super dang ropes

nagito 'giggles every five seconds' komaeda
nagito 'giggles every five seconds' komaeda

this boy giggles waaaaay too much so i thought i’d compile some of his laughs together. but keep in mind i didnt include most of the times where he laughs while talking so this is barely scratching the surface of how much this nerd laughs.


I came back here, on tumblr, with hopeful updates! 

Just like Azusa, probably even more, Komaeda is most beloved character of mine. He making me melt, when he smiling, makes me mad, then doing weird things again, gives me hope and brings me to despair, he stirred up all my feelings, he is my breath and sun. He is everything I need to be alive.
So I gave whole myself to this photoshoot and looking at result, I can be proud of myself.
Hope you like it the same as I do.Also, all photos were done at the same day Zetsubou-hen arc in anime started. Such a lucky coincidence, isn`t it?

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