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I was in the mood to draw a bit of Frost last night….

This pirate boy wants Hit to put on a laser light show……… inside of him.


“I’m g o o d.”


160929 Leeteuk’s Farewell to Kiss the Radio

  Leeteuk: Before Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio, Danny Ahn was the DJ, it was Danny’s Kiss the Radio. After being the DJ for around two years, during that time I was the fixed guest then, and suddenly one day Danny hyung told me:  

“Teuk-ah, you’ll be doing DJ from next week onwards”
“….??? me?”
“Yeah, didn’t you hear about it?”
“… No I didn’t.”

Actually at that time, I was about to be a DJ at MBC, I even went to company dinners with the PDs and writers there and they even asked me:  “Teuk-ah, what kind of DJ do you wish to be?”

So when it suddenly happened, I was shocked. I asked the company about what is going on and in the end Eunhyuk and I came here. Ah it seems like this is the first time I’m saying this, even though it hasn’t been 20 years but it’s also more than 10 years.

  Leeteuk: When I become someone who is greater with a bigger heart, when I can give everyone a bigger hug, I will come back to this spot once again. 

  He said he cried too much yesterday but it seems like he wont cry today so he might be able to say goodbye while smiling ㅠ 

–  Fanacc: He took photos of us and with us and he suggested to go outside for handshakes ㅠㅠㅠ ♡ Teuk wanted to do handshakes with everyone outside (of the Sukira building) here but theres too many people :((( 

  Leeteuk:   When I was in the army, my depression was so severe, i even wanted to die. I held on to the thought of wanting to work again.. “How can I survive?“ was my biggest goal and that to me was work and part of that was Sukira. Sukira is like my life and now I’m really going to have to give the last greeting. I have to greet right? Kiss family, for sharing a sweet kiss with me all this time, thank you and i love you. 

–  Leeteuk burst out crying while reading a fan message that said, she always listen to Sukira everytime she got home, alone and feel lonely..

–  Leeteuk said he will definitely come back to this spot ㅠㅠ  He said he’ll come back with the better him. It’s not an end and there will come a day we can meet again.

  Leeteuk: I always say this, right? it’s not the END, but AND and dream of the day we meet again, feel the excitement of that day and live well. 

 He was reading the prizes for viewers who sent messages, while crying and said “This is the first time, giving prizes, so sadly.”

Leeteuk: why did so many of u come today?
ELF: To see you!
Leeteuk: So why didnt u come on other normal days?
ELF: kshgjda
Leeteuk: You came then too? Well done.

–  Leeteuk: I am thankful to our Super Junior members, thank you Eunhyuk, Yesung, Ryeowook, Sungmin for being Sukira’s string together.

  Leeteuk said the opening-song is already sad; the staffs prepared for it. He said today he’s fine, he will smile for listeners. Listeners said today is really sad, but Leeteuk keeps saying he won’t (*tried not to) cry today.

 Teuk teared while reading messages and saying how he knows how those listeners felt ㅠㅠ Leeteuk read listener’s messages that said he got a (quiz) gift from Eunhyuk long time ago. He’s now graduated; the time passed quickly. 

 Leeteuk thanked all listeners; wished for health & always take care of ourselves. ”The precious Sukira’s family in this world, namely YOU.“

–  Leeteuk: When I become someone who is greater with a bigger heart, when I can give everyone a bigger hug, I will come back to this spot once again.

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