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lil usnavi is a very good helper 

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When's the last time you got to snuggle up under a handmade blanket just for you (or handed down)? I will absolutely make you one if you don't have one.

this depends entirely on how you define ‘handmade blanket.’ if you mean like, somebody made a quilt or an afghan or something, probably before the war. most of the blankets we had were handmade by various family members. 

the stark tower stitch&bitch has yet to produce a blanket. i have no idea how, since theres like six of us all knitting and sewing and crocheting, but somehow it just hasn’t happened yet. too busy making hammer cozies and a pompom hat big enough to fit on the hulk.

however, if you define handmade blanket as a blanket somebody made by hand, then just last week i took a post-battle nap under a table at a press conference and clint made me a ‘blanket’ out of stark industries t-shirts.

not sure if that counts or not. 



this is Bandai’s model kit mega Lucario or poke Plamo Mega Lucario if interested, I dont really recommend if you are a general collector because it does not come assembled and is also unpainted as you can see in some pics, i also filled up some holes it had with putty otherwise it’ll look horrible. 

It is pretty cool and is a good size for a smash collection however, you know how we do.

But if you dont want to paint or are not particularly good at it this is going to suck. otherwise is a pretty good figure. anyways Im just showing up my final result, I had fun painting it and though some of you might appreciate it. I’ll keep posting more random customs and collection pieces soon.