super duper ice cream

VIXX: dating Hongbin would include

▪ aw this cutie pie

 ▪ lots of shy glances from across the room 

▪ esp when you know he likes you but neither of you will do anything about it 

▪ except stare at each other while one isn’t looking, and hoping the other would say something

 ▪ you’d probably find out that he likes you from someone else cough cough Hyuk cough 

 ▪ (he would get beat up by Binnie ofc but it’s all worth it bc none of the members can stand the obvious tension between you two) 

▪ him stuttering over his words as he apologizes for that imbecile’s behavior, but he’d let you know that he really liked you for a long time

 ▪ always thinking of you while shopping and making sure to bring you back something from his travels 

▪ won’t be able to sleep if you’re not next to him, so Skype and FaceTime calls are vital to both of you 

▪ sends you random videos of Ravi or Hyuk doing ‘magic tricks’ as he’s laughing behind the camera 

 ▪ also telling you to check out their new dance routine… and he doesn’t know whether to blush or smirk as he sees you drooling over his sweaty body and heavy breathing 

 ▪ he does the latter, and pulls you into him while making sly remarks 

 ▪ “if you wanted to see me all sweaty and out of breath, you could’ve just asked" 

▪ but he’ll probably blush after bc he’s never this forward or flirtatious 

 ▪ you taking his offer, tho, and let’s just say neither of you are allowed to be in the dorms together anymore

 ▪ it’s ok bc anywhere with you is his favorite place

 ▪ dates with him are always spontaneous and never planned but super duper romantic 

 ▪ trips to the ice cream shop to get treats for the other members ends up with both of you eating all of it and hiding from their wrath 

 ▪ everyone picking on yall bc they’ve never seen a couple more perfect for each other 

 ▪ seeing you in his sweaters will make him melt and he’d be left with no choice but to cover your face with kisses 

▪ honestly so oblivious when someone hits on him. It’s when you grab his arm or become more touchy that he realizes something is off 

▪ won’t even tease you about it or care about the other person, he just loves the fact that you love him enough to get protective 

 ▪ loves to feel your body pressed to his when you’re in crowded places, he knows you get anxious and cling to him sometimes

 ▪ back hugs from Hongbin are the mf best 

 ▪ wraps you up completely in his big arms and presses his face against your neck 

▪ he’ll then proceed to pick you up and sit you down on his lap while watching movies 

 ▪ him always waking you up with gentle kisses “wake up, beautiful" 

▪ I can see him being handsy and touching you everywhere during make out times 

 ▪ but he’s so patient and takes his time with you, never doing anything that you’re hesitant to 

 ▪ so supportive of you and loves it when you support him through everything

 ▪ good luck kisses are his favorite kind of kisses 

▪ loves showing you off and honestly doesn’t care when other people compliment you or flirt with you, he knows you’re all his

 ▪ basically the definition of soul mates 💝

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I just went on my first bus tour and it was “Tight.”  I’ll get to the “tight” joke in a bit.  So this company called Recess hired me to go on tour and capture their idea and music festival. At first I turned them down because I was too busy but once I heard my friends The Chainsmokers were going, I quickly signed myself up.

The schedule went as follows:
Wednesday - Travel
Thursday - (Kent State) - Shoot (Kyle, Rae Sremmurd, Jeremiah, and The Chainsmokers)
Friday - Travel & Edit day before recap
Saturday - (Fairfield, Connecticut Beach Party) - Shoot (Kyle and The Chainsmokers) then Travel to Amherst - Shoot (Kyle, T-Pain, and The Chainsmokers)
Sunday - Day off in Harrisburg, PA - Edit day before
Monday - (Virginia Tech) - Shoot (Kyle and The Chainsmokers)
Tuesday - Day off at some college…cant remember
Wednesday - (University of Maine) - Shoot (Kyle and The Chainsmokers)

So after the first show The Chainsmokers stole me from the production bus to spend the rest of the tour on their bus.

People on this bus:
The Chainsmokers - Alex and Drew
Craig aka Ike Love Jones - The Chainsmokers personal videographer
Clancy - The Chainsmokers Tour Manager
The bus driver

The rules were simple…No going #2 on the bus and have fun…I guess my idea of fun and Clancy’s idea of fun were nowhere near the same idea.  His was making sure everything went down and mine was making sure everything came down.  For example, one night after a show I played Loudpvck & gLAdiator - Tony and hung from the roof on the inside of the bus and broke the ceiling.  That’s when I looked at Kyle and said “Im in trouble.”  Not sure why Clancy was mad because everyone laughed and we fixed it.  Actually I do understand, when you are a tour manager, you are basically certified as the most mature and make everything run smoothly…so Clancy being mad at me was well deserved.

Another favorite time on the bus was at night when we would all be going to bed and I would have to get one last joke in.  I would wait for it to get really quit before playing The Chainsmokers - Selfie…then the whole place would break out in laughter.  After several nights of this, Drew found out I was in the Avicii video and he began playing this every night before bed.

The best story of all (this is the tight joke) was an email we received about a guy wanting The Chainsmokers to come play his school.  This is the email:

We have this giant ass blue pyramid where we host basketball games and concerts.  If Chainsmokers played there itd be was dope.  It would sell out and the venue would be packed.  Chainsmokers would throw down.  Itd be sick.  We’d rage.  And those who are graduating would have a good time.  They’d be like “Woah, this is pretty tight.”  We’d all be like “Yo this is pretty tight.”  It’d be pretty tight tbh.

Basically, i started reading that email out loud in this California surfer voice and everyone lost it.  Craig quickly said we should make a video.  We did.

There were tons more stories from the awesome week but I will save those for my book I write…if that day ever comes….ok it won’t, so long story short:  We stole golf carts, played Mario Kart dressed as Mario aka Maribro, fell out of the top bunk, crashed a frat party, ate a lot of ice cream after we said we were gonna be healthy, crashed a house party that was ending and made it crazy within 2 minutes, influenced a lot of young kids with our stories about life, and made lots of memories.

The thing I learned on this trip was how lucky I am to work with people I consider my friends.  I think the key to a happy life is to find something you love to do, do it, and make sure its with your friends…AND NEVER MAKE IT ABOUT MONEY OR EGOS.

Speaking of which, I was nervous to be around Ike Love Jones because I didnt want him to think I was stepping into his territory…turns out he is the nicest guy and was all about working together and just straight up having fun.

Til next time, keep living life…

East Coast - April 22 - 30, 2015