super hero sunday

  • Leo: Are you mad at me?
  • Piper, Jason, Hazel, Frank, Percy and Annabeth: No
  • Leo, internally: I can’t believe they’re fucking mad at me

With Harrison’s hard grip coiling around your shoulders with enough pressure to bruise, a hot flare of blue sparks erupted from somewhere down the corridor and without asking questions, he wrenched you forward and shoved you in the opposite direction before tearing after you.

“Go!” He barked just seconds before feeling the clawed fingers of Zoom’s gauntlet teasingly drag over his scalp, which elicited a chill and a series of goose bumps to rapidly curb up the back of his neck.

And moments after Zoom zipped by on his first pass, you felt Harrison’s fingers curl into the fabric of your shirt before hooking an arm around your waist and pulling you to an uncoordinated stop, what with you still running at full blast and trying to escape the threat of a speed demon somewhere in the lab. By the time you registered Harrison’s grip and clutched at his arm, you pushed back into his chest just to feel the comforting dependability that came with his proximity…

“Why are we stopped?” You asked, still heaving through your exertion and pushing against him to grasp at some form of security.

He didn’t answer but you felt him jerk a leg and kick at something on the wall; with a loud crash that followed, you jumped and quickly snapped your stare to the now open vent near the floor.

“Get in.” Came his urgent rasp as he nudged you closer to the mouth.

You didn’t need to be told twice… Quickly dropping to your knees, you crawled and shimmied your way into the vent. It wasn’t until you heard a sharp metallic clink that you made an awkward attempt to twist against the confines of your crawlspace and get a look at Harrison, who had fixed the grate back over the opening.

“You’re not coming?”

With a flicker of something stubborn moving through his irises, Harrison set his jaw and said, “No matter what you hear, stay inside this vent.”

“Harrison…” Came your breathless whisper.

He opened his mouth to say something but before he could get the words out, the familiar sound of an electric charge filled your ears and with that, Harry was shoving away from the vent and sprinting down the hall; the bright gleam of Zoom’s blue torrent spiraling after him.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Running to Harrison after being Hunted by Zoom*

Request: Spooky request here! Could you do an imagine to this… Imagine running into Harrison’s arms after being hunted by Zoom in the night. I love you!


“You still don’t get it!” You barked, wrenching against your chains as you pitched toward Hunter, who was standing on the other side of the bars, watching you with his arms folded over his chest; his lightning insignia winking at you over his forearms with every rapid rise and fall of his chest. “You’re sick, Hunter… You need to be institutionalized!”

A sharp twitch jerked at the corner of his mouth before he hardened his stare and gnarled, “Oh, I know what happens there… I’ve been institutionalized before and I’m not going back.”

“This isn’t right!” You snapped, tipping your head to the shackles around your wrists. “You have all the drive and capacity to be a hero but you’re just… You’re insane.”

Stop.” Came his callous growl. “Don’t talk to me like that… Like I’m just some monster.”

“You’re not a monster…” You replied, pinching your eyes and inhaling a strained breath through your nostrils before fixing him with a sad stare. “You’re my friend… Or you were. I just want to help you but I can’t do that as your prisoner.”

“I’m not letting you go, Y/N.” He breathed, stepping forward and wrapping his hands around the bars of your cell as if he was trying to anchor himself to the spot so he wouldn’t rip through that barrier and hold you - reassure you that he wasn’t a monster - that he wasn’t the broken mess he revealed himself to be. “I do love you… I wasn’t lying about that.” 

“Show me…” You challenged, setting your jaw and pinning him with a heated glare. “Open this door.”

(X) (~♫♪~) (~ Cry Wolf Part: IIIIIIIV ~) Read Part VI Here


With steam still rolling off your shoulders and billowing from your nostrils like a dragon, you asked, “That bad?”

“I told you to hit me… You didn’t even come close.” Reverb answered, gesturing to the flames that were catching behind him; engulfing a series of wooden crates. “Your fire is going to take some time to control but once you’ve got it, you could burn the world and there’d be little anyone could do to stop it.”

With that you frowned… “I don’t want to burn the world.”

“Maybe you will…” Reverb smirked and stepped forward before locking his shoulders and pitching forward to brace himself for another onslaught of flames. “Let’s go again.”

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“You weren’t supposed to see that…” Came your sheepish excuse as you dropped your gaze to the ground.

“Uh-huh…” Harrison rubbed at his bottom lip with his finger and stared at the report in his lap before finally asking, “And you thought it was a good idea to create fake results to a proctology exam stating General Eiling’s had a case of…” With a brief pause, his icy stare flicked to your face for the shortest moment before allowing his eyes to once more rove over the file. “H-U-A-S…”

“Head-Up-Ass-Syndrome…” You clarified, now forcing yourself to hold Harrison’s gaze who to your surprise, didn’t look the least bit disappointed… In fact, there was a barely-there smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he folded the report and wheeled his chair closer.

“And what brought this on?”

“I just…” You started, furrowing your brows and clenching your fists. “I mean, it’s one thing to be a total dick but he just… Shit! What gave him the right to make fun of your legs? He just threw it in your face like… Like what you went through didn’t matter - like you didn’t matter. And I didn’t want to just let him get away with-”

“Y/N…” Harrison’s voice cut through your rant and suddenly, with an angry flush rocketing up your neck, you realized how frenzied you were; raising your voice, stomping back and forth, tossing your hands in the air and all but shooting through the roof. And with a low chuckle rumbling through his chest, Harrison reached out and gave your wrist a light squeeze before saying, “You’re a remarkable person.”

You blinked then, barely registering the compliment before finally giving him a bright smile… “You’re not too bad either.” 

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine getting back at Eiling for poking fun at (Eowells) Harrison for being stuck in a wheelchair.*

Request: Request where General Eiling is kind of being a shit to Eowells (Idk making fun of his legs or smth) and the reader prints off a paper that’s a fake proctology exam result saying the doctor found Eiling’s head and maybe Wells has a giggle about it


“Random?” You repeated, still blinking like a fool as you watched Hunter walk toward you with that liquid-gold smirk of his. “How is kissing that Black Siren bitch random?”

“Do you really want Barry and the rest of the Flash’s little peanut gallery to know I’m in love with you…?” He asked with unflinching indifference as he continued flashing a crooked grin that seemed a little too cruel considering the situation. “Because the second they find out I’ve got a weakness, they’ll come after you - use you against me - poke and prod until you’ve spilled all my dirty secrets. Is that what you want?”

“No but I don’t necessarily want you shoving your tongue down Laurel’s throat either.” You growled, crossing your arms.

“Laurel’s acting as a distraction… And she’s keeping you out of harm’s way.” Hunter responded, his already callous expression sinking into something darker. “You should be grateful.”

“Great…” You piqued. “Since she’s already the distraction, you can quit kissing her ass.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being Hunter’s girlfriend and catching him kissing someone else*

Request: (@shinchanwashere) Amazing blog! Love all the zoom stuff. Could I ask for a request imagine being zoom’s girlfriend and catching him kissing someone else? Please and thank you!

SophiaBush: Today I got to thank one of my greatest idols for all of the examples she has set for me throughout my life. She hugged me, held my hand, I cried a little, and we laughed a lot. We waxed poetic about our love for @cherylstrayed. We even rocked matching ponytails. And oh yeah, there was brunch. What is LIFE?! Pinch me. I am brimming with gratitude. Thank you @Oprah for teaching me to always use my voice. To speak of the truth and goodness I believe in. And thank you for encouraging me to continue to do my part today. #SuperSoulSunday Indeed. Dreams come true y'all. They really do.