super deep quotes


1. put on your favorite sweater. you know, the ones with the little carrots on them? yeah. that one. for extra coziness levels dig those fluffy socks out of the bottom of your drawer too. the fact that they smell a little stale doesn’t matter. they’re going on your feet anyways

2. put the kettle on the stove. make a cup of your favorite tea. mine’s earl grey with lemon and honey. play your favorite playlist while you wait for the water to boil. something quiet and acoustic, maybe. make sure, though, that when you go to drink your tea, you don’t rush and burn your tongue.

3. grab your notebook, your sketchbook, or maybe just your computer again. whichever suits you. write some poetry. a few lines of that song you never even really began. doodle some flowers. water lilies and briars. let your mind wander on the pages, down misty roads and ancient libraries. rainy nights are for emptying your soul into the world and watching the water wash it away.

4. pamper yourself. rainy days are few and far between, so make it a day for yourself. put on a polishing face mask. paint your nails. do what makes you feel like the best you. while you’re waiting for the face mask to dry, wash some clothes. how many time have you worn that shirt already? when you feel like you’re ready to go to bed, finish off your tea, and put the cup in the sink.

5. curl up beneath your comforter. close your eyes, and when you wake the world will be exactly the same but still somehow different. maybe it’s the fact that the concrete is wet, or maybe it’s the new grass springing up in your yard. logically, of course, it’s because the dust in the air was cleared by the water droplets, but new beginnings and new feelings sound so much more romantic don’t you think?

—  E.H.

so i got curious & looked it up, and in a twist that will surprise absolutely flippin’ no one, a woman has not written an episode of game of thrones since early season 3. there have been four episodes written by women in the entire series.

i get that this show has largely been written by the same small group of men all throughout its run, which could be used as an excuse for why it hasn’t incorporated women writers in so long, but like … wouldn’t it be great if they had? take me to that au!

You see all of those brand new anime commercials where the main character is standing in a flowery field and cherry blossom petals are blowing around them and they’re whispering some super deep and dramatic quote while an orchestra plays soothing music in the background. Meanwhile the Vento Aureo commercial is gonna be something along the lines of high speed chase on a freeway with gunshots ringing in your ears or someone screaming at the top of their lungs in agony or some kind of bloody clusterfuck of events where no one will understand what’s happening