super hella bad

cool summer things: sleeping naked

kk so i know this is p shitty b ut it’s the best i can do rn - anyways, here’s some jikook for @lilolittle who’s having a bad day and needs some cheering up~~
( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡ hope you like it b!! sorry it’s so rushed but i wanted to make you smile 


I’m the kind of person who gets excited about flowers on the discount rack at the grocers. I’m also too indecisive for a tattoo but desperately love how the floral ones look. Which means this tutorial is right up my alley.

[Is this thing on?] Hey guys, Hiro Hamada here! I’m working on a super cool project for school and I thought I’d document it. Won’t spill the metaphorical beans just yet, but it’s going to blow your minds.

There are some miiiiiiiiinor bugs right now, but nothing I can’t handle.


Anyways, I’m gonna get back to my project. Can’t wait till Tadashi sees it!

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The song’s supposed to be cute, but why do they look like some badboy group you can find in your neighborhood…

Jr probably doesn’t know what’s happening or just got into the group by mistake

Mark is the super hella bad badboy

Bambam… the chic badboy that’s trying to cover his sweat.. lol

Yugyeom, Jackson and Youngjae are totally ready to get into a fight…it looks like Youngjae messed with those two.. ‘’You took my chocolate milk didn’t ya?!’’


anonymous asked:

So I know that there are tons of fish that are super hella bad for first time fish owners, but what kind of fish would you reccommend for a beginner? (I literally don't trust anyone else to answer this tbh)

well, obviously first and foremost, i recommend a betta! they’re incredibly hardy little guys and a great one-on-one buddy that have a ton of personality, if the thought of having a ton of fish to watch out for stresses you out i think this might be your best bet(ta)

if you like a pretty, small fish that hangs out in a group, neon tetras are a great fish! they thrive best in schools of 6+, but beware of their sensitivity; it’s well known that bringing home a school of neon tetras guarantees a couple casualties in the first 24h, so get a big school and be prepared for a long drip-acclimation!

Another super pretty fish is a guppy! These little guys are so much fun to watch and they come in so many different colours! remember though, like many fish there can be aggression issues: the best bet if having multiple guppies is to get 2 females for 1 male, more gals the better!