super duper zuper loans

So they audited the fed and found out that the US federal reserve loaned something to the tune of $16 trillion dollars to global banks with 0 interest for financial assistance since the economic downturn of 2008 without really notifying anyone about it.

$16,000,000,000,000 dollars to global (read: not American) corporations and banks

that was done under the table and without Congressional or Presidential authorization.

and without any requirement for interest or even a guarantee that it would be repaid.

Basically free money.

Let me put this in perspective for you Americans. Keep in mind that this is YOUR national bank. Well, not really, it’s a privately owned bank that that has assumed the role. Either way, it loaned out your money because you will be on the hook for it.

$16 trillion of your own currency that was loaned out to international corporations (read: the boardroom folk and already super rich)

That’s $51,349 for every man, woman and child. Every hobo, every prisoner, every poor, down-on-his-luck fuck from sea to shining sea and across amber waves of grain.

If you live in a family of say, 5 people, thats $256,746 for your family. Every American. Can you imagine what that would’ve done for your family in the times since 2008? If your home was about to be foreclosed, could you imagine? That much money could buy the whole mortgage in one fell swoop. But instead, banks are seizing your homes. That much money could’ve gone to founding the business your parents have always talked about but never had the time or money to do so. That much money could’ve funded the children’s education and health. So on and so forth.

Now I understand you Americans are thrilled about Obama throwing around zingers at Romney, saying he supports gay marriage (see: still not doing a thing about it) or for you Romney supporters who somehow see some merit in some cardboard standie ass who won’t even release his tax returns (see: what taxes? lel) but that’s bread and circuses. Both of these guys permitted this to happen if not encourage it.


That could’ve been yours.

And I can tell you now that the economy would be on fire like a raging, expanding, middle class boner.

But instead that’s now $51,349 you and your children owe.

But please, keep up eating the goodies pumped out by the political pandering machine because this is not being reported by major media outlets (see: owned by major banks) and for good reason. Pic related ^