super hero shapes

arazifitness: Count down to Daredevil on Netflix!!! I want to give all the praise to my boy Rob Severiano. He was working with Charlie and add me to the project. Rob leading the way. We got Charlie in Super Hero shape. I can not say TY enough! I can not wait to see the show! Tonight Daredevil on Netflix!! Going to be big!! Charlie you are amazing! Awesome to work with!

Protect Black Nerds

-who are afraid to cosplay a character that wasn’t black
-who are expected to be only good at sports, not smart
-who are kicked, punched, teased for most of their life
-who are called urkel and poindexter
-who are told “you sound white” or “you don’t sound like most blacks”
-who were called gay or a loser for preferring intellect to athletics
-who don’t see representation of themselves in books, movies and TV
-who almost cried when they realized there are super heroes who are shaped like them, who look like them
-who stand up against injustice
-who fucking don’t take shit from anyone
-and most of all, protect those who are treated like shit, because the world forgets that they exist