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One thing that excites me about Super Mario Odyssey is that it looks like a legitimate adventure, rather than a bunch of obstacle courses. I think that was missing from the NSMB games, which were content with regurgitating indistinguishable depictions of the Mushroom Kingdom

I feel like Breath of the Wild might have shaken some people up at Nintendo and made them go “hey linearity is cool and all but exploration and discovery and atmosphere are also pretty cool and super in vogue right now.”

Which makes me glad. I’m happy to get Super Mario 64 “playground” levels back again.

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?

Fated, a Modern Royals AU.
Part One of a new series, we’re bigger than we ever dreamed.

It should have been Brandon. Charming, witty, intelligent, quick tempered and rash Brandon. Brandon was who received all the training, sitting in on their father’s meetings and learning to rule directly from the King in the North, Rickard VII. 

A single car crash changed all of that. The driver had a heart attack at the wheel, barreling into a barricade and crash landing into a ravine.

Okay, so we know that PTSDee is a Valentine’s Day episode.  A review from We Got This Covered mentioned that the episode also deals with the “individual traumas” that explain the root cause of each character’s awful behavior.  This is super exciting to me, because one of the greatest things about Sunny is that it isn’t so much of a show about awful people as it is a show about pathetic, broken people who do awful things. 

those amazing feelings you get when

- you hear your target language in public and can at least partially understand

- you’re listening to music in your target language and you can understand parts of it

- you get told you sound like a native speaker of your target language

will the pool scene just be another klance scene in which we don’t see what happens visually but it’s just gonna be narrated afterwards? cause i can see it happening and i have two theories for how the scenario can go:

  • the cute one: lance is super excited about the castle having a secret pool and wants to absolutely go for a swim. he also discovers the lions not only have coordinate pyjamas, but also swimsuits, so he’s estatic about it. keith decides to join him because his pining ass wants to spend some time with lance and also makes a reference to how the castle is like the tardis because a conspiracy theorist like him can’t not like doctor who and this is probably my self projecting ass speaking. anyways, they go and have fun and do swimming races in which lance wins and keith is so happy to see him smiling and excited for his victory and everything feels like a romantic comedy and he hears violins in his head. then an alarm breaks out and they’re forced to rush out of the pool and go in the main hall and say they’re sorry for being late cause they lowkey sneaked out to go swimming and lance tells everyone how he beated keith and keith is lowkey bummed bc he probably won’t have many opportunities like this one ever again
  • the comical one: they find the pool and accidentally slip into the water fully clothed and they’re forced to stay in swim trunks (thanks to the lions wardrobe) till their clothes dry out because this happens when you’re in space with only one outfit

contest entry for the Thick as Thieves ARC! been a really massive fan of this series since i first read the thief about 10-12 years ago and im super excited for the new one. i reread the series about yearly, but im afraid i didnt have the books at hand so tried to draw Eugenides outfits from each book by memory

bonus sketches:

i kind of think it’s a special thing when someone is super excited 2 talk about something but no-one is paying attention, and then u make eye contact with them like ‘i am interested, pls tell me all the things that make u happy, i will listen’ and then they carry on and give u that little smile like 'thank u’

there needs to be a social network for people looking for queerplatonic relationships like no one on okcupid is gonna be super excited about the idea of getting a house with me and becoming foster parents and maybe having some cuddle times but sleeping in separate rooms hOW DO I FIND A PLATONIC LIFE PARTNER

Excuse Me—Newt x Reader

Prompt: 8 I With Newt, maybe the words for the reader could be something funny like “have you seen a niffler?” Sorry this kinda sucks

A/N: I am super excited about this one. I was glad I was able to do this today instead of tomorrow. Hope you don’t mind the fluff and that it meets your standards!

You had always wondered why those words. Why did you have “Have you seen a Niffler?” written on your wrist? Why couldn’t it be “Oh that’s a lovely coat!” or “How was that movie?” or at least something normal?

Well you guessed you should have counted it as a blessing. You couldn’t confuse your soul mate with a person not meant for you.

Since you had absolutely no idea what a Niffler was, you decided to research, and to your absolute dismay, you found nothing. People didn’t know anything about this creature aside from the fact that it was small.

The lack of information on magical creatures is what had gotten you into your profession in the first place. You worked at the Ministry of magic as a liaison to different sentient creature groups, specifically Centaurs and Mermaids. And you were sent by the Ministry to see if there were any differences between the British and American species. Really, you thought they just wanted to be rid of you.

You had lived in the city of New York for two years, studying the Mermaid population in the coast. You were just about to go to the muggle bank to find a way to finance a boat for your own experiments. Magic could only go so far. Suddenly a person bumped into you, muttering something about a Niffler.

“Excuse me,” you found yourself saying. “what were you asking about a Niffler?”

The man’s head shot up, pure shock in his face. “H-have you s-seen a Niffler?”

If his face had been shocked, you were bug eyed. And then you smiled, wider than you thought possible. In that instant, your souls connected as your eyes met, and the loneliness you had had since your birth was filled, and the love in your heart for a man you had just met swelled.

“A-after we find my Niffler, d-do you maybe want t-to have tea with me? Oh, I’m Newt b-by the way.”

“I’d be delighted Newt. I’m Y/N and creatures happen to be my specialty. The jewelry store is just around the corner. And then a cafe in a couple blocks. What would you bet that’s where he is?”

Newt smiled, in both pure relief and utter joy. He’d found you, he’d finally found you, and you accepted him instantly; stutter, creatures, and all. His Y/N, Newt mused as he grabbed your hand and ran. Oh he only hoped Pickett wouldn’t get too jealous.


A year had gone by, with the two of you moving back to London. Sometimes, when your careers were pulling you in different directions, it was just nice to hear those beautiful words again. “Have you seen my Niffler?”

Great things about cheer boys:
  • Such beautiful animation. The care put into it really reminds me of haikyuu.
  • I LOVE all the music in the background, I can’t wait to listen to in on its own when it releases.
  • It destroys gender roles in such a down to earth way. It takes itself and cheerleading seriously.
  • All the character are so likable it’s unreal. They all feel like real people with complex personalities.
  • The friendship between the two main characters is so sweet. It feels really natural and it just makes me smile whenever they are together.
  • Again, Kazu, the destroyers of gender roles, bless him.
  • Unlike most sport anime that revolve around high school, it’s about kids in collage, which is such a breath of fresh air tbh.
  • Mizoguchi is so precious, he needs to be protected at all cost. I love him and want him to succeed in life.
  • No, but, seriously, seeing this kid getting super excited about a group chat because he has never been in one before makes me simultaneously sad and happy. I love the way he interacts with the other members and the way the other members interact with him, and I’m so happy that he is finally making friends, because his reactions to normal friendship things make it really obvious that he missed out on that a lot in his life.
  • Toono Kouji. TOONO KOUJI. This is maybe the first time I’ve ever seen a chubby guy on a sport anime team, and he is just such a sweetheart. It’s really great that the anime doesn’t treat him differently just because he has a little bit more weight, and it’s great how the other members keep reminding him of this strengths, because this boy could really use a little bit more confidence. I mostly adore his interactions with Mizoguchi, I can see these two becoming really good friends.
  • They are all so determent to do this thing, they make cheerleading look cool, which is everything I wanted from this anime.
  • I love that there is more going on than just boys cheerleading. All the characters seem to have more going on in their life, and it all has effect on the way the perform.
  • The judo backstory from Kazu and Haru creates a really interesting storyline. I like the whole ‘turning away from something that you are expected to do to do something you like to do’ theme. I think it’s something that quite a lot of people relate to, at least I do, and I am very interested to see Haru learn to stand up for himself and find the courage to do so.
  • It is apparently based on a real cheerleading group!

I could really ramble on forever about this, but the bottom line is, this show is really good, go watch it.

You Should Still Be Asleep

Wylan rolled over on the hard floor and the pressure against his rib cage woke him. He sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes and looked around for a hint at what time it may be. The moon shining in through the window told him it was You Should Still Be Asleep O'clock.

He sighed and stood up, and one creaking step after another he made his way into the bathroom. He closed the door behind him and leaned over the counter to look in the mirror.

There were bags under his eyes, his skin was even more pale than usual, and his eyes and cheeks looked sunken. He looked like a stray dog. He sighed, well at least I fit in now. When he’d first left the comforts of home, he’d stuck out like a sore thumb in his fancy mercher clothes and being well fed. Now he was just as scrawny and in clothes just as raggedy as the rest of the barrel.

He decided he liked it. Even if his stomach was constantly growling, he was appreciated.

He’d never forget the time Kaz had patted him on the back and told him he’d done a good job–as any compliment from Kaz was unexpected. He’d never forget Nina asking for help coming up with new techniques for healing the injured, or Matthias coming to him for help with the master plans. Inej had even let him hold her knife before.

But the most memorable thing had been uncovering Jesper’s real smile. He always smirked or grinned when he flirted–which was always–but once Wylan had been deprived of sleep too long and had one too many glasses of ale, and had told Jesper about his mother. His late mother had been the light of his life, his savior standing in front of him, between him and his father. “She used to read me poetry, about anything really, anything she found beautiful.” Wylan had said.

A real, genuine–and only slightly drunken–smile had slipped across Jesper’s handsome face, “She sounds like a wonderful woman.”

He snapped back to the present and splashed some water in his face before opening the door. He nearly jumped out of his skin.

Standing in the doorway, posed as he was about to knock, was Jesper. “Saints! You nearly gave me a heart attack,” he whispered harshly.

“Sorry merchling, I needed to use the washroom.”

“Still, you always sneak up on me, but I can never take you by surprise.” Wylan protested, thinking about the time Jesper had revealed he was Grisha, or just how good he was with a gun. Or how he always managed to be behind every door Wylan opened.

Then a thought sprung into his head and he repressed the smile sneaking onto his lips.

“It’s cause you’re too new to the barrel to know how to sneak. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure some of my charm will rub off on y-”

Wylan grabbed the hem of Jesper’s shirt and pulled him down to close those few inches separating them. Jesper let out a noise of surprise, but then a purr rolled off his tongue and he set his hands on Wylan’s hips, melting into the kiss.

Wylan pulled back with a smile, trying to look confident but knowing his face was flushed red “I think I’m fine with just my charm, but thanks.”

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A finalised portrait and some doodles of my smol Abyssal Tiefling Bard for an upcoming urban fantasy one-shot! (which I am super excited about, but hopefully my throat isn’t still raspy when it’s time to play the game >_<)

This is Treble! A musician and DJ who mixes, plays, and distributes illegal magical beats. She’s in her performing gear in the portrait, but she’s a hoodie and sweatpants kind of gal off-stage.

I feel this remix of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is a fitting theme for her. :)