super high school level hope

Ouma encounters a mysterious silhouette

Context: Ouma just played his first game in the sports festival and it will take a long while until the next, so he gets bored and goes strolling through the school hallways. He sees a weird silhouette.

Kokichi Ouma: This long hair, could it be… Whoa~, I can’t believe I found you here, I’m so LUCKY~!

Izuru Kamukura: Do you… know who I am?

Kokichi Ouma: No, I don’t really know you… I only know your rumors. They say a man of our age shows up in the academy.

Hey, about you… You’re dead, right?

Izuru Kamukura: …What kind of worthless rumors are the people spreading about me?

Kokichi Ouma: They’re rumors you’re a ghost. And rumors can’t be all lies, can they?

So, what are you?

I’m pretty sure there’s no one among the students and teachers with a silhouette this conspicuous~.

Izuru Kamukura: I am not anyone in particular.

Even though I lost my meaning and my purpose… I will only remain inside this school.

Kokichi Ouma: Then, you used to have meaning and purpose before?

Izuru Kamukura: …Super High School Level Hope.

Kokichi Ouma: …Pardon?

Izuru Kamukura: That was what I used to be called long ago.

Kokichi Ouma: What’s that, sounds really not boring. Tell me details~.

Izuru Kamukura: There is nothing to be talked about. Because I currently am… not anyone.  


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超高校級の「フルート奏者」 如月 風音
Super High School Level Flautist Kisaragi Kazane

One of my Danganronpa OCs, currently residing in @askthenewhopespeak‘s world of Hope’s Peak after the Tragedy. Thank you for letting her be a part of your story! Images taken from my friend’s game of 奇跡暖暖.

Former Super High School Level Flautist, a member of Hope’s Peak Academy’s class 77-A. Currently a music teacher at the New Hope’s Peak Academy.

Your name is Byakuya Togami. You are attending Hope’s Peak Academy as the Super High School Level Good Luck.

   Byakuya lifts his pen from the page, pouring over the sentence he just wrote with intense scrutiny as his other hand tightly grips part of his hair. Memory loss, of all things it had to be memory loss. None of the luckster’s memories could afford to be forgotten, each and every one of them important. The knowledge that some of it had already been lost had him wanting to tear stitches, but he knew he had to focus on other more important tasks at hand.

  And so he stares down at the notebook he had scavenged from one of the school’s classrooms, and where he would write all of the memories that he could recall while he still had them. He decided to start with the most recent events with his life, assuming things were working reverse chronologically. Though perhaps it would be better to meet in the middle, writing from the beginning and end…

That means they chose you to attend their school because they considered you the very best at being lucky, but really all you did was win a lottery that they were running. But the other students certainly have the skills to back up their own individual titles, most of them already being famous before enrolling. There are fifteen other SHSLs in your class and are as follows:

   …He at least had the blessing of actually having parts of his life present with him, unlike some others here. Kirigiri, some underclassmen, and the items he had scavenged from the train station…Even if the fact he found the latter here to be a rather foreboding concept… They were things he could hold onto, to reassure himself that these were things he actually experienced, real people that he cared about.

Kyouko Kirigiri–The SHSL Detective. She’s with you, the girl with long purple hair and the gloves- Not the one with rabbit ears, Kirigiri wears gloves all the time. Her Father is the headmaster, but they’re not on good terms. Trust her implicitly.

Junko Enoshima- The girl in the magazines, SHSL Fashionista. Sort of ditzy, but always seemed smarter than she let on. Twin sister to Mukuro Ikusaba, the SHSL-

…The SHSL…

He closes his eyes tightly, going slack for a moment as a pounding headache rolls through his skull. When he straightens up again, Ikusaba’s talent is just as much of a mystery as it was the first time.

“…Narrow it down later…”

Naegi Makoto- SHSL Heir…

Ikusaba v. Enoshima

Which do you prefer? I couldn’t choose, personally! :3


Super Dangan Ronpa 2

Against a backdrop of past abuse, gossiping Ultimates, and an (unknown) impending doom, Hinata Hajime and Tsumiki Mikan do their best to create a safe space for one another.

Words: 5,017

Pairings: hinamiki

Warnings: past sexual abuse & trauma (obviously from Tsumiki, along with her regular canon abuse mentions); smut; nsfw – admist a LOT OF FLUFF! but ya know, gotta put those warnings out there.

xpost to ao3: here

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Script of 4th trial clip - thank you for uploading!

HINATA: Yeah! But… if Komaeda believed in hope… if Komaeda believed in his talent… I can’t imagine any other option than this!

[footage replayed of the body discovery about putting out the fire and so on]

KOMAEDA: Ya, Hinata-kun. For you of all people, the one from the reserve course, to be the one finally groping towards the truth, I never thought that would happen.

HINATA: I didn’t do it alone. It’s because all of us pooled our strengths together!

KOMAEDA: Well. Have you found the traitor?


KOMAEDA: You haven’t found that person, have you. Good.

HINATA: Why would you, the one so obsessed with hope… go to such lengths trying to kill us!!!

KOMAEDA: This despair will become a stepping stone for hope! That’s all it was. If you are able to overcome this despair, then I should be able to become a true Hope! BECOME THE SUPER HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL HOPE!!!

HINATA: But come on, if you yourself die then it doesn’t mean anything, right?

KOMAEDA: No no no, in the finale it’s natural for the actor to leave the stage, right?

HINATA: I… I had been glad that you were the one to first call out to me at the beginning. I had been glad that you kept saying you would help me remember my talent and everything. With you… I was….

KOMAEDA: You’ve got that…


KOMAEDA: You’ve got that wrong, Hinata-kun


KOMAEDA: You are from the reserve course, I am the Super High School Level Hope! If I had known you had no talent… I probably would never have had any reason to call out to you.


KOMAEDA: I am hope. I WILL STAND UP TO FIGHT AGAINST DESPAIR! Hope will march on forward.

SODA: Why… why did that guy do this…

HINATA: Komaeda… wanted to leave behind the traitor… and was trying to kill all the rest of us!

The Script is for this video
Thank you for the script @blackflirtlarping! :D 

rpbattleman  asked:

Naegi!Kamakura. Naegi is transferred into Class 78. He gets along with everyone except Junko, who denies his hope, friendship, and attempted murder, and Mukuro who refuses to look him straight in the eye.

A/N meet the rest of the gang

Naegi!Kamukura AU: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Hope Meets the Other Hopefuls - Naegi!Kamukura Transfers to Class

“It’s nice to meet you all, I’m Izuru Kamukura. My title is SHSL Hope. I know I’m transferring late but I hope that we all get along!”

He cheerfully introduced himself, he was practically brimming with hope that could match his title. Regarding his title, he received mixed reactions from the class for having such a controversial title. That and the fact that he was a transferee made him all the more suspicious. But he didn’t let that get him down. He’s sure that once they talked this out, they’ll be able to get along just fine.

“What kind of a title is SHSL Hope?”

He had expected this and so he had braced himself for the inevitable discussion that came along with the question. There were multiple routes from here on out and he had to choose his answers carefully if he wanted to gain the trust of his classmates.

“I guess you could say, it’s what the school decided to name my talent.” He started off with a blanket statement.

“So your talent is hope? Like what are you? Super high school level optimist?” Leon snarkily commented.

“That’s not exactly what it implies…” He answered, not quite sure of how to gently correct him. “But I am a bit optimistic so you got that right.

“Imbecile. For a commoner, you have no common sense.” Togami didn’t mince with his words. “This school names the talented as hope. Ergo, hope is just a namesake for talent.”

“Wait, so going by that logic, does that mean that the new guy’s talent is… talent?” Sayaka asked as she tilted her head in thought.

“I have a name you know.” He coughed in between.

“How interesting of an argument.” Celes smiled with curiosity as her chin rested on her interlaced fingers. “Do feel free to confirm or deny the accusations. If you would, please.”

Well it’s not like he was told to hide it.

“Yes, it’s exactly as you speculated. My talent is… talent.” He said and he almost winced from the collective gasp of the class along with some  curses thrown here and there.

“I call bullshit! There ain’t no way that’s true!” Mondo was one of the more vocal ones in class. “Are you telling me you’re good at more than one talent?”

“Actually… yes.” He shrinked back in reply. Oh, boy. They’re not going to be too pleased with his follow-up. “In fact, I’m kind of talented in… all talents.”

The class reacted more violently this time.

“Please, everyone! Settle down! This is a classroom and noise is not fit for a school environment!” Ishimaru reprimanded them even though contradictory to his words, he was also shouting.

“I know it’s unbelievable but I’m not lying.” He defended himself.

“Y-Yeah, right. As i-if a person like that actually e-exists.” Fukawa stammered her disapproval. “And e-even if they d-did, they would be more h-handsome than you.”

Admittedly, he knew he wasn’t the most dashing in the looks department but he couldn’t help but feel like that was a low blow. “Well sorry for not being SHSL Handsome.”

“Begone OP character! Your stats are too high! The 3D world isn’t one for beings such as yourself.” Yamada said with a look full of envy.

“You do know that even with all the talent in the world, it’s still literally impossible for me to do that.” He deadpanned.

“That sounds totally fake but okay.” He heard a familiar voice comment from the side.

In the midst of all the chaos, a calm and collected voice cut through. “I have a question.”

He turned to the person with the raised hand and gave them a grateful look. “Yes, please!”

“Is it correct for me to assume that you don’t just have many talents but rather you have ALL talents?” Kirigiri asked with a calculating gaze.

That was rather… anticlimactic. No, that’s not the right word. It was more of… unexpected. Given her background and personality, he could have sworn that she was suspicious of him and she should have jumped at the chance to question the origin of his talents. But instead, all she asked was this. To think that something would still surprise him even with all of his talents, there really was more to life than talent.

He couldn’t help but hope all the more.

“Yup.” He nodded with a smile that shone like a ray of sunshine. “Although technically, I only have all KNOWN talents. So there’s probably a lot that I don’t have. I’m still far from perfect.”

“Wait if you have different talents in you, does that mean you’re also good at baking?” Asahina eagerly cut in as she leaned forward on her desk.  "Please say yes because I want to know the taste of donuts made by the SHSL Baker!“

“Well yeah, I do have baking under my talents.” He admitted. “I could bake you some after class if you want.”

“Then… can you help me out with some coding as well?” Chihiro timidly asked.

“Sure thing! Oh, but if it’s alright with you, we could do it while eating the donuts.” He suggested.

“Kamukura, if it’s not too much to ask for then I too would like to impose.” Sakura politely spoke up. “I have been searching for sparring partners. You seem like a worthy opponent. It would be an honor to exchange blows with you.”

“The honor would be mine.” He nodded back curtly. “I haven’t actually tested out my physical talents yet so I’m not sure how good I’ll be but I’ll try not to disappoint you.”

“Kamukichi! Do help out a buddy and protect me from aliens!” Hagakure clapped his hands and pleaded. “I swear they’re out to get me!”

“That’s…” He paused as he considered his request. “Surprisingly, I do have a talent for that.”

Within a matter of seconds, the atmosphere has bloomed into one of friendship and hope.

“Booooooooring!” Junko whined from her seat. “Just look at him spreading his hope germs all over the place. Fucking sicko! BLECK!!”

“You know, he’s actually not a bad guy… once you get to know him.” Mukuro shyly chipped.

“Haaah? And how do you know that?!” Junko shot her a scathing glare but to her surprise, Mukuro didn’t even wither. She seemed unaffected. That’s irregular behavior right there. The only possible reason for that was… her eyes widened in disbelief. “What the hell! He got you too! He did! He got you hooked up on his hope dope!”

“We just talked…” She muttered, her eyes not meeting hers.

Junko was about to offer more profanities about that when she had felt someone else’s presence within her proximity. Her eyes turned to the source and her face immediately twisted into a scowl.

“Oh, hi there, Junko.” Kamukura greeted her with ease and Junko groaned outright at him though he didn’t seem too bothered about it. “I didn’t know that we’d be classmates. What are the odds of that?”

“Ha! As if! You probably predicted it way before we even met!” She argued snappishly.

“Well I guess it was a possible scenario.” He conceded and then smiled wider. “But the fact that out of all the possibilities, this was the one that happened, isn’t it amazing?”

She felt her eyebrow twitch in annoyance. “Yeah, exciting stuff.” She deadpanned.

“I’m really glad that we’re in the same class.” He added cheerfully. “Isn’t this great? Now we have more opportunities to sort out our differences. And who knows? Maybe you’ll see that hope isn’t as boring as you think it is.

Junko sank deeper into despair. Two years. She’s going to deal with his hopeful ass for two years. She let her head hit her desk in defeat.  Someone please, kill her now.

"I hope we’ll have an amazing high school life as classmates!”