super frog

The Frog Saga

So in a nearby college’s science building, a geologist had set up a very interesting display. 

It was his collection of gemstone frogs.

There was a derpy frog!

A judgy orange sunny frog!

A simple frog!

A short frog!

A bumpy toad!

A salty, taunting, tongue-out frog!

And there were even two lizards who had somehow made their way into the collection…here is one of them…

Reminds me of some @orochihigh​ things going down right now…..

There was a super shiny opal frog!

But I took a liking to 2  frogs in particular. 

who is she




I’ve never really had an OTP until now.


HAHA I’ve been wanting to make these for a long time. I made two of my favorite Youtubers, who probably sparked my interest in Mother 3 with their playthrough, riding with the Save Frog driving his car. There was a bit in their playthrough where they freak out about it (well mostly Jirard haha). They’re both basically the same model but I altered the textures and altered Alex’s hair slightly.

super quick doodle with sloppy coloring of me and my friends as OtGW characters. (Im Jason Funderburker aka the frog)

@mad-allthetime is Fred

@just-levitate is Beatrice

@oh-well-shit is Greg

@bagelicious is Wirt

Over the weekend, Val and I were doing work around our new house, and I was fixing something in the backyard.

While I was out there I saw a tiny black dot that seemed to be moving…

I assumed it was a bug, but I investigated further, finding out that it was THE TINIEST FROG IN THE WORLD!

I have no idea what kind of frog it is, but it was super cute and I love it.

After saying hi, becoming best friends, and introducing it to Val, I put it back where I found it.

I hope it grows up big and strong.

FYI, that’s the tip of my index finger…that’s how small this frog was.

woah what’s that? A post from me?? I’m back! (Somewhat)
I’ll now just be posting when I can, because posting on a schedule like the one I had was a bit draining,,
still!! I’m back !

anonymous asked:

Hey, your last post about the frog sounded great, but I don't get what you mean about using templates? Could you explain?

In D&D 3.5 and pathfinder (and maybe other editions but I’m less familiar with them) monsters that are more a change then a creature of their own are made as  “templates”- a set of attributes/powers/stuff you add to a monster.

For example, if you have a vampire, you don’t make “a vampire”. You make a normal character and give it all the vampire powers.

So, you take a frog, and then give it the vampire powers, then the lich powers, then the half-demon powers, then the giant monster powers, then…

And then you have a super-frog for the players to fight! 

I hope this properly explains why my joke is hilarious!


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura