super frets

wanna one as types of boyfriends

yoon jisung:

the walking meme. everything he does is fucking hilarious. you literally have 2000 photos of him on your phone which could be edited into potential memes. there’s never a sad/boring day in your life. he’s actually always super excited about everything and you always sometimes question his mental age but you still think it’s really cute. always makes stupid puns and jokes to make you laugh (that sometimes even results to self degradation). all that makes him happy is seeing you smile, so he makes that his daily goal. likes to send you weird pictures of him using different filters on snapchat that you obviously screenshot. he’s super funny and your whole family loves him, especially the kids. “auntie when are you getting married to uncle jisung?” “soon” “um jisung wtf stop lying to the kids” “i never said i was lying”

ha sungwoon:

the tea sipper. he has the dirt on everyone, and i mean everyone. knows what’s going on in your life, your neighbor’s life, and your second cousin’s uncle’s grandfather’s life. your dates consist of gossiping with the neighborhood aunties every week at the book club he organized. wants to know how your day is and knows you so well that he can tell when your feeling down. sings to make you feel better, and if that doesn’t make you smile, he’ll probably pull out the big guns and start dancing to girl’s day something. doesn’t mind embarrassing himself if it makes you happy :’). doesn’t like it when you call him cute bc he’s “manly not cute”. tries to fight other people when they talk shit about you. talks a lot!!! like when you’re trying to catch some z’s, all he does is talk about how your neighbor’s husband is cheating on her with her sister??? “omg don’t tell anyone but jisoo’s husband is cheating on her with her own sister” “wtf how do you know?? did you stalk her husband again??” “no way, i was throwing away the trash and i saw them?? coincidentally??”

hwang minhyun:

the perfectionist. a little ocd and always needs everything to be super clean and organized. he told you that he had perfect attendance in school and always had straight a’s. his skin is perfect, his visuals are perfect, and his voice is perfect. sometimes you feel like he’s too good for you, but then you remember how much of an awkward loser he is in real life. texts you the most romantic things, but can’t say it in person to you. you like to tease him a lot for being an awkward antisocial person. very easily embarrassed person. not a big pda person. blushes a lot. doesn’t know how to convey his feelings into words or actions, but it’s okay bc you know he’s trying hard. he looks like a cold tsundere but sike he’s a soft mochi on the inside. smiles a lot more now bc “you make me happy i guess”. 

ong seongwoo:

the prankster. he loves messing around with you and pissing you off. one time he put blue dye into your body wash and you came out of the shower looking like a smurf. you guys end up having prank wars and once you even super glued his feet into his shoes. when he’s not thinking of ingenious plans to prank you, he’s actually a really sweet boyfriend. sometimes he takes you out on spontaneous dates to that fancy restaurant across town to make up an excuse to see you wear a beautiful dress. but he loves taking you on midnight rides. like he’ll drive you in silence as you enjoy the night sky and talk to you about random things and let you rant about your inner thoughts. “stop staring at me ong!! focus on the road” “you’re just too beautiful. you distracted me”

kim jaehwan:

the musician. he confessed to you in broad daylight while playing the guitar and singing a song written for you. you guys were sitting on a bench in the city and he randomly whips out his guitar and starts singing. a crowd gathers around you eventually, and they cheer when you accept his confession. he likes to write songs in the middle of the night, so you’ll probably wake up at 3 AM and hear him playing random chords on the piano and writing lyrics in the dark. he writes songs thinking about you and likes to sing to you when you have trouble sleeping. also super extra!! likes to boast about things that he can’t do like karate and playing soccer. he told you that he used to play soccer in middle school, but when you actually took him out to play he said “yeah i played soccer. i played fifa” “ugh i hate you so much right now”

kang daniel:

the gamer. he’s a huge fucking loser, and he loves playing league and overwatch and basically every game ever. tried to teach you how to play league once but you never understood anything, so he ended up carrying the team and winning. spends 95% of his time indoors, but he also likes to cuddle with you when he’s gaming. makes you sit on his lap while he wraps his arms around you and rests his chin on your head when he plays. likes taking you to comicon or any other nerdy convention. but it’s endearing to see him so excited about cosplayers. “cosplay with me next year” “lol how about a no”

park jihoon:

the prince. on top of his handsome looks and dancing skills, he was also born with a silver spoon in his mouth. buys you everything you’ve ever wanted and then some. but you’re not interested in materialism ok yes you are but you’re more interested in him. so he doesn’t really understand love?? like he’s always been loved by his parents but he tries his hardest to convey his feelings for you without extravagant gifts. like this is the first time someone told him that they didn’t want a new car and he doesn’t understand why you don’t want a mercedes benz but it’s your loss?? he takes you to nice dates at super expensive high end restaurants while you assure him that getting a take-away pizza is always fine too. wears gucci and givenchy and saint laurent and tries to buy you clothes from there too but one dress is worth more than your life??? he likes to sleep on your shoulder while you stroke his hair. really cute relationship full of $$$. if you need a sugar daddy you know who to call. “you want a new car?” “wtf no i want a new boyfriend” “>:((((”  

park woojin:

the shy turned wild one. yeah he was really shy when you first met but now he wildin. you tried taking him to a family party once but he was getting too into his dancing and ended up grinding the floor. what happened to the shy bean that couldn’t look you in the eye?? sometimes he’s still really shy around people he just met, and he kind of attaches himself to you. but dancing really makes him let everything go, and he tries to teach you choreographies to your favorite songs. taught you how to dance to red velvet and exo and rap to okey dokey. dates consists of dance lessons and chilling at home watching smtm together. bet milk tea on who’s going to make it to the finals. “yo it’s gonna be nucksal” “oh hell no i’m betting on hangzoo” “wow it’s only bc you like zico & dean more smh i thought you loved me”

bae jinyoung:

the nerd that turned hot. you known him since elementary school but boy did he glow up in high school. the last thing you remember was him being that smart nerd that never talked, but now he has a whole army of girls chasing after him. outside appearance may have changed but he’s still a nerd. dates consists of chilling at home and watching the latest episode of the anime y’all like while cuddling. takes you to animecon where you cringe at the weebs but where he enjoys every moment of it. likes taking you to manga and anime stores. dreams of going to japan with you. also likes to buy you cute couple charms for your phone. “i bought you the touka charm bc you’re the touka to my kaneki” “you’re such a fucking weeb lmao but sasaki is better”

lee daehwi:

the foreign swagger. yeah he lived in america for 4 years, that’s why he’s here man. just kidding, he’s a super adorable boyfriend that sometimes mixes up his languages when he’s flustered. super caring and always frets over you. nags you a lot when you get sick. “i told you not to go outside without a jacket!” but really good music tastes. makes different spotify playlists for you to listen to when you’re sad or tryna to get turnt. likes shopping dates!! he is your personal fashion designer and buys cute dresses when he thinks you look cute in them. “i thought this color suited you really well, so i bought it!” “um but it says it’s $300″ “oops?”

lai guanlin:

the athlete. he likes every sport but he’s super obsessed with basketball dude. like he’ll take you out to the nearest basketball court to shoot with him even if you can’t make a shot for your life. dw he’ll teach you the proper shooting form and how to dribble. you’ll end up having lots of cute basketball dates and afterward he’ll probably take you out for ice cream. likes to rest his head in your lap as he practices his shooting form laying down. lots of after-practice cuddles. “ew guanlin you’re so sweaty. get off of me” “no i like staying with you like this”

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I can't wait until your fics! How bout some parent!tythan or mentor!tythan (where they are mentoring others) (or Tyler is Ethan's mentor) (Or just any tythan hcs because I am literal trash for them)

Oh my! Thank you so much my love! I really loved the idea of Tythan adopting a baby so thank you! Maybe I can work it into a fic in the future, who knows??

Parent Tythan would include:

-Tyler and Ethan sitting down and making the conscious decision to adopt an actual child

-them crying when they get approved and just being super happy dads

-Tyler fretting because they got approved with a woman who was pregnant so they have 6 months to get the room ready

-Ethan wanting to buy all the plushies and Tyler having to remind him they have to actually take care of their child when it gets here

-Tyler insisting he be called Papa and Ethan loving it and saying he wants to be called dad

-Ethan having no problem with diapers

-”Ethan you have a nose of steel our child is like a manure factory!” “Hey! I love our bundle of manure Tyler!”

-As the baby grows into a tot Tyler wanting to wrap the child in bubble wrap

-Ethan always trying to teach them to walk

-”They’re going to fall, BE CAREFUL”

-They say their first swear and Tyler almost loses it but keeps it together and then there’s a family discussion about naughty words

-*drops their bowl of snacks all over the floor* “SHIT”

-”Where’d you hear that little one?” “Dad said it papa” Tyler commences to go after Ethan

-The first days of school and everyone expects Tyler to cry but Eth needs Ty’s support because he’s a blubbering mess


Your otp being super domestic and fretting over the littlest things and someone walking in and person a is like, ‘oh please take your shoes off want some food, i made extra’ and person b is like 'yeah I just waxed the floor you lil shit’

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I'm living on my own for the first time and I'm finding it really difficult to not feel super lonely

Don’t fret, friend! I felt the same way at first but I grew to love it so much. Are you able/allowed to get a pet(s)? Having Oscar and Isaac there has really helped. I recommend making the place your own, too – decorate! Pillows, rugs, throws, fairy lights, wall art, candles – you can find some real gems for super cheap at thrift stores! Sounds silly but if you hate the quiet, put the TV on. There’s something kinda comforting about having it on the background. Call your friends or family and put them on speakerphone as you cook. Also, living on your own is a big achievement – you should be really proud of yourself!





Not gonna lie, when I started this nonsense about…a month and a half ago? I really didn’t expect to get too far with it. I have a nasty habit of starting things, deciding I’m not happy with them, and moving on to something else, but somehow this gorgeous community has held my dumb brain in the best kind of vice grip. 

Before this, I had really been stagnating creatively: I hadn’t even tried drawing or writing anything in over a month, and just sort of spent all my free time wallowing in video games and youtube videos. While I still do some of that, a growing love for the precious idiots in Team Skull led me to dusting off my tumblr account after not touching it for ages to see what sort of stuff the site had on them. I stumbled across two particular Guzma rpers, and my mind was made up on the spot.

One bizarre but wonderful burst of creative drive later, this blog came to be, and somehow a hundred people (or roughly a hundred) decided to stick around and watch the nonsense. I really can’t thank each and every one of you sillies enough for every little bit of support, no matter how minor it seems: every follow, like, ask, and started thread just means the world to this wee OctoMun–and if it was the type to admit to that sort of thing, I’m sure it means a lot to the Muse, too. Right?

“…I’m not cryin’ y’all are cryin’.”


So I don’t really know what I’m doing with this, but hey! Time for the obligatory thanking of individual folks! But don’t forget, absolutely all of you–even those I don’t mention–get love and virtual hugs from OctoMun~ <3

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So what kind of father would Papa III be? I may be projecting here but I bet he's just super protective and gets fretful because he can't help everyone. But he tries, dammit! His love is genuine!

that’s likely

he tries to be the dad he never had and the person he needed when he was younger. somebody that one can confide in. somebody that one can look to for guidance. 

Perks of Being a Scorpio

1. You’re hard workers. The words “giving up” are not in your vocabulary. You know what you want and go for it.

2. You put other people’s happiness before your own. 

3. Y’all are unpredictable. Everyday is a new adventure for a Scorpio and the person they are with.

4. Y’all are wise.

5. Lemme add a stereotype here- great in bed. (trust me)

6. Bravest people I’ve ever met. 

7.  Y’all are super observant. Don’t fret next time someone says you have a “resting bitch face”, like come on, they should know you’ve got them pegged for the person they are.

8. Super independent. 

9. Realistic. However if theres something big y’all want, you won’t hesitate in working your ass off to achieve it. 

10. Probably the best friends ever (maybe i’m being a little biased because my best friend is a scorpio, but it’s true) y’all are super loyal.

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omg do you have that vine where taehyung is lying down and he says something in this really deep voice?? (sorry that's super vague)

- jojo