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If captains and lieutenants did a three-legged race...

As requested by anon. :)

Captains and lieutenants have partnered up to do a three-legged race! How will that go?

1. Rose & Kira

Rose: Now remember, Izuru, my music will allow us to stay perfectly in sync!

Kira: Captain, I respect you, but I think you playing the guitar as we race will only slow us down.

Rose: Probably so.

Rose: But art is more important than winning!

Rose: Now let’s SING!

Kira: …still better than Captain Ichimaru.

2. Komamura & Iba

Komamura: Iba, I wish to apologize now if my massive wolf legs simply drag you along, seeing as they are taller than most of your body.

Iba: Captain, I am HONORED to be dragged along by your mighty wolf legs!


Komamura: I will, Iba. I will!

3. Kurotsuchi & Nemu

Kurotsuchi: I can’t BELIEVE they dared to disqualify us!

Nemu: You were talking very loudly about how you were going to splatter my poisonous blood across the other contestants in order to take them out.

Kurotsuchi: The rules said nothing about that being illegal.

Kurotsuchi: This game is so rigged.

Nemu: Yes, Mayuri-sama.

4. Yamamoto & Sasakibe

Sasakibe: Using your beard to hold us tied together was brilliant, Head Captain.

Sasakibe: Its warm embrace inspires me to do my best!

Yamamoto: It was your idea, Sasakibe.

Yamamoto: I said it was a little weird.

Sasakibe: Your beard will lead us to victory!

5. Ukitake & Rukia

Ukitake: I-I have to warn you now, Kuchiki, there is every chance that I may collapse during the race.

Ukitake: If I do, you should leave me behind!

Rukia: Captain, no! I will drag you unconscious to victory!

Ukitake: …

Ukitake: Please don’t I think I would end up very sad.

Rukia: Y-yes, Captain!

6. Hitsugaya & Matsumoto

Matsumoto: Do you think our height difference will slow us down, Captain?

Hitsugaya: No.

Hitsugaya: For when the race starts, I have a plan.

Matsumoto: Gonna go into bankai, huh?

Hitsugaya: …maybe.

Matsumoto: Bankai for a three-legged race?

Hitsugaya: MAYBE

Matsumoto: People say you overuse bankai, you know, Captain…


7. Shinji & Hinamori

Hinamori: Captain, I reeeaaallly don’t think we should try to do this race backwards.

Shinji: Momo, doing things in reverse is my specialty! I gotta reputation to uphold!

Hinamori: For losing all the time?

Shinji: …

Shinji: That was cold.


8. Unohana & Isane

Unohana: Simply follow my lead, Isane, and I believe that we will win.

Unohana: Especially since all the other teams are wasting their time squabbling.

Unohana: This is the Squad 4 way.

Unohana: When everyone else has fallen, we are there. Still standing.

Isane: Y-yes, Captain!

9. Kyoraku & Nanao

Nanao: Did you look over the strategy documents I gave you?

Kyoraku: Uh…

Nanao: Did you watch the videos I sent you of people doing this race?

Kyoraku: Uh…

Nanao: Did you prepare at all?

Kyoraku: I stuffed my pockets with rose petals to throw overhead when we cross the finish line!

Nanao: Is it too late to trade partners?

10. Byakuya & Renji

Byakuya: These ropes that they gave us to tie our legs together are ridiculously low-class.

Byakuya: We should use my scarf instead.

Renji: Y-you would use your scarf for that, Captain?

Byakuya: No. That was a joke.

Byakuya: Just some three-legged race humor.

Renji: …I can just never tell with you.

11. Soi Fon & Omaeda

Soi Fon: You had better not slow me down, Omaeda.

Soi Fon: I will kill you and then drag your dead body over the finish line.

Omaeda: You, uh, know I’m actually really fast, right, Captain?

Omaeda: In fact, I think it would work best for me to carry you!


12. Kenpachi & Yachiru

Kenpachi: So basically you’re just gonna cling to my leg as I run, huh?

Yachiru: Yup!

Kenpachi: I have a very good feeling about this!

Yachiru: But the finish line is in the other direction, Ken-chan!

Kenpachi: …I have an okay feeling about this.

12. Kensei & Mashiro & Hisagi

Kensei: So here I am.

Kensei: One lieutenant tied to each leg.

Kensei: Do we now have four legs? Yes.

Kensei: Do the judges care? No.

Kensei: Because they say that it will be “so totally hilarious to watch.”

Mashiro: You better keep up, Shuhei! I’m SUPER at these races!

Hisagi: Yeah, well, I have LOTS of practice perfectly imitating Captain Muguruma’s walk, so I’m definitely gonna be more in sync!

Mashiro: Ha! No way!

Hisagi: Yes way!

Kensei: If only death would come.

Warnings: Drugs, drinking, abuse, and sexual content.
Desired Youth Pt 1 (Pt. 2)
A/N: Inspired by Agust D obviously~ This will be a chapter story. 
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Summary: When a girl that has a bright future ahead of her meets guy at an outing with friends, little did she know that this man was anything but a good influence. And little did she know that she would fall in love with him. That man however, is just looking for a good time.

How did you get here? In a room all by yourself, an honor student that spoke 3 languages and about to get a promotion, someone your parents would be proud of, someone everyone depended on, to someone people would look down on?

And why… were you so pleased with it?

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anonymous asked:

The way you draw is like so soft and... Marshamallows! I love the lighting and colouring you do best!

Anon:i was looking thru your davesprite tag and the way you draw him is so beautiful!! he deserves more love from everyone ;v;

Anon:Why the hell is your art so damn amazing? Honestly, my goal in life is to have at least a fraction of your talent. Keep up the good work.

Anon:AAah my gosh I love you(r art)! Like in the Lalonde’s selfies picture I was like, “Yup, it’s Kanaya and John in the background, cool” but then it turned out to be humanstuck Kanaya and I didn’t even realize until I read it in the description! Your art is amazing and I’m super impressed that characters are recognizable no matter what. You’re amazing keep it up!

Anon:Your humanstuck kanaya is seriously so freakin gorgeous

Anon.Hey, I’ve seen your art around a lot and I’m a big fan. You’re so talented! Keep up the great work! >^w^<

Anon:ohmanohmanohman buddy lemme tell ya I love you and your art so much your style is??? i just love it so much you are my fave

Anon:Hi Sunny I think you’re great and I hope you have a nice day

thanks a lot!!

Ficlet: Safe and Sound

Pairing: Barry/Iris

Rating: G

Word count: 940

Summary: I wrote a fluffy ficlet about all of the times Iris has comforted and cared for Barry throughout their lives. I was inspired by hiddles-mayne and their beautiful illustration of Iris comforting Barry.


Seeing Barry cry was always hard for Iris. She always tried to comfort him as best she knew how.

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