super duper mini cooper

Do I have to change my name? will it get me far? should I lose some weight? am I gonna be a star? I’m drinkin’ a soy latte I get a double shot it goes right through my body and you know I’m satisfied I drive my mini cooper and I’m feeling super-duper yo they tell me I’m a trooper and you know I’m satisfied I do yoga and pilates and the room is full of hotties so I’m checking out their bodies and you know I’m satisfied I’m diggin’ on the isotopes this metaphysics shit is dope and if all this can give me hope you know I’m satisfied I got a lawyer and a manager an agent and a chef three nannies, an assistant and a driver and a jet a trainer and a butler and a bodyguard or five a gardener and a stylist do you think I’m satisfied I’d like to express my extreme point of view I’m not Christian and I’m not a Jew I’m just living out the American dream and I just realized that nothing Is what it seems