super des

so I volunteer at a charity thrift shop and let me tell you……… I see some weirdass shirts

Mon maître de stage : “on est vraiment super contents de toi, on n'avait jamais eu de stagiaire opérationnelle aussi rapidement”
“je vais te faire une lettre de recommandation pour ton CV”
“Si tu veux revenir ici après ton année sabbatique ce serait avec plaisir”

Une cliente :“ah vous êtes stagiaire? Eh bien laissez moi vous dire que vous en faites plus et vous êtes plus efficace que la plupart de vos collègues !”

Bref c'était la semaine des compliments.

Representing the U.S.A., Leo de la Iglesia, skating to “Still Alive”

“I want to fill the world with things I like.”

Todos necesitamos ese momento en la cual tenemos que escapar de la realidad y prender un cigarrillo.


Javier Fernández (ESP) - Malagueña - 104.25 (TES 56.93, PCS 47.32)

He gets the “de-aging,” or whatever they called it. The technology here is way too ahead to be anything but the future, but a spouse? A family? That can’t be true. Howard was right when he told Tony that no one would stick around.

Tony looks around the room, and scrunches down in his chair. They keep staring at him, why are they staring? Does he have something on his face?

“Are you alright?” The blond man, Clint, asks, and Tony gives a jerky nod.

“Sure, sure. Not every day you hear that you’re actually like forty years old and have a child even though you’re only sixteen, but yeah, I’m good. I’m great.”

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