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W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

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Truth about the 'Glamorous Lifestyle' of a Sugar Baby/Escort.

To Aspiring Sugar babies and Escorts

Listen ladies, I’ve been privileged enough to have been on private jets, exotic ‘vacations’, dined in x number of Michelin star dinners, worn the most beautiful dresses on the arm of SD’s, played that Pretty Woman scene when she goes shopping, etc….

I wish I had known the truth before joining, especially since I was so young.

Let me tell you this now: it’s not real. It’s not OUR reality. This is an example of a typical ‘upscale’ escort/sugar baby experience some will probably encounter at some point in their SW career.

Their reality: A sexy 18-29 year old in an even sexier dress hanging off of my arm. I can afford the caviar AND her. Every man in this bar is jealous, and trying to talk to her while I cop a feel of her ass. Another bottle of expensive champagne? Why not. She deserves to try the best. This is an incredible life.

Your reality: I’m in a foreign place where I don’t know anybody, wearing a dress that normally screams “rape bait” (at his request), with a man old enough to be my father, if not my grandfather. The host suspect I’m probably a “hooker” since I didn’t even know what the name of the reservation is under. This dress is making it difficult to breathe. Oh god, I need another drink of whatever it is in that bottle to get through another dinner where he’s trying to drunkenly fondle me under the table. I have to smile sweetly. Need to repeatedly remind myself to ignore the sneering glances from the waiters.

His reality later that night: I can’t wait to show her the top-floor suite of this place with the beautiful view. I even had my assistant go pick up some nice sets of lingerie from the store she mentioned she likes. I already made sure the rest of her envelope with her gift/donation is ready with her name on it. I’ll get the candles lit, have another bottle of wine sent up, and romantic music to top it all off. It’s gonna be a night of romance and passion with a beautiful girl. God, she’s gorgeous.

Your reality later that night: This view would be beautiful if it weren’t for the 50 year old behind me, nibbling his dry lips on my ear while I’m trying to enjoy the ambience. At least my rent money is in that envelope with a random name on it. He hands me a bag from Victoria Secret. I have to pretend to be super excited to get try on see-through lace for an old man now. He takes off his shirt, it’s just a forest of white hair and wrinkly skin. Next to the candle lighter, I see the magic blue pills. This is going to be a VERY long night.

Next day reality for him: I think I have enough time for room service before my flight. I’ll see if I can call the other SW from that other town to arrange another rendezvous for when I’m done with work. I should probably order two dozen roses, delivered to my wife so she knows I’m thinking of her. Note to self, call assistant to order roses and withdraw more cash. Oh wait, what’s that girl in my hotel room right now called? Ashley? Sarah? I’ll leave her a few hundred dollars as tip, save her number and I’ll call her again when I’m in town. I’m glad she really enjoyed the sex. She deserves it from all those times with unattractive and gross clients. At 54, I still got it.

Next day reality for you: Fuck, I have no idea how to get back to my own town without using all of the money he gave me for fare. My rent is due tomorrow, and tuition is due next month. I still have a client in 5 hours, my paper is due tomorrow but I haven’t even started. I have the worst hangover ever. At least I don’t remember much from last night, except his sandpaper tongue running all over my body. I shivered, but thankfully I fake moaned so it sounded like I was enjoying it.

Moral of this post: Don’t join the industry based on the glamorous lifestyle of the CLIENTS. Many of the blogs I see paint the image seen through HIS (the client) eyes, not YOURS (the service provider).

When your service is over, you turn back into a normal girl; back to grocery nights at Ralph’s, back to yelping the cheapest nail salon place, back to having fun with friends playing beer pong, back to being “Sarah or Ashley” because you have bills. Part of your service is renting you as a prop for their lifestyle. Never confuse that with YOUR lifestyle. ‘Vacationing’ in Cabo with him is NOT the same as doing so at your leisure with your friends.

If you still don’t quite understand what I’m saying, let me put it this way; bedazzled French pedicures are beautiful, right? You love being pampered in that massage chair, getting massaged, and ending up with a gorgeous pedicure. It’s stunning and glamorous experience, no?

Guess what. Not from the perspective of the pedicurist scrubbing your feet. There’s nothing glamorous about it for her because whereas she’s the service PROVIDER, YOU are the CLIENT. Same situation, very different experience.

This is something many of us learned the hard way. Yes, this lifestyle can come with many glamorous perks and experiences but there’s definitely a price to pay. Don’t be delusional. If this was all that easy, don’t you think every female on this planet would be in the industry?

After several years of experience I’ve learned to be immune to the ‘wrappings’ of the industry. You are here to make money. All those Roseshire roses, expensive dinners, fancy car rides, delicate lingerie are for HIS fantasy, and does very little for YOUR wallet. Don’t be blind sighted by the fancy tricks he pulls because it isn’t tangible. Never lose sight of your 'paycheck’. Once you see this lifestyle as what it truly is - a job; you become far less naive and more focused on your goals.

Always remember: There’s a price to pay for money.

Stay safe, ladies. 💸💸💸

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Anonymous said to dwimmerlaiks: Would you be okay with doing Aredhel in 16?

yes!! anything related to aredhel is always an excellent idea. tbh doubting at this point that im doing the palette challenge right but I’m gonna get the hang of it if I do enough of them (i hope)


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I didn’t manage to get my own booth this year for Otafest, but I’ll be participating in the Sketchdrive to help with charity donations. I’m also gonna be selling stickers and art prints so please do come check them out!! or drop by for a candy at least hehe 
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Things to Remember for Hyunseung’s comeback:

So as we all know Hyunseung is confirmed to have a comeback in July and I think we should remember a few things as b2uties, lights and honeys:

1.) The most important is to give Hyunseung the same amount of love and support we gave to Highlight on their new step in their career.

2.) Please don’t compare Hyunseung to Highlight and visa versa.

3.) Leave supportive and encouraging comments on the MV and his social media accounts to let him know we’re excited!

4.) If you have nothing nice to say about the comeback then say nothing at all; there is no point in negativity. 

5.) Last, please try to share and stream his MV/song; lets try to get him wins at music shows!

Also pathfinders just an extra little reminder that this new patch isn’t out yet (release date is currently TBA), don’t want you running off to start a new game for the new fun when there’s no change at the moment!

ETA as of 6/8: Patch is out!

More fluffy headcanons for the magic! au, for @littledeconstruction

-eventually the squad discovers about Aaron’s powers and they’re as thrilled as Alex

-this means flower crowns for everyone!!!

-artstudent!John jumps on the occasion to be able to draw rare flowers and begs Aaron to make some sprout for him, and Aaron happily obliges, sitting with him and making the plants move to show the best angle

-flowers appear in John’s hair while he draws because he’s so cute and Aaron can’t help it

-sometimes LaF gets homesick so Aaron does a little research and make typical french plants and flowers grow around him and in his hair to make him smile (it works)

-Herc is super excited and they spend an entire afternoon trying to knit a scarf with thin vines and petals and the others are mind-blown over it because it turns out beautiful 

-now each one of them keep vases or mugs on their desk for when Aaron comes to hang out, and they each have a plant based on their favorite color/mood/preference

-the day they ask Aaron to be part of their poly relationship they swear all they can see all the colors of the world because the room fills with all varieties of flowers, mostly red on him, the same color as his cheeks

-just. flowers everywhere and nerds being in love with flowers and vines and leaves in their hair

Ten/Rose | Call of the Void: Ch 2

Ship: Ten/Rose
Rating: teen & up (emergency medical stuff & TARDIS in danger)
Genre: Reunion fic, dimension-hopping rose, hurt/comfort, romance
Summary: The Doctor and Rose reunite, but of course it can’t be that simple. An ancient TARDIS entraps them at the edge of the newly formed universe, and is determined that only one of them can escape alive. A sacrifice must be made, and this time it’s the Doctor that has to give up everything to be with the woman he loves.
Beta@lostinfic​, who is as dear of a friend as she is valuable as a beta.  

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

The Doctor whisked Rose’s unconscious form straight to the TARDIS medbay. Her body burned against his chest. Every step of the way, he assessed her pulse and breath rate. To his horror, they grew incrementally worse. Jeans-clad legs swayed and her head rolled as he made a sharp turn into the room.

He laid her gently on the medbay cot, reluctant to feel the weight of her leave his arms. She moaned in distress, so he made sure to arrange her limbs as comfortably as he could. He brushed the sweaty fringe from her eyes. Incredible new timelines with her had unfurled the moment he opened the TARDIS doors earlier, and as tempting as it was to close his eyes and let them flow through his mind, he had to focus.

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Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 5

A/N: Here by popular demand is Part 5!!!! So, I have already seen Spider-Man: Homecoming (AND IT WAS AMAZING!!) but I will keep this series as spoiler free as possible!!! (partially because the timeline of events I created are different than the movie so it would mess things up anyway!) I will kind of allude to the events with Vulture but won’t go any further than what the trailers have shown!! Anyway, Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: hurt Peter, tension, sad :(


Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

“So,” Ned began, scooting closer to Peter at the lunch table so he could whisper, “When you got like, buff and stuff from the spider bite, did uh… anything else change?” At this point, Ned was nodding down towards Peter’s lap. 

Peter nearly choked on his cold burrito. “Dude!” he shouted through a mouthful of beans and cheese.

Ned threw his hands up in defense. “I’m just curious!”

Peter shook his head and checked his phone. He was growing impatient as he waited for Mr. Stark to get back to him with details on their next mission. Ever since Berlin, Peter had been itching to see some more action than the petty crimes around Queens.

Interrupting Peter’s thoughts, you dropped your bag on the table and sat down in a huff. Your face was flushed from running down the hall. “Sorry I’m late, guys. Mr. Namara called a last minute Mathlete meeting.” Neither of them responded. Ned was looking at Peter strangely and you were sure his eyes kept trailing to his… Couldn’t be. Peter was engrossed in his phone. “Earth to Dorksville,” you chimed, waving your hand in front of Peter’s face. 

Peter shook his head as if coming out of a trance and looked up at you in surprise. “(Y/N)! When did you get here? Where have you been?” he said rapidly. You just shook your head and chuckled. Although you kept a pretty neutral facade, his response ticked you off. This had been happening for awhile now but after the two of you started dating, it seemed to get worse. He seemed to be constantly distracted. The pair of you hadn’t been together long (the dance was only two weeks ago), but it still annoyed you. 

“Are we still on for dinner tonight? I’m super excited to try that new…”

“Can’t. I’ve got some stuff to do for the Tony Stark Internship.” Peter went back to scrolling through his phone and vigorously texting. 

You pursed your lips, grabbed your bag and stood up. “Ned, still need help studying for the math test?”

Ned looked between you and Peter, cocking a worried eyebrow. You just shrugged your shoulders and rolled your eyes. He gave you an apologetic smile before saying, “Yeah, that’d be awesome. Come over after school?”

You nodded an affirmative and gave one last glance at Peter who was completely oblivious to the exchange you just had with Ned. Your shoulders drooped as you turned to walk away. “I’m gonna go eat lunch in the library,” you mumbled, “See you later.” With that you walked away, your head low and anger chewing at your belly.

Peter looked up nonchalantly from his phone and a frown creased his face. “Where’d she go?” he said, genuinely confused.

Ned shook his head and groaned at his distracted friend. “She went to go find a new boyfriend,” he said, hoping to make Peter realize what he’s been doing. 

He snapped his gaze to Ned, suddenly alert. “What?!”

“Good, now I have your attention. She went to the library to eat but if I were her, I’d be looking for a new boyfriend.” Ned took a bite of his pizza, staring at Peter sternly.

“What are you even talking about, dude?”

Ned let out a laugh at how clueless Peter was. “You know, Pete, you’re right. I’m sure she loves having all of her plans with you cancelled so you can go catch bike thieves and mope over Tony Stark.” 

“I catch more than just bike thieves and I don’t mope!” Peter lowered his voice to a whisper, “I’m the Spider-Man, Ned. I have a responsibility to the people.”

“Well, why don’t you tell her that?” Ned whispered back, irritation in his voice.

“I.. I can’t.” Peter swallowed hard, averting his gaze.

“Why not? She’s your best friend too. Not only that, she actually agreed to be your girlfriend. Do you think you’re ever going to get a girl like her again? She deserves to know and if you won’t tell her…”

“Ned! You cannot tell (Y/N)! You promised me you wouldn’t tell anyone and she counts in that promise.”

Ned grimaced at Peter, angry at him. “Fine,” he said flatly, “but don’t come crying to me when she leaves you.” Just then the bell rang. Ned got up quickly from the table, leaving Peter behind. 

Peter’s shoulders drooped and he slowly got up from the table. He checked his phone one last time before dropping it into his pocket. Ned had to be wrong. Ned was protective of their friend from the beginning. That’s all this is. Peter cancels a few dates and Ned overreacted. That’s all. You wouldn’t leave Peter… Right?

During gym, you ignored Peter like it was your job. He noticed this. It was fitness test day so that meant people broke off into their own groups to talk. You were with some of your other friends, leaving Ned and Peter by themselves. They watched you the entire class period. You definitely seemed to be venting to your friends because every now and then, one of them would shoot Peter a dirty look. 

Peter did everything in his power to look inconspicuous as he got closer to you, trying to listen in on the conversation. “So, are you going to break up with him?” your friend, Liz, asked. 

Peter put all of his attention on you, not caring if anyone noticed. You shrugged your shoulders and mumbled, “I don’t know..” Peter’s heart sank. “Probably not.” His stomach tightened and color came back to his cheeks. “If I had something like a Tony Stark Internship, I’d probably be the same way.”

Your friends nodded in a hushed agreement before Liz broke into a smirk, “But if that Spider-Man ever showed up, you’d definitely leave Peter, right?”

You giggled at this and Peter noticed an adorable blush rise to your cheeks. “Well, of course,” you giggled. The softness that was overtaking Peter was suddenly replaced by anger. “A guy with that much bravery and heart must know how to treat a girl right.” Peter didn’t even stop to consider the fact that you were talking about him. To him, you were talking about a different person. You were crushing on a different guy. 

Peter stormed back over to Ned, not wanting to hear anymore of the conversation. “She likes Spider-Man more than she likes me!” he whispered angrily.

Ned shrugged his shoulders and sympathized with you, saying, “Well, with the way you’ve been treating on of my best friends, I’m starting to like Spider-Man more too.” Peter dropped his shoulders and hung his head. He let out a heavy sigh before getting on the floor and angrily doing sit-ups. 

That night, you sat on Ned’s bedroom floor, monotonously drilling Ned with equations. You barely touched the Chinese food that Ned’s mom had ordered for the two of you. Frustrated, you threw your notes to the floor and put your head in your hands. Ned, who was sitting across from you, put a warm hand on your shoulder. “Did I do something wrong, Ned?” you mumbled into your hands. 

Ned looked bewildered at your question. “(Y/N), no!”

“Then what’s going on with him? Is… Is he just not interested anymore?”

Ned took your hands away from your face so he could look at you. Silent tears had began sliding down your cheeks. “(Y/N), before you two actually started dating, you were all he talked about. I’m sure that now that he has you, he couldn’t be happier.”

“Then why does he cancel plans? He barely pays attention in chemistry. Hell, he doesn’t even hang out with both of us. He should be here studying with us!” Your voice cracked with a sob. The tears began to flow harder. You knew Ned was the one you would break down to about this. 

Ned got up on his knees and enveloped you in a hug. He didn’t know what to say. He wanted to tell you the truth about Peter but he couldn’t. Why couldn’t he? Just because Peter told him not to? You had the right to know and he didn’t care how angry Peter got at him. 

As Ned opened his mouth to tell you the truth, there was a knock at the bedroom door. Ned released you and you hurriedly tried to wipe away your tears. Ned’s mom poked her head around the door and said with a wide smile, “Peter’s here, dear. (Y/N), honey, are you okay?”

You nodded and forced a smile. “Just a really spicy bit of the chicken.” Ned’s mom nodded understandably and left her position at the door. Peter walked in, a grin on his face. 

“Chinese food? Why didn’t one of you call me?” he said, as if he hadn’t noticed that your eyes were puffy from crying. 

“Did you really get into another lab accident?” you said, concerned laced in your voice. You stood up and grabbed Peter’s face, any thoughts of animosity gone. He had a cut above his eyebrow and a bruise was forming on his cheek bone. 

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s Tony Stark. Shit happens, ya know?” He brushed your hands away and sat down next to Ned, leaving you standing. He leaned in and whispered to Ned something you couldn’t hear, “There was this huge metal bird guy..” Your fists clenched with anger. 

“No, I don’t know!” you shouted. Peter looked up at you, shocked and confused. “I don’t know how you let Mr. Stark do this! Can’t you ever just tell him no? He works you like an adult but you’re still in high school! You just let him use you whenever he deems it necessary, which is all of the time! Why don’t..”

“Why can’t you understand that this is important to me?” Peter shouted back, standing now. He towered over you and his eyes were dark. “I’m making something of myself and you can’t seem to support that anymore! I would have never asked you to be my girlfriend if I knew that you wanted all of the attention in the world!” Peter stopped in his tracks. His face went pale and his mouth stood open. His hands began to tremble as he realized what he said. “(Y/N),” his voice wavered, “I didn’t..”

You held up a hand to stop him and shook your head. All of your anger was gone. You just felt… empty. “You’re right, Peter,” you began flatly, “I should be more understanding. I see now just how important this internship is to you. It’s more important than your girlfriend. It’s more important than your two best friends. It’s more important than school.” Peter tried to cut in, reaching a hand out to you. You took a step back and continued. “I get it, Peter. I don’t want to get in the way.” You bent down and scooped up your notes and backpack. You looked Peter square in the eye. The pain you saw swimming in his eyes almost made you bite your tongue but it came out anyway, “I’m sure you and Mr. Stark will make a lovely couple.” You walked out of Ned’s room without giving Peter time to reply and slipped out the front door into the chilly, night air. 

You gave a harsh sob when the cold air hit your lungs and you let the tears fall freely. You started walking home, hugging your jacket tightly around you, tonight’s events eating at you.

Peter sank to the floor in defeat. His hands shook and he clenched his jaw. He lost you. He really lost you. All because he felt the need to keep his stupid secret. Why would he say those things to you? He didn’t mean it. You didn’t ask to hang out any more than you did before he started dating you. 

“Well, you did it. I’m sure the bike thieves will be happy to hear that you can devote all of your time to them,” Ned said with malice. He looked hard at his friend. 

“I’m gonna go home,” Peter mumbled.

“Good idea.”

The next morning, Peter lay in bed, staring blankly ahead of him. Maybe he’d pretend he was sick. He couldn’t see you today. He wouldn’t be able to bear seeing you in the pain he had caused. Peter was so engrossed with his self-pity that he didn’t hear the phone ring or notice his Aunt May walk into his room. “Peter?” she asked, her voice shaking.

Her voice piqued his attention. He sat up in bed and looked at her with concern. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Do you know where (Y/N) is? Her mom called and said she didn’t come home last night.”

A/N: Oooooooooooo cliffhanger!!!!! I’m sorry this one is such a downer but you need a little raw emotion and heart ache every now and then. Keep an eye out for Part 6 and send in your requests!! xx

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just saying...

Dear Wonder Woman Fans,

Hey, I’m one too.  But if you’re one of those people giving anyone super excited about Black Panther any kind of shit or trying to say WW is ‘better’ because it’s not about a man… kindly shut ALL the way the fuck up.  All the way.  The fuck up.  Seeing a black king as your hero, and seeing black men and (dark skinned) women in a setting that utterly stomps the Eurocentric idea that African nations are backward technology deserts devoid of innovation and beauty and culture, an idea that comes from imperialism, from the damages done by imperialism, and which FURTHERS imperialism and racism today… is awesome.  And important.  There’s a lot of VERY IMPORTANT THINGS that this movie is doing and even if it’s not for you, you can be happy that folks who need to see a movie like this (perhaps as much as you needed to see Wonder Woman?) are excited about it.  

Also, as much as we did have black and brown amazons, they had less screen time and few speaking lines.  The fact that folks are identifying more with the women of Wakanda over the Amazons isn’t something to have a hissy fit over; be GLAD For them, that they’re getting something that’s been terribly precious for all of us, yes, but especially for many black women.  Maybe we can take this as a rallying cry to get Artemis into a future Justice League movie, huh?  

Dear Black Panther Fans,

I’m here too, though I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not black and it just can’t mean the same things to me.. But I get that there were problems with Wonder Woman.  I realize that while Artemis looked awesome, she had precious few lines.  I realize that while the senator was there, and a senator, she was never named on screen.  I realize that they could have done better; no excuses here for what they just flat didn’t do.  However, Diana is not played by a white actress but a middle eastern one, a visibly, audibly JEWISH one.  Wonder Woman gave us some good, historical First Nations representation, Middle Eastern representation, and allowed a character with canonical psychiatric issues to exist and never asked him to ‘overcome’ his PTSD and kill people to be a hero.  It also gave us a superhero movie without the male gaze, something that has literally made multiple people burst out in tears.

You’ve got every right to tell WW fans giving you shit to fuck all the way off.  But this movie was important for a lot of PoC too, so like… carte blanche dismissing the movie itself as ‘for white women’ is unnecessary and kinda reductionist as it erases a lot of people.  The movie didn’t give you what you need and I’m sorry it didn’t.  They could have done better.  And I’m glad we’re getting something that DOES, a movie that looks like it’s going to blow the doors off and slam some Afrofuturism into the public space in a big way that’s been a long time coming.  But there’s no reason to bash what WW did for some folks who’ve also never seen someone like them get the time of day.  There are MUCH better targets out there and going after WW in such a wholesale way because it’s popular right now makes me really really tired.

PS WW Fans,

We already got our movie and we know it’s good.  We got it and we can celebrate it and love it.  The BP folks are living off trailers right now, and we remember what that was like, being afraid that the Powers That Be would diminish what we were seeing or undermine the wonderful things we were hoping for.  So it’s time for us to be goddamn graceful about it, kay?  


*This takes place during the recovery period after Grindelwald’s attack. Graves was rescued, Credence is being loved, and everyone is friends (except for Grindelwald)*

*and I’m still not a writer*

Credence has been traveling and living with Newt, learning how to control his magic, and whenever they’re back in New York, Credence gets lessons from Queenie (Tina too, but when Newt was there she preferred to spend time with him, not that he minded. He was quite fond of Queenie’s magic. It was beautiful and gentle. Credence liked that)

They would rarely drop by Mr Graves place, the man preferring a quiet recovery away from prying eyes and pitiful whispers.
Their first meeting was difficult. Graves couldn’t look at Credence, guilt ripping through his chest, so afraid that his boy hated him for letting Grindelwald slip past his defenses. Credence knew that it wasn’t Mr Graves fault, but he didn’t know how to tell Mr Graves without the man shutting out everyone at the mere mention of Grindelwald. He just wanted him to know that he understood the pain of being used by the dark wizard, that Credence thought Mr Graves strong for surviving the torture Grindelwald put him through.
The next time they visited, Credence had pulled out a carnation. It wasn’t the one that Graves took secretly as a memento of their first shared meal together at the diner, not the one that Grindelwald had used to ensnare Credence further into his honey trap, but that didn’t matter.
It was a new carnation. Their new carnation.

After that, the Graves household was open more often to this strange collection of friends and family (but Newt was forbidden from bringing his creatures into the house, lest they decide to wreak havoc, as much as Newt tried to reassure Graves they would behave).
The relationship between Mr Graves and Credence grew stronger. Credence had taken a liking to being overtly affectionate, making up for all those years where the only touch he knew was a painful one. Graves on the other hand was still hesitant, not really understanding why it was necessary for so much human contact, but it was Credence… and he could never find it within himself to deny his boy anything that made him so happy (even if the first few hugs had resulted in some unexpected destruction… but Credence was working on that!)

One day, Queenie had told Credence while musing over a lovely bouquet that had been sent to her anonymously (which happened quite often) how different flowers mean different things. This sparked Credence to research all the different flower meanings, and then he begged Queenie to show him how to conjure different kinds of flowers. They both agreed that some flowers would certainly be a cheerful additional to Mr Graves austere home office. However it then occurred to Credence that perhaps to crown Mr Graves with beautiful flowers would cheer him up even more. A far more direct approach to cheer the often grumpy man up.


Okay hey! Sorry this took me so long to do @carrioncrowned! But I finally got there! Let me know what you think ^_^

This is from this lovely art meme

I’m still open to requests on this meme, so please feel free to hit me up! ♡

And since I no longer have to use my phone to draw all my art, I’m super excited to get stuck into some stuff!
Make Me a Wish, Dear Dragon - (1/2)
By Organization for Transformative Works

Genji was born a dragon. A monster of an ancient time, a familiar without a place amongst humans and magus.
Few can survive his magic and even fewer can use it, always sought after by those who believe they can achieve greatness with him by their side. But a monster can only rise alongside a god.  

And in a world of humans, there is no room for deities.

Gency Week, day 6 - Dragon!

Previous and next of the week!

I’ve had this idea for so long, but never really got around to writing it and when I finally did, I rewrote it a couple of times before I got the feeling right. I also lost my confidence halfway through and entered a really strange state of writer’s block, where I could write but it didn’t feel like my writing. So that was fun. Still! I managed to finish this and I’m finally happy with the result! :)

I decided to divide it into two parts, because of its length.

Unlike the other long gency stories I’ve written, this one focuses mainly on Genji and doesn’t perhaps have a lot of the fairytale vibe. It’s a bit longer than my other stories, but it’s fun to experiment with lengths and such.

Please enjoy!

how to be a human being

summary:  While lamenting his loss at the sports festival, a flying saucer crashes in front of Shinsou’s house. Enter Midoriya Izuku.

ch: 1 / 7

written for @shindeku-week

Shinsou misses the alien about 3 times until he finally notices him.

Scratch that- Shinsou ignores the alien 3 times until he pushes him to the ground and nuzzles him before smiling brilliantly in a way that doesn’t belong on an alien’s face. In fact, the alien’s face doesn’t belong on an alien at all. It’s too human.

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