parties), Staying indoors
Notes: Super High School Level Camp Counselor (Ultimate Camp Counselor)
Additional Information Requested: [26 Questions Post will go live in just a moment].

Content Required: Generations, Master Suite Stuff, Seasons, Island Paradise
Custom Content Required: Hair

I’d like to take a moment and say that both Hisoka and Jessabelle love the heat. Huh. That was unintentional.

Download is private until his fate is decided.


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Script of 4th trial clip - thank you for uploading!

HINATA: Yeah! But… if Komaeda believed in hope… if Komaeda believed in his talent… I can’t imagine any other option than this!

[footage replayed of the body discovery about putting out the fire and so on]

KOMAEDA: Ya, Hinata-kun. For you of all people, the one from the reserve course, to be the one finally groping towards the truth, I never thought that would happen.

HINATA: I didn’t do it alone. It’s because all of us pooled our strengths together!

KOMAEDA: Well. Have you found the traitor?


KOMAEDA: You haven’t found that person, have you. Good.

HINATA: Why would you, the one so obsessed with hope… go to such lengths trying to kill us!!!

KOMAEDA: This despair will become a stepping stone for hope! That’s all it was. If you are able to overcome this despair, then I should be able to become a true Hope! BECOME THE SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL HOPE!!!

HINATA: But come on, if you yourself die then it doesn’t mean anything, right?

KOMAEDA: No no no, in the finale it’s natural for the actor to leave the stage, right?

HINATA: I… I had been glad that you were the one to first call out to me at the beginning. I had been glad that you kept saying you would help me remember my talent and everything. With you… I was….

KOMAEDA: You’ve got that…


KOMAEDA: You’ve got that wrong, Hinata-kun


KOMAEDA: You are from the reserve course, I am the Super High School Level Hope! If I had known you had no talent… I probably would never have had any reason to call out to you.


KOMAEDA: I am hope. I WILL STAND UP TO FIGHT AGAINST DESPAIR! Hope will march on forward.

SODA: Why… why did that guy do this…

HINATA: Komaeda… wanted to leave behind the traitor… and was trying to kill all the rest of us!

The Script is for this video
Thank you for the script @blackflirtlarping! :D 


Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Against a backdrop of past abuse, gossiping Ultimates, and an (unknown) impending doom, Hinata Hajime and Tsumiki Mikan do their best to create a safe space for one another.

Words: 5,017

Pairings: hinamiki

Warnings: past sexual abuse & trauma (obviously from Tsumiki, along with her regular canon abuse mentions); smut; nsfw – admist a LOT OF FLUFF! but ya know, gotta put those warnings out there.

xpost to ao3: here

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Ikusaba v. Enoshima

Which do you prefer? I couldn’t choose, personally! :3

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