• What gay movies are: attractive, but shy guy meets attractive, but shallow guy. There's a lot of sex and it probably ends sad.
  • What lesbian movies are: blonde girl who is about to marry her loving fiance suddenly falls in love with the dark haired wild lesbian. There's a high chance that at least one of them dies at the end (probably the dark haired one).
  • What other queer movies are: ???????!? Do they even exist?
  • What queer movies should be: Bisexual space pirates save the universe. Genderfluid kid is the protagonist of a teen rom com. Transboy travels the world to make good music and meet interesting people. Asexual demigirl kicks ass in her secret super hero identity. Polyamorous squad goes on a fantasy adventure with dragons and quests. Not everyone is white and able-bodied and a walking stereotype. Queer ladies live. Happy Endings.

Pigeon Comic 49 - Over-saturation

Felt like doodling between commissions today, and suddenly superheroes. Don’t have much for them yet, but Left to Right: 

Ray: Uses hardened light projectiles, can create platforms and shields out of them too.

Dia: Flight, Invulnerability, Super strength, Crystalline form

Ari: Nano technology engineer, made Ray’s flightsuit, mechanical arms can separate into smaller shards and can shape shift, or be used as projectiles.

Soh: Energy manipulation, specifically electricity and magnetics through that.