super cute animal pictures


Photo’s with Animal Crossing is super cute app that allows you to take pictures of your favourite AC characters using your Nintendo 3DS
It’s been available in Japan for a while but is coming to the UK this Summer through an exclusive Nintendo Summer tour!

If you want to pick up a special card with download code for the app then go to an event at one of the following locations~

intu Manchester Arndale (12-17th August)
intu Derby (20-24th August)
intu Braehead, Glasgow (5-6th September)
intu Metrocentre, Newcastle (12-13th September)

hi friends i had a scary and bad day but it’s okay now. but i’m still kind of upset though, so could people please send me their fluffiest headcanons? or like. cute animal pictures. super sweet fluffy prompts? i already have a zimbits honeymoon prompt i’m gonna try to write now but any others would be appreciated.