super dupa

Mi-as dorii sa am un prieten , unul foarte adevarat , nu doar adevarat.. Pe care sa il pot suna noaptea la 3 si sa ii spun ca nu ma simt bine si sa ii spun ca plang si tot ce am pe suflet , care sa iasa la plimbari nocturne cu mine atunci cand am eu nevoie , sa imi dea imbratisari fara motiv , sa vada cand nu ma simt bine fara sa ii spun , sa vada ca am ochii tristi chiar daca am zambetul pe buze , care sa se bucure de fericirea mea , chiar daca il doare . Sa nu stea certat zile intregi cu mine , defapt sa nu se certe , doar sa se supere pentru cateva minute , dupa sa se uite la mine , sa ne zambim si dupa sa fie totul bine . Vreau un prieten care sa vina la mine acasa cand il sun si sa stea cu mine pe balcon sa privim orasul . Vreau un prieten cu care sa stau pe iarba si sa privesc stelele , care sa ma ghidile cand incerc sa ma supar pe el . Care sa se comporte cu mine ca si cu o sora , care sa fie adevarat.
Defapt , daca stau sa ma gandesc bine , poate am acel prieten , doar ca e departe.

Supernatural 11x10 “The Devil in the Details” My Recap

# Rowena dreams very weird stuff but Crowley in a onesie was precious

# It’s not SANTA, it’s SATAN

# the antlers don’t come off, omg poor Rowena

# super-dupa-awesome coven #girlpower

# Sam’s and Crowley’s voice mail

# Dean didn’t call Cas, but somehow he did… and Cas’s car is back

# let me take your temperature… with my finger…. srsly, spn writers??????

# SMITING SICKNESS SRSLY????? You couln’t come up with a better name?

# Dean wants Cas to bring Amara’s body out (excuse me while I puke) and don’t even tells Cas to be careful. These are the moments were you wonder were the friendship from S8 has gone.

# Sam’s memory lane :D

# assbutt

# ADAM…. by the way, he’s still in Hell

# Ambriel is precious. So cute! I like her…. I know, she is just in the episode to die…

# Ambriel: Nothing weird, Cas: Really? *how is that my life *eyeroll**

# Dean: I’m going to hell

# password LOL *mumbles* alright just let me in


# Ambriel: Our names rhyme, I look good in a trench coat


# CAS…. T___T I want to hug you till you smile again. 

# Run, precious little, cute, nerd angel…. too late


# Cas is God’s favourite cuz he’s the best angel.

# Blue eyes, you’re perfect

# Amara feeling weak after sending Cas away.

# Is Amara suddenly omniscient or why does she know where to send Cas? And why does she do it anyway….? 

# I am coming………………

# Dean says maybe it’s a promise and Cas looks at Dean like: “Whhhhaaaat?”

# Sam says NO!! (I’m sooo proud of you, Sam!)

# Lucifer is going to LA to solve crimes *LOL* WRONG SERIES!!

# Heaven must be missin an angel, one angel, child, ‘cause you’re here with me right now *sings*

# Why aren’t they helping Cas? Poor Cas….

# Cas throws himself at Lucifer to save Dean…. To save Dean Winchester…

# Cas thinks he isn’t worth anything, he gets treated like shit and uh oh….




# MISHA deserves a freaking Oscar!!