super flat art

Request to draw Noya and Hinata complaining about padded sports bras in the changing room. Why even pad them? What’s the point? Up your game bra companies. More sport, less bra or something *snap snap*

Bonus request:

Jet Set Radio Redesign Project 10/19: Cube

Cube all in all has a really simple design in both games and I wanted to mostly keep to that. She’s a cool character the plays semi-important roles in both games. In JSR she was a young roodie trying to find her lost friend, in JSRF she’s the harsh leader of Poison Jam, one of the rival gangs. Pretty different between the two personality wise, huh? In both games she’s awesome though.


redraw!! jan 2015 and july 2013
this was my first time doing the one layer thing so. i learned there’s a special place in hell for one layer PAINting
also those are apple blossom flowers GET IT oh man I’m goooood

Another non-black lined Marinette to drag round your rainy blogs! I had several ideas on what to do with this, but I settled on a simple umbrella pose. Who is she looking at? With that smile? WHO KNOWS?? Next time i’ll do more than flat colours too, because this process takes waaaaay longer than my usual, and I wasn’t up for another three hours of back pain.