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ey cia, i absolutely love the designs for your clockverse. they're both so unique and cute. but im curious, did you have to go through other designs in order to reach a point where you were satisifed with how they looked? and if you did, how many drafts did you go through before settling on something you liked? gotta say, i cant wait to see more of them and where their story leads c:

Hi! Thanks <3

Truth be told they slightly change in every single frame of the comics I make! This idea is super duper fresh so with every single head shot I discover new things that I want to keep or stuff that is not so necessary etc etc. I never actually “planned” anything or did research - both of them are a mush of things I like or things that fit their character. I knew what dynamics between them I wanted and what their personalities would be so I just needed looks only. This is the first drawing ever of them:

While Orion was closer to the current idea, Garret looked like Ros lvl2 and I tots needed to change that xD Generally, at first Garret’s looks were super forced I didn’t know what to do with him,,,,,,,,

Ever since I had this first mush I tried to change things and simplify them so they wouldn’t be a pain in my ass in every frame,,, There were also things that happened by accident like the white strands in Orion’s hair (I didn’t lay the color mask properly lol). 

Much of this is a lucky shot honestly. The idea itself was born when I was tricked into painting a fence by my dad haha

I’d like to say:

The entire bedroom scene was shot in studio on a soundstage so they could sneak all the actors in. It was not done in a real house. And Beth was super duper clean and fresh minus head wound. So the dirty blonde being taken into the white house from filming spoilers was NOT for this episode. 

Furthermore, it stands to reason that the hallucination inside of the car was also not done outside. I laughed out loud at the cheesiness of the obvious fake scenery rolling by the driver side window as Beth was “driving”. It was a screen and she was not really driving. You can tell by the way her hands are moving on the wheel that it’s not natural. And I don’t care how badass Emily is, there’s no way she’s going to take her eyes off the road and stare at the backseat for as long as she did. That was like 30 seconds of not looking where you’re going. If I take my eyes off the road for 3 seconds, I start drifting into another lane. That would be ridiculously stupid to have someone do if they’re actually driving. I have a feel it was also done in studio while all other outside shots were done naturally in the designated location. So the filming spoiler of Beth driving a car wasn’t for this episode either. It was said she was driving the car AWAY from Grady. There was no reason for them to film this particular scene near the hospital set. I do, however, think it may have foreshadowed her getting away in a car later on. 

So there’s that.

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Geno x Fresh? :>

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It’s still kinda hard to imagine how the ‘wild stuff’ would go tho.. BUT I STILL THINK IT’S SUPER DUPER ADORABLE if Fresh carried Geno in briddle style n just goes ‘I got ya brah’ EEEEEEEEEE <33