super delicious!


Lunchtime run done! It was an excellent run! Felt strong the whole time and the mental game was good! My mind always gives out before my legs! 😊👍💪

Lunch is cauliflower rice stir fry! It is delicious and super easy to make! Onion, garlic, snap peas, soy and egg! 🥑

Weekend project was cleaning out the giant closet under the stairs! It had stuff from when my parents lived there and stuff from about 4 different roommates! Haha😂😊

And we moved into week 16 and the baby is growing a lot! It is neat to have references to go to! I am getting more excited everyday and feel very blessed and thankful!

Hope y’all are having a great day!

Girls don’t want boys, girls want Dragon Age Origins remastered with Inquisition graphics.


Pasta is great. It’s like hey, let me take delicious things like butter,or meat, or tomatoes or basil and then let me just fuckin mix whatever the fuck i want in and combine it with some random ass noodles. 

That’s basically pasta. 

BUT, there’s a big difference between “basically pasta” and “holy shit food of the gods” pasta, and that is that the latter has some rules that must be followed. 


  1. Always boil pasta in boiling SALTED water. Ever had a dish where you forgot to salt it before cooking it, and no matter how much seasoning you did post saute/sear, it still sort of tasted bland on the inside? Same goes for pasta. Your sauce could be fuckin on point, but if you don’t salt dat pasta water, ya fugged, bruh. 
  2. Always have your sauce ready BEFORE the pasta. Pestos, emulsified butter sauces, bolognese sauces, they should be in their respective sauce pans, heated and ready to go (unless we’re takin pesto or carbonarashit, as those go bad with heat). The worst thing you could do is fuck up and overcook your delicious pasta bc you were too busy making or finishing up your sauce. 
  3. Always TASTE your pasta. I don’t care if the package says it’s ready in 1 minute or an hour, taste your pasta from the boiling water at least 2 minutes in, and every 2 minutes after that. Al dente’s usually the way to go, but you’ll never know when to take it out if you’re not constantly tasting. 
  4. DO NOT strain your pasta, wasting your pasta water and allowing your pasta to cool. Use tongs to take pasta straight up form the boiling water (don’t dry it, nerds) and throw it in your sauce. A little pasta water gets in? no probs, and I’ll tell you why. 
  5. If your sauce is reducing too much, or it’s too tight, add pasta water. It’s salted and hot and ready to go, it won’t dilute the flavor at all, you’re golden duude. golden. 
  6. Finish your pasta in the sauce, allow it to become homogenous, let the sauce stick to the pasta, BECOME ONE WITH THE PASTA BRUH. 
  7. Add cheese last, because cheese get’s weird and fucked up in hot pans, so it’s best to throw that on right before you’re ready to eat that shit up. 
  8. 4 oz is a normal serving size for pasta. If you don’t have a scale, that’s basically like the first pic above. If you hold the pasta like such, and the width of the bunch is a little smaller than an american quarter, then ur good 2 go bruh. 
  9. Dry pastas are not better/worse than fresh pasta. They’re legit just made with different flours using different procedures. One isn’t ‘fancier’ than the other u pretentious buttrockets. 
  10. PASTA IS NOT SCARY, IT’S DELICIOUS. These rules look tough, but honestly it’s not that bad bruh. I believe in u. 

and now, onto the recipe I used for my pasta. It’s a restaurant favorite, we always make it on the line because it’s simple, delicious and super filling. 


Caciopepe Pasta
serves: 1 (lol like id share this with ppl lolol)



  • salt water for boiling (just salt some water, don’t fuckin travel to the beach in hopes of created the most bomb pasta ever)
  • 1 bunch of pasta
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 sprig thyme
  • cold butter (approximately 2/3 cups cut into small pads
  • parmesan cheese to taste
  • a shit ton of black pepper to taste



  • Throw some pasta into some boiling water and do that thing where you constantly taste test the pasta to see if it’s ready. In the meantime, make ur sauce u lazy bumbum.
  • Add a little boiling pasta water to a saute pan over low heat, and whisk/mix in the butter quickly till it’s creamy and emulsified. If it’s too thick, just whisk in a teeny bit of pasta water. Add 2 bay leaves and a sprig of thyme for aroma, remove when pasta’s ready. 
  • Once the pasta’s ready to rock and roll, use tongs to scoop it up and place it in the sauce. Flip and mix using tongs. Add cheese and crack a lot of pepper. Add salt if it needs seasoning, add more pasta water if the sauce tightens.
  • and bam, ya ready to roll. 


I promise u if you use these pasta techniques, people will think ur literally a GOD. ur welcs. 


Hot apple cider, magickal woman style. 🍎❤️

Some kitchen witchery for you guys tonight! This is what I use to make hot apple cider. It is my FAVOURITE autumn/winter drink and it’s perfect for any meals you make for Mabon. Super uplifting and comforting! I will list ingredients and their magickal benefits here.

Pure unpasteurized apple cider - you can make this yourself but I just buy it from a local family owned apple orchard that I love supporting.

Whole Allspice - Allspice is associated with the fire element so it is physically warming as well as mentally uplifting and healing.

Cinnamon sticks/ground - Cinnamon is also associated with the fire element. Warming, uplifting, healing, promotes love. It is also known to enhance the male libido (😉)

Nutmeg - Increases clairvoyance, and clear sight. If a beverage with nutmeg is shared between you and another person, it encourages romantic love.

Apples are associated with love, fertility, marriage, and beauty. Oranges are said to bring joy. Coincidentally all of the spices I have in this recipe are great for money and love spells as well! 😊

🍎1L unpasteurized pure apple cider
Put in pot, on low heat on the stove
🍎Cut a medium orange into slices and put slices into the cider
🍎If using cinnamon sticks, you can just read put these right into the cider. If using ground, put the cinnamon, nutmeg and whole allspice into a tea bag or infuser and put into cider
🍎Leave on low heat for 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally and serve!

Not only is this super delicious but it makes your house smell AMAZING!

Enjoy friends, blessings❤️🍎


Today’s breakfast, lunch and dinner :)
Whole grain/peanut flour pancakes with fresh fruit, warm raspberries and white almond butter. Red lentil stew with veggies (and a ton of nutritional yeast). Buddha bowls with baby spinach, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, kidney bean balls, quinoa and avocado-bean dip. Everything was super delicious!

honestly I can’t eat chocolate cake anymore without thinking of Aelin & Rowan


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Magnus chasing after Alec’s lips.


Super creamy banana vanilla oatmeal

Oatmeal has been my favourite breakfast for years now and I am convinced it will always be. It’s super easy, nutritious and delicious and I never get tired of it because you can add so many different toppings and flavours. 
I have tried many different ways of preparing oatmeal and this is by far my favourite. I soak the oats before cooking them which adds extra volume and creaminess. Mashed banana and vanilla extract add some sweetness and a wonderful flavour to this.


100g rolled oats, ½ ripe banana, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon flax seeds, dash of cinnamon, ~300ml boiling water, ~100ml plant milk of choice


1. The night before, in a small saucepan mash the banana and mix with oats, vanilla extract, flax seeds and a dash of cinnamon. Add approx. 300ml of boiling water straight from your water boiler. Mix everything with a fork, cover and let sit overnight.

2. In the morning, add the plant milk and some more boiling water. 

3. Bring everything to a boil on the stove. Add more liquid if you wish to. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes or until it has reached your desired consistency.

4. Top it with whatever toppings you like. I love (warm) berries, banana, nut butters and maple syrup. 

Happy Easter to those who celebrate :) Nothing like a loaf of banana bread on Easter Sunday :) Super moist and delicious-I used ½ cup oat flour, 1 ½ cups wholemeal flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 3 large ripe bananas, 1/3 cup unrefined cane sugar, 3 tbsp brown rice malt syrup, 3 tbsp apple sauce, 1 tsp allspice, 1/3 cup olivani (or any vegan butter), ¼ cup almond milk, dash of vanilla essence and a few handfuls of frozen berries and dark chocolate (I used lindt 90% which is free from dairy milk) see us vegans don’t just eat grass :)

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What dreams are made of😇😇 freshly baked #VEGAN CHOC-CHIP BANANA BREAD from my Ebook, that’s super soft, fluffy + delicious, while being 100% good for you (gluten, oil + refined-sugar free)✨
It’s also a fabulous way to prove to the sceptics out there that vegan food tastes amazing🙌🏼 Speaking of which, there’s a NEW POST up on my blog about how to convince your family and friends to go vegan ~ make sure you read the post first before jumping to conclusions and I hope you’ll all find it helpful💛💛 Link is in my bio!

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France, Italy and German have joined Russia for dinner- pasta. Whole grain, which pleases France a lot, and a delicious sauce to accompany it made with fresh vegetables, which they made in a team effort.

It’s delicious and soon everyone finishes their portion. Hungry, Germany goes for another portion but there is no more sauce. Defeated, and on Italy’s suggestion, he asks Russia for tomato ketchup because: “I don’t want to eat dry Noodles”.

France covers his eyes as Germany covers his “Noodles” in ketchup and eats it, wishing to be no part of this. Italy however, doesn’t really mind.

France eventually removes his hands to stare Germany into shame, along with Italy, who says tomato ketchup is a good sauce when warm.

And when Germany takes a bite, he does regret his decision. France is pleased.

There is a moral to this story. A deep one.

Until I find it: Don’t eat “Noodles” with ketchup. Just for big Brother, okay?

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