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W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.

i’m either “i will post whatever the hell i want” or “if i post this i will be shunned by everyone and have to move to another planet” and there is no in-between

hey look its me and Dan!!!!! I had such a fucking blast at Game Grumps Live in Vancouver last night, holy shit

I got to tell Dan in person the thing about me working with Eric Chahi. He was tired as all fuck but still managed to seem super excited for me, lol.. and he also asked me to try and ask Eric to be on guest grumps. lmao. (ngl, its something I’ve thought about asking him…)

 Dan is simply the purest human on the planet. No joke.

sadly Arin was not available because apparently Suzy was not feeling very well by the end of the show. I hope she’s doing well now. qq But I did get a chance to tell Arin at the special pre-show Q&A how much he means to me as an artist and role model. I don’t remember ANYTHING i said because I was so fucking nervous speaking in front of the crowd, lol. Oh well. Vernon was also really fucking nice to me too, he loved my cosplay and actually asked me if it was okay to point me out to them and put me on the spot, lol. It was really sweet of him. 

Right before the show started, I had people taking photos with me for a solid 20 minutes. lmao. I was one of only three cosplayers at the whole show. (at least i wasnt alone.. lol)

(yes, that’s me. and yes, i fully realize my egosonic cosplay may create a certain level of cringe in some people. lmao. do i care? not really. the grumps loved it and arin seemed pretty impressed by it LOL and i had fun so that’s all that matters to me)

Anonymous said to dwimmerlaiks: Would you be okay with doing Aredhel in 16?

yes!! anything related to aredhel is always an excellent idea. tbh doubting at this point that im doing the palette challenge right but I’m gonna get the hang of it if I do enough of them (i hope)

Me about the latest episode of the Flash

We got

  • A Barry vs. Barry face off
  • Adorkable!Barry freaking out and thinking he’s in a dental office when he loses his memory
  • A future reference with them doing some literal name dropping and Barry being all” Oh I like the name Bart better than Barry” OH GEE I WONDER WHO THEY’RE REFERRING TOO…NOT
  • A mind wiped Barry Allen STILL being instantly drawn to Iris and asking her who the lucky guy is. No matter what timeline, universe or whatever else happens Westallen are ALWAYS universally consistent and will ALWAYS find each other
  • Barry asking Wally how they know each other and Wally telling him they’re brothers, then Barry glancing down at his arm
  • Barry introducing himself to Cecile
  • Barry thinking Cecile’s name is Felicia
  • Barry calling out “It was nice to meet you!”
  • Barry asking Iris about their wedding plans 
  • Barry and Iris at the cafe and Iris being charmed by Barry all over again because he truly is smooth af and the reason why she (and we) love him is that everything he says to her is one hundred percent true. He means everything he says and it’s not just some line to him.
  • Barry asking how they afford their apartment
  • Barry and Iris’s kiss in the apartment and how he hesitated at first but she told him it was okay and THE KISS WAS SO POWERFUL AND THEIR LOVE IS SO PURE THAT IT BROUGHT BACK HIS SPEED
  • Barry asking if Caitlin was a supervillain
  • Barry’s excitement about his super powers
  • Cisco trying to reach Caitlin and telling her that she’s in all the memories he cherishes most
  • Barry wanting to help people even though he doesn’t have his powers under control yet
  • Barry zipping away to help then speeding back immediately because he forgot his suit
  • Iris being the key to restoring Barry’s memories
  • Iris telling Barry about the night he came to stay with them and when they first fell in love and realized how much they needed each other
  • Barry and Iris’kiss in the lab
  • Basically everything that was Westallen and Adorkable!Barry
  • This episode was a gift and I need to watch it again

Person A was absouletly terrified to tell Person B that they like them.

The two had been pretty good friends for almost a year now and A felt it was time to revel how they felt.

A booked a dinner date for them and invited B. B was super excited to spend the night with only A.

All through dinner A was trying to build up the confidence to tell B, but never quite got there, even on the drive back to B’s place.

When A walked B up to their doorstep, A had a boost of energy and kissed B.

When A pulled away, B had a sad smile on their face and said “I know how you feel, but I don’t feel the same…”

A tried to brush it off, but instead said goodbye and drive home, crying.

EXTRA: A and B managed to stay friends afterwards, even to the point were A was invited to be [groomsmen/bridesmaid] to B and C’s wedding.


*This takes place during the recovery period after Grindelwald’s attack. Graves was rescued, Credence is being loved, and everyone is friends (except for Grindelwald)*

*and I’m still not a writer*

Credence has been traveling and living with Newt, learning how to control his magic, and whenever they’re back in New York, Credence gets lessons from Queenie (Tina too, but when Newt was there she preferred to spend time with him, not that he minded. He was quite fond of Queenie’s magic. It was beautiful and gentle. Credence liked that)

They would rarely drop by Mr Graves place, the man preferring a quiet recovery away from prying eyes and pitiful whispers.
Their first meeting was difficult. Graves couldn’t look at Credence, guilt ripping through his chest, so afraid that his boy hated him for letting Grindelwald slip past his defenses. Credence knew that it wasn’t Mr Graves fault, but he didn’t know how to tell Mr Graves without the man shutting out everyone at the mere mention of Grindelwald. He just wanted him to know that he understood the pain of being used by the dark wizard, that Credence thought Mr Graves strong for surviving the torture Grindelwald put him through.
The next time they visited, Credence had pulled out a carnation. It wasn’t the one that Graves took secretly as a memento of their first shared meal together at the diner, not the one that Grindelwald had used to ensnare Credence further into his honey trap, but that didn’t matter.
It was a new carnation. Their new carnation.

After that, the Graves household was open more often to this strange collection of friends and family (but Newt was forbidden from bringing his creatures into the house, lest they decide to wreak havoc, as much as Newt tried to reassure Graves they would behave).
The relationship between Mr Graves and Credence grew stronger. Credence had taken a liking to being overtly affectionate, making up for all those years where the only touch he knew was a painful one. Graves on the other hand was still hesitant, not really understanding why it was necessary for so much human contact, but it was Credence… and he could never find it within himself to deny his boy anything that made him so happy (even if the first few hugs had resulted in some unexpected destruction… but Credence was working on that!)

One day, Queenie had told Credence while musing over a lovely bouquet that had been sent to her anonymously (which happened quite often) how different flowers mean different things. This sparked Credence to research all the different flower meanings, and then he begged Queenie to show him how to conjure different kinds of flowers. They both agreed that some flowers would certainly be a cheerful additional to Mr Graves austere home office. However it then occurred to Credence that perhaps to crown Mr Graves with beautiful flowers would cheer him up even more. A far more direct approach to cheer the often grumpy man up.


Okay hey! Sorry this took me so long to do @carrioncrowned! But I finally got there! Let me know what you think ^_^

This is from this lovely art meme

I’m still open to requests on this meme, so please feel free to hit me up! ♡

And since I no longer have to use my phone to draw all my art, I’m super excited to get stuck into some stuff!

More fluffy headcanons for the magic! au, for @littledeconstruction

-eventually the squad discovers about Aaron’s powers and they’re as thrilled as Alex

-this means flower crowns for everyone!!!

-artstudent!John jumps on the occasion to be able to draw rare flowers and begs Aaron to make some sprout for him, and Aaron happily obliges, sitting with him and making the plants move to show the best angle

-flowers appear in John’s hair while he draws because he’s so cute and Aaron can’t help it

-sometimes LaF gets homesick so Aaron does a little research and make typical french plants and flowers grow around him and in his hair to make him smile (it works)

-Herc is super excited and they spend an entire afternoon trying to knit a scarf with thin vines and petals and the others are mind-blown over it because it turns out beautiful 

-now each one of them keep vases or mugs on their desk for when Aaron comes to hang out, and they each have a plant based on their favorite color/mood/preference

-the day they ask Aaron to be part of their poly relationship they swear all they can see all the colors of the world because the room fills with all varieties of flowers, mostly red on him, the same color as his cheeks

-just. flowers everywhere and nerds being in love with flowers and vines and leaves in their hair


Heyy I’m Nell and today is my last day of being 17 so I decided to submit a little something in a desperate attempt to make friends.
I thoroughly enjoyed being the dancing queen and can’t believe I am to be an adult soon.

A few things you’d like to know, maybe:
- I’m a huge movie slash t.v. show enthusiast.
- I take theatre classes
- I LOVE girls
- I’m a super positive person and will be excited about lmost anything
- I try too hard to be funny
- Oh and I really like girls
- Also, I don’t know how to pose in pictures

URL: @evilgaymeme
Insta: Supernatunell

So last year I had an idea for a fantasy steampunk story whose heroes do amazing things mostly because they’re bored and like to fight.  And I’m totally going to finish it.  But in creating a fantasy story, I’ve slipped down the void of world building that has turned from a simple “let’s go find bad guys to fight because FUN!” into an obsession with the deities and cultures of this little world that I’ve created with two other stories in different time periods percolating in the back of my mind.  Like, I’m seriously considering paying someone to create languages for me, because I know shit all about how to do it.

So, out of curiosity, I went back and checked when I first started recording the original steampunk story.

April 1.

Oh, look, a fun little story to write up.  APRIL FOOLS, BITCH, HERE’S AN OBSESSION FOR YOU.

For the sake of love || Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested? Yes – 110 for Jack? Thanks!
                               Could you do 110 and 112 for Jack please?

o   PROMPTS:  

·110. “Quit stalling. Where’s your father?”

·112. “Is he coming home?”

[[just wanted to say im sorry for disappearing for couple days. school just started and my school doesn't let us have a breather. but im super excited for the next few imagines and i promise i’ll try to stay consistent]]

The voice of your boyfriend Jack boomed through your bedroom wall.

“Y/N?” he says whilst walking in, “I need to grab a few things from the store if that’s alright.” He asked, taking his phone off the charger and putting it in his pocket.

“Sure! You better not take 5 hours in the store; I’m excited to meet your family! Especially your dad.” You smiled, tying your hair up into a pony tail as you turned to Jack, nodding to say you were ready.

You and Jack walked out, heading towards his car as he drove you both to the grocery store on your way. The reality was that all Jack really needed was some bread, and he knew he could easily get that after they finish their visit. But Jack wanted every excuse to take up time to come up with an even better excuse to not go to his parents’ house.

You and Jack went down to the grocery store, you wandered around, decided to grab a little car ride snack, Jack on the other hand, tried to lose himself from you.

You wondered around the store trying to find your blond headed boyfriend, rolling your eyes as you spotted him silently staring at rows of bread packets.

“Jack?” you asked as he snapped out of his trance.

“Yes, Y/N?” he smiled your way, grabbing some bread and walking into another isle.

“The checkout is that way.” You stated. He nodded, indicated that he heard but wasn’t really listening. “To be honest, I don’t want to arrive at your parent’s house with a bag of bread and bags under our eyes at 3am, Jack.” You softly laughed, “do you want to hurry it up or..?”

“Yeah, yeah. Of course.” Jack nodded, walking slowly to the checkout as you both finally made your way back to the car.

At the beginning, the drive was silent; the only noise being made was from Jack tapping his fingers on the steering wheel.

You knew something was bothering him, from the slow pace he was going at today to the trances he kept falling into.

“Jack, I’m the one meeting your parents. If anything, I should be more afraid, so why are you so on edge?” he asked, trying to lighten the mood with a soft joke.

Jack just shrugged his shoulders, continuing his driving as he changed the topic, conversing about things other than meeting his parents.

As you pulled up to his parents’ house Jack finally spoke up. “I may have lied about my parents being home.”

“What? We drove all this way just so I could meet your garden plants then?” Jack laughed at your statement before turning to face you.

“You ready?” He simply asked, getting out of the car and grabbing both your bags.

You followed him towards the front door as his mother greeted him with a smile. “Hello Jack, I’ve missed you darling!” she smiled brightly, giving her son a hug before adverting her eyes to you. “You must be the lovely Y/N.” she brought you into a hug before welcoming you in.

“I’m finishing up dinner. By the time you and Jack unpack, it should be ready. Jack show her up.” Jacks mother smiled once more, moving away towards the kitchen.

As Jack took you to the room you’d both be staying for the night, you decided to break your silence. “And your father?” You vaguely asked, hoping Jack understood your question.

“He sleeps in the room with my mother of course. This is our room Y/N.” Jack joked, unpacking his bag.

“Quit stalling. Where’s your father?” As much as you loved a bit of banter with Jack, you were excited to meet BOTH his parents, and yet Jacks father wasn’t present.

“He’s off doing work crap. I knew he’d be busy this week, that’s why I insisted we visit my parents this week.”

You were still slightly confused, “is he coming home?” Jack nodded back.

“In around 2 days or so, he’ll be back.”

“Then we will wait 2 days. Why didn’t you want me to meet him?” You always heard Jack and Conor talk about their father; he seemed to be a genuine, kind and funny guy. So you couldn’t think of a reason Jack wouldn’t want you meeting him.

“It’s just that, almost every girl I’ve brought home didn’t get along with my dad. And I care about you more than anything. I really don’t want to see two people I love not like each other.” Jack gently stated. You smiled and walked towards him, taking his hands into yours.

“You said it yourself, you love me and you love your father. So, for everyone’s sake, I’m going to like him because you do, and I have hope that he’ll like me too, especially if it’s for you.” You soothingly said, as he smiled your way, bringing you into a hug.

“I love you; I don’t know why I was afraid. Now let’s go done and eat what my mums made.”

You nodded with a grin. “I agree, it smells amazing.”


I hung out with @upthewitchypunx for Candle mark today to make candles and eat tasty food. Per usual, I did more chatting and hanging out than actual helping… >_>

The candles are for resistance/survival - sweet orange & black pepper in the black layer, dragon’s blood resin in the red on top. I’m excited to try one out.

Alex also made a super-tasty dinner of seitan pot roast, root veggies, garlicky Brussels sprouts, and sour dough bread. Always the best place for a home-cooked dinner.

You Know A Show Is Good When...

You’ve already had it spoiled in many parts, pretty much know ALL the plot twists for the current episode that hasn’t even aired yet, but will still watch on the edge of your seat giving it your full attention.
I’m not even mad that Disney Channel spoiled it for me by releasing an early Mack Chat, I will be anticipating momentous scenes tonight (and I now know there will be some!)😄💖

anonymous asked:

May i get some lovely bday blessings? Im finally 16 and im super excited to start trying to get my name legally changed! Being a young transmasc nb is tiring, but you always make my gay future seem a lil brighter!

Ayeeee!!! 🎉 happy sweet sixteen bud! 🎉 best of luck to you, you star! ⭐️

The P.E. hour was over. Here and there, groups of teens joked around, making plans for the rest of the day, oblivious to what had happened to their classmate. He Tian sighed. He needed a smoke. Somehow, being around Zhan had been depressing. Tian had always respected that guy. Well, just a bit. And not always. But he had to admit that anyone who spent so much time with Jian Yi without becoming obtuse was someone worthy of respect.

And yet, there was something about that clueless Jian Yi… That simple smile that appeared on his face every time he got to be close to Zhan, how his eyes lit up when Zhan went along with his pathetic schemes… In Tian’s mind, Jian Yi was a bit like a sunny sky.

A looming shadow stood before him, giving off a chilly air. Tian raised his eyes slowly and saw Carrot Boy, scowling as usual. “Don’t Close Mountain,” he yawned, “why do you look like you’re smelling shit?”

“It’s because your face looks like shit, dickhead,” Shan replied, giving him a little kick. “What’s going on?”

“You, asking that sort of question? Aaah, what to do…” Tian sighed dramatically. “My boy cares about m—”

“Who the chicken dick is your boy?!” Guan Shan barked, a blush creeping up his cheeks. “Go die, jerk!”

He turned around, ready to leave, only to be stopped by He Tian’s long fingers clinging to the hem of his t-shirt.

“Sorry…” Tian murmured, gently drawing him closer. He rested his forehead against Guan Shan’s forearm. “I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Just… Let me stay like this for a while. Your skin is surprisingly cold and smooth.”

“What am I, a snake?”

Tian sniffed at him. “You smell.”

“Shut up, jerkface. I’ve just finished a match, what did you exp—?”

“I don’t mind.”

Neither of them moved till the last group had left the court. “That guy… Zhan Zheng Xi…" Guan Shan cleared his throat before muttering, “he okay?” When Tian let out a grunt as his sole response, he seemed to accept it. “I don’t really know what’s going on, but… Jian Yi will be okay. He’s a lucky bastard.”

He Tian’s eyes shot open when he felt an awkward pat on his head. He looked up only to be hit on the face by his jacket. “Hey…” he called softly.

“What?” Mo asked, a soft blush crowning the top of his ears.

Was he trying to comfort me just now? Tian thought. Shit, he’s cute. If I told him to come over and cook something for me again, would he do it? “There’s something I wanted to ask you.” Guan Shan was now watching him with reluctant curiosity. Ah, shit. Part of him wanted to be greedy. There was so much of that brat that he wanted to know. He wanted to see his every reaction. And to think that he’d been so close to disappearing… He should go home, though. At least he’s got someone waiting for him. “Did you use my jacket as jerk-off material?”

“Fuck off, you chicken fart!” Guan Shan growled as he walked away.

“Is that an invitation? ‘Cause I’m up for it,” Tian grinned. He stood up and followed Mo. “Hey, did you wash it at least?”


I’ve never written anything based on 19 Days because I’m pretty much in love with this story’s pace and twists as it is. I can never guess what OX’s going to come up with next, which is super exciting… but after seeing He Tian’s serious face I just had to try writing something.;;; And this was supposed to be just one paragraph…;;; orz


my favorite past time is forcing my own fashion style on my favorite characters :^) (also we’re getting a new anime!! how exciting is that!!!)