super excited to try this

Anonymous said to dwimmerlaiks: Would you be okay with doing Aredhel in 16?

yes!! anything related to aredhel is always an excellent idea. tbh doubting at this point that im doing the palette challenge right but I’m gonna get the hang of it if I do enough of them (i hope)

More fluffy headcanons for the magic! au, for @littledeconstruction

-eventually the squad discovers about Aaron’s powers and they’re as thrilled as Alex

-this means flower crowns for everyone!!!

-artstudent!John jumps on the occasion to be able to draw rare flowers and begs Aaron to make some sprout for him, and Aaron happily obliges, sitting with him and making the plants move to show the best angle

-flowers appear in John’s hair while he draws because he’s so cute and Aaron can’t help it

-sometimes LaF gets homesick so Aaron does a little research and make typical french plants and flowers grow around him and in his hair to make him smile (it works)

-Herc is super excited and they spend an entire afternoon trying to knit a scarf with thin vines and petals and the others are mind-blown over it because it turns out beautiful 

-now each one of them keep vases or mugs on their desk for when Aaron comes to hang out, and they each have a plant based on their favorite color/mood/preference

-the day they ask Aaron to be part of their poly relationship they swear all they can see all the colors of the world because the room fills with all varieties of flowers, mostly red on him, the same color as his cheeks

-just. flowers everywhere and nerds being in love with flowers and vines and leaves in their hair


I hung out with @upthewitchypunx for Candle mark today to make candles and eat tasty food. Per usual, I did more chatting and hanging out than actual helping… >_>

The candles are for resistance/survival - sweet orange & black pepper in the black layer, dragon’s blood resin in the red on top. I’m excited to try one out.

Alex also made a super-tasty dinner of seitan pot roast, root veggies, garlicky Brussels sprouts, and sour dough bread. Always the best place for a home-cooked dinner.


25 Days Of Shit Slytherins Say will be a thing starting tomorrow (DECEMBER 1) going till the 25th of December (aka Christmas Day)! I’ll be posting one Christmas related quote a day for all 25 days! They’ll be funny relatable holiday quotes for every Slytherin! Super excited!:D

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–Sorry if you do not celebrate Christmas, I’m not trying to exclude you or anything. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable or anything. Christmas happens to be my favorite holiday and I just get super excited about it !–

Today i played a game with a small girl, i think she was maybe 11 or 12?
She talked about so many cool map tricks and ways to use the characters, and was really, REALLY good at Phara.

After I complimented her on a nice play, she invited me to a group- and then her dad showed up too and said hello! We ended up all playing together. Eventually friends (and a couple that were just friendly teammates that she invited because they were cool) kept glomming onto our group til we had a full team and we Wrecked. Shop. I had no idea what I was in for.

In our last match together (she and her dad had to leave for dinner) she got play of the game by knocking four of the enemy team off the bridge at lijang tower in a tie breaker round. 

AND she had gold in eliminations.

((Also, I’m sorry for accidentally cursing on mic that one time, I know your dad said it was ok but I still feel a little guilty! I don’t want to get anyone I play with in trouble. You and your dad were super nice, and I liked talking about all the cool stuff you knew about Overwatch. ))

Keep flyin’ high Phara. ovo)7

I was super excited for supper because I was finally going to try the black bean pasta I bought at Trader Joe’s! But sadly, I hated the texture after it was finished. It was either chewy and gross or mushy and gross, there was no in between. So now I’m just eating the veggies and sauce that I had planned to eat with the pasta and then some carrots with hummus. I might make some eggs with sriracha once I inevitably get hungry again in an hour lol


my favorite past time is forcing my own fashion style on my favorite characters :^) (also we’re getting a new anime!! how exciting is that!!!)

I got my Mass Effect January Jubilation gift today, and @w0rdinista​ THANK YOU SO MUCH - I love it <3

She gave me the most perfect nerdy tea care package! 

I know technically I’m using the cozy upsidedown, but I actually like it this way. Keeps my fingers from getting burned :)

Promptly after taking this photo Miles decided the (thankfully still wrapped) tea strainer was clearly a cat toy. It has been retrieved from his fluffy paws and I adore the beads - the N7 is a perfect touch.

And the tea! It smells heavenly! Afterlife, Ice Brandy, and Strawberry Lemonsweet. I’m super excited to try them :D


IT’S REVERSIBLE. And space! And sparkly. Best. Tea cozy. Ever.

Thank you so much <333333

I lied. Self-care Sunday version.

As much as I’m always on my high horse about lying to kids, I lied to all three tonight. I told them I am going out of town for work next weekend. I’m not. Booked my mini-vaca with no kids - 3 days on the beach with no responsibility. Excited for a break, but you know, feeling super guilty. I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell them when my mom said, you know you’re going to have to lie to them and tell them its for work, right? Ha. She knows me so well. I had been trying to decide what to tell them, if they know I’m going to a beach and hanging out with Aunt L without them they would be SUPER upset. And things have been sooooo much better, especially with Mary, that I don’t want to destroy it for 3 days. But, they do need to learn that its OK for me to take a break and I still love them, and I’m coming back, but they are also 4, and trauma and foster care, so lying seemed the best option for now. I prefer to lie by omission because then, technically its not a lie and, you know, rationalization and all, and I could have maybe pulled it off with the 4 year olds, but not with the 8 year old. So I did, said I was going for work and grandma and Aunt B was staying with them and the little girls said, OK. Punky gave me the run down, where are you staying, who will you be with, what are you doing, who is paying for it (always most important question for her about anything) and then, satisfied with my answers, said OK, we’ll be fine. And they will be. 

So, yay, break. Ugh, lying to kids. 

Hau with a s/o headcanons

• When Hau has a crush on someone he is super giddy and excited
• He’ll try to spend more time with them, he gives hugs all the time, etc.
• A relationship with Hau is cute, fun, and exciting! He always knows what to do to make you happy
• Hau is super comfortable with PDA and is always holding your hand, giving you hugs and little smooches, etc.
• He gives the best piggyback rides
• You and him look up recipes for malasada to bake one night
• He accidentally trips and spills some water on you. You “accidentally” throw some flour at him
• Halfway through, the kitchen is an absolute disaster. Eggs have been thrown, flour is covering the walls, it’s a mess
• The two of you wind up going to a local malasada shop and just buying a dozen of them
• If you’re ever feeling down, go find Hau and he will cheer you up in an instant
• Dates with him typically include going out on an adventure, staying home and ordering food, or waking around on the beaches

One Day Ahead - Chapter Three

(read it on ao3!)

A few more new friends, and a beachy day for a birthday boy.

(I had a blast writing this, honestly. I think I’ve got the development of the crew’s dynamic down now and the plot will actually hold up! Super excited to keep this going!)

“Come on, try it!”

“Dude, no, I’ll sound like a fuckin’ retard.”

“Hey, you know that’s, like, a slur or whatever.” The kid with the camo hat butted in from his spot on the opposite end of the long table. Max and Ian had been sat there in the library for the better part of an hour now, with Max acting as his de facto Aussie slang tutor. The two looked towards the other kid, who was smiling in a very sleepy manner. Ian could tell he wasn’t anywhere near serious-and probably never had been in his life.

“Yeah? I’ll show you a slur,” Max laughed, pushing fringe out of his eyes. “I’ll shove a slur up your ass.”

“Sounds pretty kinky of you, Max. I didn’t know you were a fuckin’ poof.”

“I’m a poof, eh? You’re the one called “Joji”, for fuck’s sake.”

“Hey!” Triumphant, Ian pointed at his notebook, wherein was scribbled all of Max’s nonsense. “You just called him gay!”

Joji laughed louder than one would expect from someone who looked like he sleepwalked through life. “Yeah, yeah I did, mate. You must be the new guy I overheard people talking about.”

Ian’s pulse was suddenly louder than normal, thrumming in his fingers and neck. “What were they saying?”

“Oh, the usual tat. Just Joey asking “you seen that new Yank kid?” in that big stupid voice of his. Can’t ‘spect people to not be curious when somebody new shows up outta nowhere, especially an American somebody. What’s your name?”

“Ian. Never met someone named Joji before.”

“Yeah, my real name’s George, but it always confuses people. I figured out a while back that Joji sounds more, I dunno, like a Jap name…what? I’m allowed to say it,” he said to Ian, who had cringed slightly. “I heard Americans were pussies, but damn.”

Max was biting back laughter. “Ian, he just called you a pussy. What d’you say to that? What are you, a pussy?”

Ian just squinted at Max for a moment, until the other boy waggled his eyebrows and slid the notebook across the table.

“The fuck?”

“Tell him what you think of him. Pussy.”

These guys were fucking strange. Ian leafed through the phrases he’d learned, trying to shove together a few in his head that wouldn’t sound entirely moronic. Eventually he made up his mind and let the notebook flop onto the table as he turned and fixed Joji with an unsettling grin-the one his sister had called his evil face when they were kids.

“You’re, uh, not the full quid, you ankle-biting…derro ratbag?”

Immediately, his ears were assaulted by a screeching nightmare cackle as Max doubled over, face already an almost fluorescent red. Joji’s laugh was silent, but shook his entire frame and had him nearly arching out of his chair, with tears of mirth staining his face. And for the first time in weeks, maybe months, Ian just let go, allowed himself to be overtaken by one of those gut-straining laughs, the type that he’d remember twenty or forty years down the line even if he didn’t remember the when or the why or maybe even the where, though he’d always remember the who. The interruption by the strung-out librarian and the subsequent chewing out didn’t matter, nor did the baffled glares from the group of girls studying at the next table-nothing mattered because Ian had been fucking miserable for what felt like eons and within fifteen seconds that age was a distant memory, and it was all thanks to these two dumbasses that he’d only known for four hours. So he laughed and laughed, letting the tears come with it, comfortable in knowing that Max and Joji couldn’t possibly guess that he was high on utter relief.


Ian’s short seventeen years of life could be divided into two distinct and drastically different eras. There was pre-Max and Joji, and post-Max and Joji. One period spanned most of his time thus far, and the other spanned about ten days, but in his mind they carried equal weight and significance. He’d never dream of expressing it aloud, but the two imbeciles he’d simply chanced upon were like nothing he’d ever experienced-their interactions were practically symbiotic in how easily they flowed and how gloriously fucking stupid they all were. It was the sort of adolescent camaraderie that all teachers grow to fear because of its complete refusal to be controlled or restricted in any fashion.

They quickly became known to the entire Westdale faculty just as “The Boys”.

Walking to school on the morning of his birthday, Ian registered that it was getting brighter earlier, the sun was higher than it had been only a few weeks before, which baffled him until he remembered that everything was reversed here. Summer was fast approaching; the neighbors’ garden had become far more colorful and fragrant, and the other day he and Max had encountered a absolutely fucking giant spider in Max’s backyard (and Max had managed to capture Ian’s screams on video, of course). It struck him that this meant he’d essentially be getting a full year of summer, and he was more than okay with that. It meant more time awake, more time exploring his new map-more time with his friends.

He managed to forget about his birthday for most of the morning-birthdays had never gotten him very excited. Thankfully, he was reminded as soon as he was outside the Business classroom when Max popped out from behind the door and mashed a cupcake into his face.

“Come on, cunt. We’re gonna go celebrate.”

Sputtering as he cleared frosting  from his airways, Ian scraped some of the cakey mess off his face and spread it through Max’s unruly mop of hair, earning himself a shove. “Oi, get outta my hair, fucking cunt! I’ll kill you! Fuckin’ fag-”

“Don’t worry, Maxie, you look beautiful. The rainbow frosting brings out your eyes, really adds to your aura. I’m not skipping when we have a fucking test tomorrow.”

“Tough fucking tits, nerd boy, because me an’ Joji are dragging your arse to the beach one way or another.” Before Ian could stop him, he smeared a frosting-covered hand down the front of Ian’s shirt. “Oh no, can’t have us walking around like that! Better get cleaned up before Mrs. Klein sees you, eh?”

All Ian could really do was growl as Max dragged him towards the side door, not really wanting to resist anyway. Once they were outside, he set his bag down on a stone bench and undid his tie. Seeing that Ian was taken aback, he turned and did the same for him.

“The fuck are you doing?!”

“Well, you were clearly just gonna stand there with your mouth half open and we have a bus to catch.”

“Where’s Joji?”

“He’s there already. C’mon, put this on.” He handed Ian a Captain America t-shirt and slapped him without warning. “Still had a bit of frosting on there.”

“You’re just chock-full of gags today.”

With Ian decked out in Max’s shirt, boardshorts, and sandals, they barely made it to the bus, but barely still counts. The ride to Scarborough Beach was about ten minutes, and Max was engrossed in his phone most of the time messaging Joji.

“If you cunts pull some stupid fuckin’ prank…” Ian said after a while.

“There wouldn’t be a damn thing you could do.”

“I’ll drown you, that’s a fun little gag.”

Once they were off the bus and walking down to the white sand, Ian could really take in the day. The sun was naked of clouds and blazing directly above, making the water practically blinding to look at- and the Indian Ocean view was spectacular enough by itself, pristinely clear and the absolute purest blue in the perfect gradient all the way to the horizon line, where the outlines of boats dotted the waves. It wasn’t until Max smacked his arm that he saw Joji down the beach to the left, waving from where he sat under a lurid orange umbrella. The confusing part was the other people sitting with him-four of them, two guys and two girls. They might have been familiar, maybe not, but they made Ian slow down a bit regardless.

“They go to school with us,” Max said, seemingly reading his mind. “Chad and his mate Jeff, and I know Ella and Mariam from my Bio. I dunno, Ella’s alright, thought I’d invite ‘em along,”

Max was clearly blushing, and Ian was so tempted to give him shit, but he became preoccupied by Joji shoving a cake under his nose, the candles practically singing him. “You took for-fucking-ever, blow ‘em out, cunt!”

Ian knew it was in his best interests to obey, and blew them all out in one breath without bothering to think of a wish.

“That shirt’s fucking gay,” said the larger of the two guys, grinning at Ian, who realized that “Chad” was Fat Cunt from the first day of school.

“Good to see you, man,” he replied. “I didn’t realize you’d ever been outside before.”

“This is his first time,” snorted the other guy, presumably Jeff. “Chad’s actually been living in his mum’s uterus for eighteen years.”

The taller of the two girls, pale with long reddish hair, fake-gagged and splashed Jeff with some of her drink. “Quit talking, you absolute duck.”

This insult made sense as soon as Jeff laughed-it sounded strangely like a honk or a quack. The other girl, bronzed and dark-haired, made a face and turned her face back towards the sun, pushing her sunglasses up on her nose.

Through all this, Joji had been scurrying around, getting Ian and Max drinks from the cooler and cutting cake. Ian finally took a second to look at what was before him-there was a picnic table full of food, chairs and towels set up in a cluster, enough room for all of them. Presumably, Joji and Max had been planning this for a day or so and Joji had been at the beach all morning setting up…it was all just surreal for him. He knew his California friends wouldn’t have put all the effort into getting a party together for him, not like this, and it struck him- not for the first time- how fucking lucky he’d gotten right off the bat.

“Hey, thanks, man,” he said to Joji as the other boy handed him a red cup. “This is pretty neat.”

“Shit, mate, it’s really nothin’. It was Max’s idea, and Chad got all the booze. Besides, figure we all deserve a break after slaving away at school doing nothing for a whole two weeks or so, y’know?”

“True-wait, booze?”

“Yeah, I fuckin’ handed you a beer, didn’t I?”

Ian hadn’t even taken a sip yet, so he took a swig, grimacing a bit. “Oh. Oh, yeah, that’s beer alright. Ain’t nothin’ like a good beer.”

“Not a beer fan, huh? Here, give it to Jeff, I’ll get you something. And eat your fuckin’ cake.”

Like the absolute moron he was, Ian didn’t even register Max stopping conversation with Ella to watch him, biting back laughter as he took a bite of the cake. It was good, normal old cake, vanilla with chocolate filling and frosting, and then-

“Son of a fucking dick!” Gagging and spitting, Ian lobbed the monstrous cake slice at Joji, who was already bent double and gasping from laughter. Max’s cackle filled the air, and without thinking twice Ian grabbed the rest of the cake and dove at Max, bringing it down on his head.


“YOU FED ME TOENAILS!” Ian cried, trying not to laugh as he wrestled Max into the sand and wailed on him. “IT ISN’T EVEN FUNNY!”

Max was stronger than he looked, and fought back viciously, the two of them tumbling through the sand and trying to land as many punches as humanly possible, barely registering the howls of the others. Joji’s strangled, breathless laugh was echoing off the water as he beat his fists on the table.

“Don’t think…I’m not gonna fuck you up too,” Ian snarled at him while he had Max pinned, spitting sand out. “I’ll ram that fucking umbrella up your Jap ass-MOTHERFUCKER!” he screamed-Max had evidently decided on the low road and kneed him directly in the balls. He curled in on himself and tried to stumble after the other boys as they made a break for the water, ignoring Chad’s barrage of insults as he gathered all his willpower and yanked the shirt over his head because like fuck were they gonna get away-

“Wait-” Joji coughed, struggling as Ian tried to dunk him, “Wait-I made-made another cake-bleurgh-STRAWBERRY-”

Ian finally paused and glared at him, water streaming in his eyes, still gasping from the pain radiating from his groin.

“Well then…maybe can negotiate a truce.”


He could still feel Max’s assault hours later as he stumbled into his bedroom that night, still tipsy off the shots Joji had managed to get in him, coupled with the raging sunburn on his back that announced itself when he fell into his bed and sheets rasped against red-hot bare skin, and he’d never been less bothered in his life as he dozed off, smiling.

Okay, so this is like, half-repackage, half-special album. We’re getting two brand new tracks, Knock Knock and whatever track 2 is (weird that it’s the only title in Korean on the whole album), a remix of TT, and then instrumentals for all the previous title tracks. I’m down for this.

a smol hc

Happy Valentine’s Day to this wonderful blog who I’ve had the pleasure of being the secret valentine for @basiltonsnowpitch <3 This is part ¼ (I am s o n e r v o u s omg)

  • so one day, Basilton Grimm-Pitch goes into a jewelry store and purchases a ring
  • he has a speech and everything is planned and perfect
  • he’s hopeful and so hopeless
  • ly in love
  • but he just can’t bring himself to ask simon
  • he just can’t risk it
  • risk the answer being no and everything being shattered and terrible
  • months pass
  • the box gathers dust in the bottom drawer of his dresser, hidden underneath bunches of rarely used clothes
  • he becomes more and more sure that simon won’t say yes
  • so he doesn’t ask
  • time passes
  • valentine’s day comes around
  • simon wakes up at the crack of dawn to try and cook baz breakfast
  • he’s exhausted but giddy with excitement and he’s trying to be super quiet to not wake Baz up (obviously he manages to make a huge mess and lots of noise but somehow baz sleeps through it)
  • he can’t find an apron and he doesn’t want to ask baz
  • so he goes to look for it
  • he checks in all of the drawers and dressers
  • his eyes go wide when he uncovers an old shirt
  • and he sees it
  • there’s a receipt beside the ring box and it’s dated for two years ago
  • simon doesn’t undferstand
  • baz has never asked. doesn’t he love simon? does he even want it anymore?
  • simon needs to get away from the house just to have the space to think about this so he gives baz his breakfast quickly and with a smile
  • but baz can tell something is off
  • simon still kisses him gently and wishes him a happy valentine’s day
  • but then simon’s gone
  • he said it was just going to be ‘a short walk’ but it’s late when simon gets home
  • baz waited for him all day but when he comes in the door it’s nearly time to go to bed
  • baz can’t understand
  • until simon stands in front of baz and opens his hands
  • he’s got the box in one palm
  • everything’s dead quiet
  • “were you afraid I wasn’t going to say yes” simon says quietly
  • baz doesn’t know what to say
  • the world stops as simon gets down on one knee
  • and opens the box
  • revealing two rings
  • the one that baz bought for him
  • and a new one (he must have spent the whole day looking for the right one)
  • “well it’s a yes” simon says
  • and he’s crying
  • baz finds that his voice still doesn’t work
  • “but Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch, will you also marry me?”
  • simon looks so nervous
  • baz finally finds he can speak
  • “yes” he says, pretending to be uninterested
  • “if only so you don’t ever call me that again.”
  • and then he’s smiling
  • and simon’s smiling
  • and they’re both laughing
  • and kissing
  • they make dinner together and eat it joyfully even though it’s terribly burnt
  • with fresh cherry scones for dessert
  • (also slightly burnt)
  • (you can’t expect them to keep track of time when they’re making out)

I don’t know why but I’ve been soo horny since I started trying to start my supplement again. My breasts just feel different and the hope that they are close make me soo horny. I just want to be on all fours being pumped from my breast pump and being pumped from behind. I bought a kong to stretch my pussy out and an anal plug that flares once in and I’m like super excited to try them both!!! I just want to be a slut. Hypnotized to be a slutty hucow pet. Mmmm