super freak of nature

cringey story!

My best friend and I are super weird, and whenever either of us see an attractive person we tend to take a picture of them and send it to each other, because why not?
Anyway, I was on a cruise ship with my grandparents, and I spot this super cute guy a couple years older than me. Naturally, I freak out a little, & I whip out my phone. Bare in mind I’m sat next to my grandparents in the middle of a crowded lobby.

So I open my camera, take a picture- and guess what?


I make eye contact with thus cute guy, look at my Grandparents who both look extremely disappointed, and a few other people are looking at me. Obviously I left the room immediately

I treat my control freak nature as Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons—I love them and am proud of them, but I realize that they should be unleashed only on special occasions.
—  An excerpt from my book, Super You, about the benefits and drawbacks to being a control freak. Get it at the end of September!