super happy with the colouring on these for once

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Hello hello hello. I have a lil headcanon, What if It's almost junkooks birthday and jimin wants him to have the best birthday ever? Teehee~

okii!! just so everyone knows this will probably be really corny. ps - i decided to make it a neighbours au thing. also pre-relationship. it’s mostly cute with a small hint of spice at one part but nothing major. also minor yoonseok couple. this one was fun and i kept it non-angsty for once in my life. 

+ jimin knocked on his next door neighbours door. he had gotten jungkook’s mail again. really their mailman was just lazy, whoever it was always put jungkook’s mail in jimin’s mailbox. but jimin wasn’t really complaining. it gave him an excuse to see his super sweet and good-looking neighbour. 

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✨ Ahhhhhhhhhh~! ✨

So I went to my local craft store for a few things and what do I find?? Super soft faux sherpa~! Oh my gosh, I‘m so ridiculously happy I can buy this locally, especially in such pretty colours~ They don’t have a bright white which is a little disappointing, but still~! They have a nice soft grey which I might pick up next time for a project that’s been on my list for a while, but for now I’m so happy with these. I just really hope they become regular stock and don’t disappear once they’re sold D:

I won’t get time to do anything with it for a while, but I’m thinking stylised Mareep (including shiny~!) and unicorns with cotton candy manes ✨

So I wanted to take a crack at making a prop and since Keith’s knife (at least the wrapped up, season 1 version) has a relatively simple design it seemed like a great place to start. This was also my first time really playing with Worbla, which was super fun.

I took pictures as I was making it so I figured might as well put together a work log of the entire process once I was finished.

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Artist diary #1

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

It’s me, Dongsaeng. It’s been some time since I wrote something in here. I’m really sorry about it. I should have done it before! I hope you weren’t worried about me because I’ve been doing fine.

I would also like to apologize in advance for my rusty English. It’s been too long since I wrote a large text in English, so it’s probably worse than it was before (and it was already really bad). I hope you can understand the most of this “Artist diary” entry though. 

First of all, some of you have written me asking about Gaysome and asking me when will I start drawing the comic again. Well, the thing is I still don’t know. At the moment I’m balancing my real life work with my work for SHC and my personal life, and somehow I just can’t find the right moment to start drawing comics again. However, I’m not abandoning Gaysome. Not at all! I’ll eventually return to it. I’m actually writing some ideas for new strips, and I have started sketching some of them too. So, it will be sooner than later, I promise. Just can’t tell exactly when. But I’d like to thank you all for showing so much interest on it. It makes me really happy.

Now, I would like to talk about Super Health Club. I’m glad to tell you all that almost the entire art for the game is already sketched (still missing a few scenes here and there). Right now I’m working on the final art (clean lineart and colouring for each background, scene, etc). Actually, all the backgrounds are almost finished. I’m not a professional background painter, however, and this is my first time doing such a job, but I can tell that I’m giving it my best and that I hope you like how the backgrounds will look once they’re finished. Here’s a little detail of one of them (remember, it’s work in progress! hehe.)

For the scenes, there are a lot of them. And not all of them are sexual scenes, I must say. Some of them are about the personal story of each character. Here’s a detail of one of my favourite sketches (I hope I don’t get in trouble for showing this):

I’m also working (still) in the character sprites. I’m not totally happy with them, and as I always said, they were a work in progress. I’m working on improving the lines (some of them are too thick), the colours and details or flaws I’m detecting as time goes by. Here’s an example of Thomas, who is going through some changes recently. I felt his head was too static, so I have redrawn it making it a little more dinamic. 

Do you see improvement on Thomas or you liked the old version more? I would like to know your opinion :). I’ll probably do some minor changes like this one on the other characters too (not always on the head, but maybe on other parts of their bodies.)

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who have preordered the game. To be honest, the number of people who did it surprised me. I’ll try my best to make the final art for the game as good as I can so I don’t disappoint you all. Thank you so much for your support. 

See you soon!


Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?


The Auroracle V2 is on sale from May 1 until May 31. This is the only time it will be for sale and once it’s retired there will only be one print run!

It features white backgrounds with beautiful fractal images. The back is plain black which matches the Auroracle V1 which means they can be combined into a super deck!

There are 60 cards and they cover all colours of the rainbow and this deck is meant to be read intuitively.

The cost will be $40 usd plus shipping.

I am so happy to have this for sale again. I will reblog this tomorrow when the deck is officially for sale!

Guys I got my eyebrows microbladed! Pain wise, it wasn’t awful - it was definitely painful and uncomfortable, but definitely bearable! I’m very happy with my right eyebrow, I need to wait for the left brow to heal and fade before I can tell if I want more hairs adding in the front part of not. Other than that, I’m super happy! The shape is perfect, the colour looks like it will be super good once it’s healed and faded!

It took around two hours, including the time it took to measure and sketch my brows, and we stopped twice to double check where we needed hair and where we didn’t. It was all very specific and done really well! I’m super happy and 100% would recommend!

It’s finally done! I am happy to present the reference sheet for Lola! Ta-dah! 

I had a fun time working on this and working out exactly how to design her once and for all. I’m happy with how it came out and i hope people will draw her. :) 

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I'm sorry dear but how do you study for finals? How many hours should I study per day? and how to get straight A's? I'm sorry if I'm bothering you

Hey! No bother, I’m happy to help. My study method is as follows:

  1. Type up notes - I use OneNote to create notes according to the syllabus of each course. I go through each dot point using as many resources as I can, but I keep it brief and too the point. I use bullet points and colour coding to make it more effective and concise. I also add another information to would be useful (e.g. outlining a court case or report to further explain the point). 
  2. Once printed, I highlight and annotate - I find highlighting the key points and adding any additional information super useful. 
  3. Create flashcards and mindmaps - This helps me to visualise and remember key information. The flashcards are great for testing yourself or really simplifying a topic.
  4. Using exam style questions, write essays - Creating full essays or essay outlines has been a lifesaver for me in terms of remembering lots of information.  Once written, breaking them down into bullet points and writing or printing them on to flashcards is also helpful. If I can, I will send the essay to my teachers. They provide extra information and feedback!
  5. Find a study group or partner - Whilst it can be distracting at times, studying with friends and teaching each other can be great. If you don’t have the chance to get together with friends, even a family member can be a great help!
  6. Past papers - Reading through and practicing past papers is another way I study. It’s useful to give you an idea of what questions they ask, what they haven’t ask before and your time management skills.

Usually at times of exams I’ll try to, at least, spend an hour a day per subject. Having a syllabus to work down and outlining what you’ve got to study is a great way to see how much time you should allow yourself. It’s definitely not worth studying for extended periods of time without breaks in an attempt to be productive. Try to have breaks and reward yourself.

For getting A’s, these are a few tips that helped me improve my grades. Hopefully it helps you!

  • Start by organising your work, throw out or file old work and clear your desk. I have a post here that you might find useful!
  • Buy something to keep you organised like a whiteboard or planner. You could instead download free student planner printables which you can customise! Also, having a planner/whiteboard that maps of your homework, due dates or exams may force you to start your homework before it’s due!
  • Stay on top of your work, buying something to organise you is key! I know that leaving work to mount up can be daunting when you have to start!
  • Make sure you stay focused during study - don’t let your phone or computer distract you. Keep it away, check it during beaks.
  • Set goals of what you want to achieve, like receiving an A in one subject or not leaving home tasks till the last few days, and reward yourself if you reach them! 
  • Make the most of your resources - use your textbook, the library, websites, your teachers! 
  • I find buying and organising my stationary to be quite motivating. So you could test out what works best for you and get sorted there!
  • You could try dedicating maybe an half-an-hour a day to studying, homework or organising your desk (you can increase as time goes on!).
  • Try different studying techniques, like flash cards or study guides. Teach someone you know what you’re learning or set up a study group! 
  • Also, maybe start running a studyblr so you can upload your own pictures and share your work!

Hope this helps and you get straight A’s! x

Oswald x Reader- Under the Umbrella (no rating-fluff)

I was inspired by this short piece after the photo of Oswald with his Umbrella I posted earlier. Its super fluffy, to balance out the dark I wrote last night! Enjoy!

Content- No warnings. Fluff, romance, happy feelings

(Credit to whoever made this gif! Let me know if you want a credit adding)

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Look what arrived today! I was very happy to find this at my door this afternoon.
(I got up late and was also glad it wasn’t gone)

Once it came inside I realized exactly what the big box on my step was.
I am very impressed Blizzard with the quality of detail here. I do agree with the discourse of his skin colouring being too white for a corpse. But I still am super happy with it and it is a really cool grad gift to myself.

In other news my buddy @doomedtalent also got theirs today too. And they love it as well

Sebastian helping out young Ciel to carve pumpkins + design costumes on Halloweens and making super extravagant meals for him (for example using his demonic magic to make drinks change colours constantly) just for Ciel because as much as he hate to admit it Sebastian just want see his little lord to be genuinely happy for once and when Ciel laughed like an actual child the demon just smiled and thoroughly enjoyed their Halloweens together.

A long time coming…these are the markers I kept today.

I think I threw out over 200 markers though.  Super old ones like Prismacolor that are half-dried out, broken tria and pro markers etc.

We no longer get Prismacolor in New Zealand (and truth be I favour other markers over them), Tria are no longer here and it’s only Letraset’s other brands that remain. Instead Copics are the ones that are now easiest to get locally and it makes me happy because I find I like working with them best and can boost up my collection with ease more, since this is my fave tool to colour with (and easy to get refills for too).

But the other brands you can see I kept the decent once that still work okay to use for little touches here and there until they run out as well.  Feels really good to clear out the boxes of old ones though, so much space to store other art supplies now!

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I could definitely see Oikawa being /that guy/ who always have those crazy off-the-wall patterned socks you would have never imagined someone could own. And Iwaizumi always jokingly teasing him about them when they would change for practice. Maybe the entire team would make a bet, which God-awful-fashion pair would he wear that day as the team were together for so long, they saw his growing appetite for CRAZY patterned socks... But I don't know if I'm the only one who sees this...?

That’s…that’s amazing. I’m not even being sarcastic - the thought that someone has considered Oikawa’s socks in such detail makes me so happy omg. Thank you for sharing <3

I can’t say I’ve thought about this as much, but I reckon Oikawa is the type to wear super bright socks so that when his trousers ride up slightly at the ankle (like when he’s sitting) there’s a pop of colour. He probably saw it in a fashion magazine once and thought it looked cool. The colours he chooses always clash horribly with his school uniform trousers - I mean, those trousers are hideous and literally nothing goes with them - but he does look pretty swish when he’s wearing his casual slacks or smart trousers.

Iwa-chan? Doesn’t see the point in wasting time pairing up socks after a wash. He just grabs the first two socks from the drawer and gets on with his day. Aside from his white sports socks, they’re always black or grey with occasional humorous slogans or pictures (courtesy of Oikawa). He’s the type to wear novelty Christmas socks at any time of the year because they’re literally just tubes of fabric that keep your feet warm, and why the hell would anyone care if they’re seasonal or not? Oikawa despairs.

Bless them, I love them so much.


My Fairy Tales: Ocean Walkthrough

Once again you find yourself in a new world with the goal of having to make someone (a super HOLYFLIPPINGBANANAS attractive man) happy in order to return home. Unlike with Seanwhite and Cinders though there are quite a few differences in this game which will be mentioned later on.

Ocean kind of strikes me as a mixture between Seanwhite and Cinders. He can seem rude and demanding but he softens quite quickly to the MC. He’s not as naive as Seanwhite but not as cynical as Cinders.

Staying true to the last two games here we have Aster once again sporting a new hair colour and new persona. Like always he’s beautiful and very much my type and I’d be interested in a story where he’s romanceable. But, y'know, likeable and not trying to kill/abuse anyone.

I feel like this was lacking a bit story wise. Here MC is apparently a princess, which I’m willing to accept since Marybell, the twins, and Aster all seem to have different selves in different worlds. What confuses me is what happened to the real princess who is conveniently missing throughout MC’s adventure. As well as how easily MC allows herself to be whisked away by a strange man. Maybe she’s also crushing on Aster.

PRINCE JUN! I HAVE COME FOR YOU MY LOVE- oh, wait, right background wrong game. A lot of My Sweet Prince’s backgrounds have been recycled for this game. Which I’m not really okay with since it’s a paid game but even more so since the aesthetic of the castle does not fit in with the clothing this world’s residents are sporting. It’s a mixture of old european fantasy clothing and modern arabic inspired architecture. It doesn’t work.


And then the story ended and I sadly wondered why I parted with $4 for ten minutes of gameplay.

I mean come on. They didn’t even change the setting’s colours to match the dialogue.

This is all the information you’re going to get on the subject. No further explanation is offered.


HNG- no, wait, that wasn’t a cool thing to say. CURSES in this world Aster is a grade A *&$% as well.

So here’s one of the ways that this route differs from the other two. The dialogue is split almost equally between Ocean and the MC. You end up following him quite a few times and reading from his perspective. I didn’t mind, but I felt like it was a bit of a lazy way of making it clear that both characters cared for one another.

I liked this aspect of Ocean. He’s described three or four times throughout the course of the story as “roguish” and it suits him. He’s very open and will say exactly what’s on his mind which is a breath of fresh air in the otome world.

This scene also made me happy simply because if you’ve played the last two routes, let’s face it, Aster really deserved getting hit over the head.

Oh golly gee mister that’s all I ever aspired to in life.

OHOHOHO I think you are MC! MC is into bondage. Headcannon accepted.

This is the closest we’ve gotten so far in the three routes to an explanation for why the same characters keep appearing.

CUTIE. His forthrightness is very endearing.

These two creep me the hell out.


I suppose this is following the otome all-characters-are-inherently-good trope because once again the MC is forgiving of anything up to and including attempted murder.

I suppose that it’s because it’s still a fairly new release but the game is a bit buggy. Sometimes Ocean (before transforming into a human) would appear as his human self and vice versa. At times the sprites and backgrounds would disappear and I had to completely quit the app and reopen it. The text log would also disappear and the game had to be quit to get it back. Thankfully because it autosaves you didn’t need to restart the chapter.

This entire sequence bothered me. To flesh out the game you see Ocean thinking back to the many times he’s had with the MC. So you get a couple of lines of dialogue from him, then everything is black and you see text that you’ve already read, probably recently, about what the two of them just talked about. Then it’s back to Ocean and that repeats quite a few times.

Oddly enough despite having seen half the story through his eyes I didn’t care for Ocean as much as Seanwhite or Cinders and I don’t think it has the same replay value. I felt like in order to make the story long enough there were lots of things inserted into the storyline that didn’t add anything, and unlike with the other routes there weren’t any moments that really stuck out to me as something I’d want to go back to read. This IS fairytale based though so I have a soft spot for it. The way they had the MC become the princess who the merman fell in love with but she was supposed to marry another was clever. As far as Ocean goes personality wise I was smitten, and I wish there could have been more to the story. I found it odd that the door never appeared for the MC even after making him happy.



Use mouth-to-mouth.
Let me make you happy.

I’m going to see my dressmaker.
Be honest and tell him it’s not possible.

Sing for me.
Fight Aster.

Don’t kiss him.
Make him drink water.

Help him get dressed.
Give him the elixir.

Defend myself with magic.
Kiss him.

Stop the fighting.
Don’t tell him.

Show him the fountain.
The treasury.

Tell Aster that I hate him.
The beach.

Reject him and go to the beach.
Cast the spell.


Pinch his nose.
Let me make you happy.

I’m going to see a merman.
Take on his request.

Sing for me.
Lie and say that Ocean’s not a merman.

Lie and kiss him.
Smack his face.

Help him get dressed.
Give him the elixir.

Fight against her with my broom.
Kiss him.

Cheer Ocean on.
Tell him.

Show him the fountain.
The flower garden.

Tell Aster that I love Ocean.
The beach.

Dance with him.
Cast the spell.


me and my amazing friend shayla (infuseh) have decided to do awards together, and our mutual love for victoria secret is what inspired this theme. So if you wanna join keep reading



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  • We will pick 2-4 from each category depending on notes
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HAPPY REBLOGGING EVERYONE! and don’t forget that we love you all