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New to Him

An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request for Ed losing his virginity to you

Word Count: 7,494


“Ed come look.”

You’d been pestering him to join you at the window for the last five minutes but he was too occupied on his laptop, his socked feet propped up on the coffee table.  When you glanced over your shoulder at him he brought his blue eyes up from the screen, the light reflected in his glasses.

“Babe I’ve seen the wind blowing plenty of times,” he said, choosing to stay put on the sofa with his red Beats headphones draped around his neck.

“But this is a really bad storm,” you countered, looking back out the window straight across from where he was lounging, “oh shit that tree is definitely gonna come down at some point.”

Ed chuckled when you got distracted by the weather but still clicked away on his Mac.  He’d been spending a lot of his free time working on his new music, and though you supported him and his work, it got to be annoying on the only nights you had together.  Of course he wouldn’t spend the entire time on the computer, but a good chunk of it.

“Fine,” you finally sighed, walking over to the sofa and plopping down hard beside him, “you’re so boring when you’re working.”

Ed sighed when you rested your head against his shoulder.

“No offense.  I guess.”

You knew he’d eventually stop working and the two of you could at least watch a movie together, but for the time being you were bored just sitting there beside him, your head pressed to his shoulder.  

“Your hair smells good,” he said out of nowhere, his voice a little raspy since he’d previously been so quiet.

He was always throwing those little compliments at you, whether they were about your hair or what you were wearing and it was so sweet the way he’d do it when you least expected it.  

With a smile you gave his arm a gentle rub before the wind came blowing hard and rattled the windows.  The storm had been expected since the beginning of the week and Ed had previously asked if you wanted to be locked in with him, since he was off, or was supposed to be, and he wanted to spend time with you. Of course you agreed and the two of you went out to gather supplies for the storm, like candles and batteries for flashlights in case of a power outage, and of course plenty of food and snacks.

“What are we gonna do if the power goes out?” You asked him and he shrugged with his mouth in a pout before he seemed to have some sort of epiphany.  

His blue eyes lit up and he smiled wide.

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My edit // I know it’s not great, but it took a good deal of time and I just love them so much. Song: Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran 🖤

a poem #2

for @auberginewings on unrequieted love <3

sorry for the wait!

heartbreak is almost always quiet,

and before it happened to me i imagined it to taste

like sweetness on the tongue, warmth, the sound

of white noise and shattered glass,

the way winter can feel soft and darkness full.

but instead i found that it was like a stone’s throw,

a weight on your shoulders made not of warm blankets

or the scent of something bittersweet but of metal and bloodlust

and crooked grins with gazes that lingered a gasp too long.

i was nurtured to find happiness in pink lips and soft fingertips

and a beauty as radiant as the pull of heavens, so when i saw you i guess

it made sense that i was pulled to you just as the earth is to it’s very rotation,

just as humanity is to it’s very nature.

i saw you as the sun but you saw me as a shadow, the way streetlights loom and footsteps miss the glow,

you meet her at coffee-shops and in the corners of parties but you brush past me with little more than a gasp off soft lips on the way to eighth period,

it’s funny really, cruel, that i spent so much time thinking about you on this friday night in the middle of strobe lights and sickly sweet dreams, while i doubt i crossed your mind once, 

i wonder who you think about when you down vodka and hold your lips to her’s, or your mind to hell or your thoughts to anything but me,

i wonder why the hell i ever liked you so much, when there has been little starlight in your eyes, few smiles that mean anything but twistedness.

you found a place for me in your ribcage, not in the heart but in the hollow,

and you forced me to accept it without pity. 

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anonymous asked:

Headcannon that Jeremy is weak for Ed Sheeran especially when Michael sings his songs?

only galway girl and nancy mulligan though

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Anne-Marie & Ed performing Ciao Adios and being super cute

Give Me Something
Ed Sheeran/A Great Big World mashup

A couple of months ago, I made a mashup of Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran and Say Something by A Great Big World and posted it (unedited), and this is the edited version (much cleaner sound). The vocals and piano are both done by me. 

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