super fabulous ya lit meme~


[super fabulous YA lit meme] - ten series or books

“Why do we smile? Why do we laugh? Why do we feel alone? Why are we sad and confused? Why do we read poetry? Why do we cry when we see a painting? Why is there a riot in the heart when we love? Why do we feel shame? What is that thing in the pit of your stomach called desire?” 


Super Fabulous YA Lit Meme: [9/9] Siblings/Families •The Blackthorns• (The Dark Artifices Series) “First the flame and then the flood, in the end it’s Blackthorn blood.”


Super Fabulous YA Lit Meme: Ten series or books [2/10]

A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J.Maas

“There are different kinds of darkness,” Rhys said. I kept my eyes shut. “There is the darkness that frightens, the darkness that soothes, the darkness that is restful.” I pictured each. “There is the darkness of lovers, and the darkness of assassins. It becomes what the bearer wishes it to be, needs it to be. It is not wholly bad or good.”


Superfabulous YA Lit Meme → Eight OTPs [1/8]

Warner + Juliette [Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi]

“I like the way I feel about myself when I’m with him.“ I say quietly. "Warner thinks I’m strong and smart and capable and he actually values my opinion. He makes me feel like his equal–like I can accomplish just as much as he can, and more. And if I do something incredible, he’s not even surprised. He expects it. He doesn’t treat me like I’m some fragile little girl who needs to be protected all the time.”


super fabulous ya lit meme (6/9)
nine quotes: a darker shade of magic by v.e. schwab

Kell smiled back. And then Lila brought her free hand to his jaw and tugged his mouth toward hers. The kiss was there and then gone, like one of her smiles.
“What was that for?” he asked, dazed.
“For luck,” she said, squaring her shoulders to the wall. “Not that I need it.”
Kell stared at her a moment and then forced himself to turn toward the bloodstained bricks. He tightened his hand over hers, and he brought his fingers to the mark.
“As Travars,” he said.
The wall gave way, and the traveler and the thief stepped forward and through.

Super fabulous YA lit meme → Five protagonists || 1/5: Julie Beaufort-Stewart, Code Name Verity

I am no longer afraid of getting old. Indeed I can’t believe I ever said anything so stupid. So childish. So offensive and arrogant.
But mainly so very, very stupid. I desperately want to grow old.


Super Fabulous YA Lit Meme: [7/7] Friendships
•Peeta Mellark and Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games Series)•

“Lucky thing were allies, right?”


super fabulous ya lit meme (2/8)
eight otps: nora x patch,    hush, hush series

Coach pointed beside me. “All right, Patch. Let’s say you’re at a party. The room is full of girls of all different shapes and sizes. You see blonds, brunettes, redheads, a few girls with black hair. Some are talkative, while others appear shy. You’ve found one girl who fits your profile-attractive, intelligent, and vulnerable. How do you let her know you’re interested?”
 "Single her out. Talk to her.“
 "Good. Now for the big question-how do you know if she’s game or if she wants you to move on?”
 "I study her,“ Patch said. "I figure out what she’s thinking and feeling. She’s not going to come right out and tell me, which is why I have to pay attention. Does she turn her body toward mine? Does she hold my eyes, then look away? Does she bite her lip and play with her hair, the way Nora is doing right now?”
 Laughter rose in the room. I dropped my hands to my lap.
 "She’s game,“ said Patch, bumping my leg again. Of all things, I blushed. 


Super Fabulous YA Lit Meme: [4/5] Protagonists
•Henry Branwell (The Infernal Devices)•

“Inanimate objects are harmless indeed, Mr. Mortmain. But one cannot always say the same of the men who use them.”


super fabulous ya lit meme (3/8)
eight otps: ruby daly x liam stewart = rubiam, the darkest minds

“God.“ He shook his head, mouth twisting into a shadow of a smile. "Did you know… you make me so happy that sometimes I actually forget to breathe? I’ll be looking at you, and my chest will get so tight… and it’s like, the only thought in my head is how much I want to reach over and kiss you.”