super emeralds

I’m so sorry guys, I tried really hard to do a picture for you all today, but I got up so early, and was at school for 10 hours straight, with back to back classes with barely any time to even buy books… (I won’t lie I caught some Pokemons tho) It’s a super~~~ but I need to color him and add background, but look at that super tho. 

I try to get at least one post up here that’s fully rendered every two days or so, but I literally fell asleep on accident while drawing this, kind of a sign I should probably find my bed, or hit the hay, I like to hit those hays. 


anonymous asked:

Would you ever want to see hyper sonic and the super emeralds return in a sonic game? I feel like if they made sonic adventure 3 close after sonic adventure 2 when the adventure games were fresh it would have fit into the adventure story pretty well.

The Super Emeralds were a cute gimmick when they needed another 7 special stages for the player to go through a second time but honestly they’re generally pretty unnecessary.

It’s the Dragon Ball Z problem, right? The “Super Saiyan” is hyped up to be this legendary figure, all-powerful, and one-of-a-kind. The Super Saiyan can do anything, beat anyone. The Super Saiyan is energy incarnate.

Except, oops. Trunks can turn in to a Super Saiyan. And now, so can Vegeta. And Gohan. And Goten. And probably even Pan, eventually.

So now Goku can become a Super Saiyan Level 2! And then, a Super Saiyan Level 3! And Level 4! And then, eventually, a Super Saiyan God form!

As a creator, if you lie to your audience by introducing the ultimate power and then making that not-so-ultimate, you can very easily trap yourself in a constant escalation to nowhere. Akira Toriyama said he hated how he always had to find a way to make Goku get stronger, because it started to get stupid after a certain point.

Archie Comics got in to this kind of trouble, actually! There, they have Super Sonic, Eco Sonic, Solar Sonic, Polar Sonic, and the final, ultimate form, Ultra Sonic.

But is that the ultimate? Sure, until somebody invents a level beyond Ultra. There’s no tension there anymore. It’s just an endless parade of extra forms, making the original Super form look lame and weak, which is antithetical as to why it was originally created in the first place.

(Thankfully, all of the rebooting and retconning that’s happened at Archie probably erased all of those Sonic forms, save for Super Sonic)

Hyper Sonic was an alright thing to have in one game but it doesn’t need to be legitimized as something that can actually happen. Super Sonic himself is already kind of tired as the game-winning macguffin, we don’t need another one of those.

sensira  asked:

my fav headcanon for bones is that he is secretly like an expert lindy hop swing dancer. happy birthday btw

Bones teaches Jim how to do the dance back in their Academy days because Jim saw Bones’ old wedding videos. While on the Enterprise, a couple of the officers (Uhura and Chekov) decide to do a dance competition. Jim and Bones sign up for the couple’s dance competition and everyone thinks they are just gonna fall all over themselves, until the DJ plays ‘That Man’ by Caro Emerald. Everyone watches in shock and amazement as Jim and Bones fucking obliterate the competition. They celebrate their win by with an encore dance.