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THANKS SO MUCH, LOVELY ONES! I probably say it a lot but I just can´t express how happy I am that people like my art and share a very important part of my life which is the witchy drawings and like them too. You all are the best and I send you good vibes every day! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Twitter: @DebbieBalboa 

Instagram:  debbiebalboa


It may not seem like alot, but for me it is ! I started out small. When i started writing, I had absolutely 0 people. I have released two stories and now, I have 200 !! You guys, like I want to cry.

In celebration of my achievement, I’d really like for y'all to push me as a writer…

Send me a one shot request/drabble of whatever you’d like. Supernatural pairings please. It could be any ship, x reader, or even, just a silly winchester moment.


Send me a one liner. Example: “He was so mad, he didn’t know whether to rip the giraffe in half or cry.” And i will make a beautiful story to accompany it. Also let me know of character you’d like to pair it with.


Send me a description of yourself, and I’ll pair you with a character. And I’ll write you a small drabble of your meeting.

I’m so happy ! Please, i hope you guys are motivated to send me anything ! You guys are amazing and I’d like to appreciate y'all. ❤

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