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sometimes nick and judy go out at night and judy ends up being overserved cause even a little bun has its limits #drunkjudy


But did you see them in the latest GFH episode?? I yelled so loud when my boys came on!! Also lil Eta and Iota with big bro Delta sooooo cute ;U;!!

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I have no idea what this is or what I was thinking when I wrote it, but here, have some aggresively flirty KaiShin or smth:

The feeling is the same, was the first thing Shinichi thought when Hakuba introduced him to his friend, Kuroba Kaito.  Does that mean that he is…?  Before Shinichi could even finish the thought, Kuroba was taking his hand, bowing over it.  He brushed his lips across the knuckles.  Shinichi’s face felt hot.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Kudou,” Kuroba said, still holding his hand.  “Hakuba has told me so much about you.  I feel like we’re friends already!”

Shinichi gingerly pulled his hand away, “I’m sorry to say the feeling’s not mutual.”  He shot Hakuba a look, frowning, before refocusing on Kuroba.  “Are you sure we haven’t met before?”  Shinichi thought that, for just a moment, an expression of shock must have crossed Kuroba’s face, but it was gone so quickly that Shinichi was halfway convinced he’d only imagined it.

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Free! x Noragami 

I really liked this sequence of the Noragami op and I really like Free! so I got inspired:D

I was talking with @belldreams about Padme’s death in Revenge of the Sith and sometimes I just don’t know what to think about it.

The idea Padme didn’t go to an OB-GYN and that killed her is entirely wrong–Padme didn’t die in childbirth.  The droid specifically said that there was nothing wrong with her, that she was dying “of a broken heart”.

I’m frustrated that she didn’t go to a doctor, but I can’t say it’s out of character for Padme, not entirely.  Padme has a ton of romantic bones in her body, she is very much the type who got swept up in her secret whirlwind affair with Anakin, she cared so deeply about him and about protecting him (and there were no signs that she knew of that the baby or she were in any danger, iirc) and so, yeah, I can believe she didn’t go to the doctor.

But it wouldn’t have mattered if she had.  Padme didn’t die in childbirth.

Anakin would still have had the same dreams.

It wouldn’t have mattered how much care Padme took with her medical care because that’s not why she died.  Now, of course, Padme’s death was frustrating because it’s a dude writing a story where a woman dies to further a man’s story AND because she had to die, since she wasn’t around in the OT.  And it’s not entirely unbelievable that she would just give up on life, because the Republic is dead, her husband has turned into this creature she doesn’t recognize, who hurt her and potentially their baby, her entire galaxy has fallen apart.

Yes, I would have liked for Padme to get up and fight, but she’s very much a romantic soul who gets swept up in her emotions when it comes to love. Sometimes that’s romantic!  Sometimes it’s tragic.

And maybe I do kind of wish that Anakin had just been responsible for her death because the story would have been functionally the same–he still thought she + the baby were dead at his hand, maybe even for all he knew he had killed her, just that she didn’t die instantly.  The only reason to make a point of her not dying of Force strangulation + childbirth-related death is that George wanted her death to be along the lines of a fairy tale, that he wanted Padme’s death to be in the same style as her romance with Anakin–it utterly consumed her, because Padme was a romantic soul.

But also I like the headcanon that the droid was wrong, that there was something it just couldn’t detect, that something in the Force was killing her, some part of Anakin trying to hold onto her and was choking the life out of her, and so the droid was just like, “FUCK IF I KNOW, DYING OF A BROKEN HEART MAYBE???  HUMANS DO THAT RIGHT?”

The super massive star Eta Carinae is embedded in a huge gas and dust cloud. It is situated approx. 7,500 light-years away. Eta Carinae suffered a giant outburst in the year 1841, when it became one of the brightest stars in the southern sky. Though the star released as much visible light as a supernova explosion, it survived the outburst. Such large stars are very unstable. The expelled gas that creates the spectacular nebula (NGC 3372) emitting light in different colors according the ionized elements, that we see today. The gas shell is moving outward at about 1.5 million miles per hour. The whole nebula spans 300 light years. This image has been taken with RGB filters (top) and with narrowband filters as mapped image (middle). The H-alpha version you find below. North is to the right.