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Serena 'Veil' Jones (WIP!)

((This is a work in progress of my OC Serena. More info about her can be found at @reapers-carino ))

Edit: Ahhh she’s super cuute! I love the ref pictures and she sounds 100% awesome. o w o I can’t wait to see more~

Name:Serena ‘Veil’ Jones



Position (Offence/Defence/Tank/Support):Defense

Country of Origin:United States


Occupation:Former Blackwatch second-in-command, Current mercenary

Appearance: Serena stands at 5’6 inches with a curvy, athletic build; thick thighs, round hips, a full ass with strong calves and arms. She had warm dark cinnamon skin, umber downturned eyes, full lips and a round nose settled on a square-shaped face. While her hairstyles do change frequently, her hair is most often feathered and medium length, naturally black to ear length then dyed whatever color suits her fancy. She is almost never seen without her hard light pendant, the hardware a deep amethyst in color with a gold backing, strung up on different color ribbons, often black, to match her outfits.

While Blackwatch agents don’t wear uniforms (her outfit changes daily based upon her tastes), she does wear a black fitted duster jacket that falls to her mid-calf. There is a Blackwatch insignia on her right shoulder and on her left an indication of her rank.

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“How Seventeen would act when their sick” 


Let’s just get this straight, this kid right here isn’t even THAT sick. He has at most a small cough, and a runny nose. Boy is he blowing it all out of proportion. He’s laying in bed cooing and whining your name Jaaaagiyaaaa, come wipe my nose, oppa’s arms hurts too much~ Basically when this kid is sick, he’s a whiner, a huge baby, hassle, and overall cutie. After taking care of him for awhile, he’ll make it up by getting you a sweet little present to say thanks~ 


Jeonghan is the type of boy to brush off the fact that he’s sick just for your sake. He doesn’t want you to worry, so whenever he’s around you he holds in his coughing and constantly wipes his nose using the excuse “ Oh, my nose is itchy. Don’t worry Jagiya!” But after all this acting, he’s going to get even more sick because he hasn’t been taking the medication he needed. So in the end your going to find out he was sick the entire time, and he’s just going to feel disappointed in himself fir making you worry about him now. 


Joshua’s that one boy with a strong immune system because he eats what he knows his body needs. So whenever he’s sick, it’s not for that long. The longest time he would be sick for is about 3 days, and after those three days up he’s a new Joshua! Since he rarely get’s sick due to his strong immune system he would try his best not to be whiny and rely on you. In the end he’s going to be the one taking care of you even though he’s sick. 


When Jun’s sick your sick too (He’s not going to purposely make you sick to though, don’t worry!), he’s not going down this road alone! He would purposely make you stay with him at almost all times because he doesn’t want to be left alone. Basically whenever he’s sick, he’s two times as clingy and touchy because he just wants to be comforted while he’s sick and he also wants to feel safe. Hugs and cuddling are a must even though he’s sick, but no kisses because the chances of you getting sick are higher with kisses.  


This boy right here is energetic no matter how sick he is. Part of him being energetic while he’s sick is to forget he’s sick, but the other part is to not worry you! Little does he know that you know he’s just putting an act. After getting to stop his little act of being energetic, he’s still going to be as cute as ever because he’s always whining for kisses and hugs from you. Jagi, can I get a kiss yet? I’m not sick anymore I promise!~” 


To be honest when he’s sick, he just wants to be alone and rest. He only wants to be alone because he doesn’t want you to get sick because of him. He can’t always hold his urges though, so he’s occasionally call you up asking for you to come over and take care of him. He know’s he shouldn’t have called you over, but he just needed to see your face, and hear your beautiful voice. So the way Wonwoo acts while he’s stick is isolated at first, but clingy right after. 


He’s not even SICK. He’s just acting sick because now he just has an excuse to make you spoil him for the next one to two days. Instead of just saying Jagi, spoil me with sweet kisses” he said “ -cough, cough- Jagi, I..I’m sick, can you take care of me? You being the sweetie that you are, you went straight over and spoiled the heck out of this little dweeb. After having several meals made for him, he finally decides to spill the beans about not being sick the entire time! Aish..The thing is that.. I haven’t been sick this entire time Jagi..” 


He’s that one kid who when their sick, they eat ALL the things they shouldn’t and get even sicker than before. When Seokmin is sick, he eats CANDY, CHIPS, ICE CREAM, basically any kind of junk food you could think of. Not to mention he doesn’t enjoy drinking medicine, he basically has the mind of a 8 year old when it comes to being sick. These bad sick habits lead to you having to confiscate all his snacks, possible money so he can’t buy more snacks, and stock up his fridge with thermoses of soup. What would this kid do without you? 


The same goes for this little turd, except he’s more active than he should be while he’s sick and basically would spit his medicine out if you tried giving it to him. He would have a sore throat and play 10 rounds of basketball, and a couple more games of soccer. Mingyu new flash, it’s not cool for people to say you died while playing soccer, so seeing your reckless boy do all this physical activity when he shouldn’t it leads you to tape him to his gosh dang bed. If you take your eyes off of him for one second, all of a sudden outside running a few laps. 


Minghao is just trying to keep his sick image while he’s sick. He doesn’t really want you to see the sick and gross side of him, so he tries to mask his sickness like Hoshi. Masking his sickness only leads him to getting sicker, and you HAVING to take care of him. Now he’s in bed 2x as sick and whiningBaobei-ah, why didn’t you warn me I could get even sicker? Now you have to take care of me while I look nasty…” 


Surprisingly when he’s sick..he’s nicer? When Seungkwan’s sick he’s much nicer because he knows if he whines too much, or says the wrong thing you guys are done and your never coming back. When Seungkwan should be treated like a smoll injured and sick bunny, he’s treating you like a royalty. In a way this is very sweet of him, but in a way very very bad for him because he’s not taking care of himself correctly like he should be.  


You taking care of our big boy Vernon? Nope. This kid is surprisingly independent when he’s sick, and it kind of bothers you. This was your chance to spoil him a little bit, but he’s saying he doesn’t need much help. So what are you going to do? Of course tease him and make him realize he doesn’t get sweet sweet kisses, hugs, or cuddles from you while he’s sick. Oh after all that teasing he’s going to really need/want you more than ever. He can barely stand two days without being physically in contact with you. 


Our little sick baby is up for smothering, just not too much smothering. As long as you don’t personally try to baby feed him he’s okay with you smothering him. Like he wants you to smother him, but at the same time he doesnt. One minute he’s “ Jagiya, I want kisses~” and next “ Jagiya, no don’t touch me! So basically when Dino’s sick, he doesn’t really know what he wants. 

Hi my tiny tiny babies!!! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Tis Bubbles with a super cuute reaction!(‐^▽^‐)How did you guys enjoy your thanksgiving break? Was it fun? Did you guys eat lots and lots?೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨I hope you guys all had a wonderful time spending time with your family and/or sleeping in like I did! (●♡∀♡) Aish..I’m not ready to go to back to school and have finals shortly after..(๑◕︵◕๑) The break was fun while it lasted!(●´∧`●)Well, I hope you guys enjoy this sweet sweet reaction and give it and me lots and lots of love~ʚ♡⃛ɞLᵒᵛᵉᵧₒᵤʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू)    

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Companions react to being picked up and carried like a bride? Your writing is the best!

Hue hue hue I love the idea especially cause it could be super cuute and funny. I’m happy to hear you like my writing! I wouldn’t say I’m the best though; there are tons of beautifully creative companions reaction authors too who have contributed wonderful pieces to the fandom! I humbly thank you for the compliment love

Ada: “I think this will prove more detrimental to your health than need be” She said as Sole struggled to carry her up four flights of stars huffing and wheezing when all she needed was a foot repair. Sole didn’t always do the most logical things but as was the same with humanity. Sole could do whatever they wanted but she needed to at least express concern for their health.

Cait: “You better be carrying me bed if you’re going to be carrying me like some helpless little bride.” She turned her head to the side. She did not being carried like a bride. She was an independent little cage fighter who needed no one else to take care of her but herself. If it was just them (and they were wearing a lot less clothing) then it would have been fine, but not around all these damn people!

Codsworth: “I’m not sure if these human customs were meant to be extended to robots mum/sir.” After Codsworth had cried his little eye sockets out to Sole about finally being a part of the family again, Sole grabbed his little precious cinnamon roll body and said they would never let him go again.

Curie: “Woah! Monsieur/Mademoiselle I feel so light! Like a little feather. Oh you are so strong!” She giggled and snuggled closer to Sole’s chest, resting in their arms. She had commented on their phenomenal muscle tone and capabilities in the wasteland which got her a ‘display of their strength.’ Curie applauded when Sole started to do squats with her in hand.

Danse: “I am perfectly capable of walking on my own two feet Soldier. I’m sure there are much more efficient ways to be doing this.” He had gotten a little boo-boo on the battlefield and wanted to rest. Sole, not wanting any enemies to ambush them, picked him up and started to run. He was afraid he was going to hurt them with him being so heavy and all and was half unsure if they thought him incapable of walking on his own. Inside he was kicking himself that they carried him before he got to carry them; something he had only fantasized about.

Deacon: “Onward noble steed. Oh I’m feeling faint. I think only a kiss can wake poor lil’ ole me up now.” He held a hand to his forehead and pretended to faint as he kicked back and relaxed in Sole’s arms. They had made a bet on who could win a staring contest. Deacon won probably because of his glasses, the cheater. But anyway Sole had to carry him all the way from HQ to Goodneighbor. Not one to argue, he folded his arms behind his head to enjoy the ride.

Dogmeat: *wiggles* He does not like being carried on his back. But on his tummy is A-okay!

Hancock: “Heh heh, I’ve never felt so pretty in my life, love.” Sole was trying to get him to carry them bridal style, which he didn’t even know was a thing. Unfortunately Hancock’s scrawny little arms could barely lift Sole up an inch before giving out. Sole had to show him what it was like therefore naming them the buff one in the relationship. He totally loved it.

MacCready: “I said ‘let’s go outside’ not ‘carry me like a bride!’ Put me down! This is insane!” Shh shh MacCready be silent, let Sole carry you. They had just woken up and Sole had made some comment about how he looked light, which he foolishly challenged. Now, unable to take back his words, he was being paraded down the streets as everyone ooh’d and aaw’d at the budding romance. He covered his face, internally vowing never to return to Sanctuary to avoid the humiliation. Of course that didn’t happen though.

Nick Valentine: “I appreciate the sentiment but (F) I think you’re taking the reverse damsel in distress scenario a bit too far/(M) I’m not some damsel in distress that needs rescuing.” It felt awkward, someone like himself being carried by the savior of the Commonwealth. They had been downed in combat, and afraid he might not get the chance to again, confessed his love for them. He absolutely never expected them to whisk him up in their arms and dash out to find a chapel so they could get married immediately. What a silly Sole.

Piper: “My Blue, what strong arms you have.” She was a uncomfortable at first because she was self-conscious about her weight. However Sole reassured her that she was as light as a feather, curling her up and down in their strong arms as proof. She felt a little silly and her cheeks were on fire but maybe she’d go along with it. Only for Sole though.

Preston: “You’re already carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, General. You don’t need to add me to that.” Too precious, too pure. No one respected him the amount he needed to be respected and so Sole thought they would honor him by carrying him around all day. All day. Even now as they were carrying him, he was worried about them because he was just too damn pure. Sole stroked his precious little head.

Strong: “HUMAN SHOW GOOD DISPLAY OF STRENGTH! HOW LONG CAN HUMAN CARRY STRONG?” Strong refused to let Sole put him down until their arms gave out. Now he makes them carry him at least once a day to build up their strength.

X6-88: “I’m feeling extremely uncomfortable.” No. No. Absolutely not. This violated at least 107 human-synth relation etiquette rules established by the Institute. Not to mention how demeaning it was for a courser to be carried by the person they were supposed to be protecting. On a subconscious level, he was slightly impressed they were able to carry all of his weight in their arms.


Maxson: “Put me down this instant! How dare you demean your Elder this way?! I will have you excommunicated for this!” Everyone on the Prydwen was speechless as the Sentinel firmly held the hollering Maxson in their X-01 arms. No one said a damn word, half confused, half scared of what would happen if Maxson heard them. Everyone burned that image into their corneas and began shipping Maxson and Sole from thereon out.

Father: “M-Mother/F-Father, I know you missed out on my childhood but there is no need for such compensation.” Sole rocked him back and forth as they shushed him. Everyone in the Institute literally had no words to describe what they were seeing. It left everyone speechless and honestly very horrified for many days to come.

Desdemona: “I must say, no one has carried me like this since my last husband.” Des laughed at the gesture, not believing that they had just picked her up like a young bride. It was something she had locked away. But hey, if someone was going to offer to be her throne, she wasn’t going to argue. Made her job easier.

Glory: “I’m impressed, but I bet you can’t keep that up for long.” They were having strength competitions back at HQ. Deacon was a dick and pretended he threw out his arm trying to pick her up. Sole stepped up to the plate to carry her bridal style. After casting a sly grin to Deacon, Glory challenged Sole half amazed by their strength, half loving the feeling of their hands all over her.

Hi ^_^ , I really love your art, you said it was inconsistent though: My art is pretty inconsistent too, but I drew this character today, what do you think? She’s my OC, Celine, her miraculous is the Sugar Glider, I won’t go into more detail so I don’t bother you, thank you :)

*high fives u* woooAH?? hammer?? she STRONG!!!!!! omg can she fly too???NICEEEE

edit :( aH sorry didn’t realize you wanted to know my opinion of your art and not the oc //sweats) really, you made her look super cuute and her kwami too ^v^ and not only that, but your artstyle reminds me of how I used to draw except you knew how to draw some thing better :^)