super gay!!!

you’ve heard of hamilton the musical, now get ready for

Laurens: a night of dramatic reading of all his super gay letters and art exhibition of turtle drawings


Animated short i made for school, the assignment was to make a video about your identity. And since i’m super duper gay, i decided my animation should be as well.

I was inspired by fairytales and in particular animated movies by disney, what always bothered me about these movies was that it painted heterosexuality as the norm. So this is my response.

the background art is inspired by @sarakipin‘s art

How to figure out you are gay, a tutorial by Sirius Black.

Step 1: Identify who, if you were gay, you might date. (For example, I decided on Remus Lupin.

Step 2: Forget about it for a while, and then accidentally walk in on them in the locker room

Step 3: If you are even mildly attracted to them, then you are probably super gay. Now I don’t know about you, but I guessed almost instantly.

Step 3: Find out if they are gay. (In my experience, this could take years.)

Step 4: Make out with them. Congratulations! You are now, officially, identifying as gay.

Now I have to go out and make sure my werewolf is awere that we have a date tonight.

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If you don't finish Merlin, you won't get to see Morgana torturing Merlin MULTIPLE times during seasons 4 and 5 and you'll miss Gwen and Morgana being super ultra gay in several episodes of season 5.

aight im convinced