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NCT 127 Reaction to their crush falling asleep on them.


Taeyong could tell you were sleepy from the moment you arrived at the dorms, so he was expecting you to perhaps drift off. What he didn’t expect was you curling up on the sofa, your head in his lap as you fell to sleep. He would feel so awkward, his eyes would go huge and round and he’d just look around for some sort of help, but he’d quickly realise his moving around might wake you up so he’d settle down quickly to keep from waking you up. I think he’d tentatively put his hand your shoulder or back, being really gentle to keep from waking you, and he’d move his thumb back and forth slowly in that really gentle, soothing way. When you woke up from your nap he wouldn’t comment on it in case you felt awkward, he’d just offer you some juice or something with a small smile on his face.


The moment your head dipped onto Taeil’s shoulder he would go still instantly. Were you trying to cuddle? Was he supposed to like… hold your hand? He’d be so nervous, he would just keep watching the tv, his heart rate slowly picking up and a nervous sweat breaking out on his skin. When your jaw slacked and you let out a sudden snore he would jump, startled, but would quickly place a hand on your head to hold you in place. He’d be silently praying he hadn’t woken you up with his little jump. When you didn’t react he would settle down quickly. Now he was looking at your face he could see how peaceful you looked. He’d smile gently and begin to run his hands over your hair, just relishing in being so close to you. After a few minutes he’d turn back to the tv and go back to watching the show, his head dipping to rest on top of your head.


You had spent an amazing day at the beach with Johnny, running around on the sand and splashing in the sea. You had both collapsed in your seats on the train and were slowly pecking your way through a bag of chips when you fell to sleep, your head resting on the back of your seat. The moment Johnny noticed he would snicker and turn to you, pulling out his phone to snap a few photos. When the train lurched you rolled to the side. You were now fast asleep on Johnny’s chest, with him in a very awkward leg position he couldn’t keep up for the long train journey home. He lifted your head slowly and quickly swivelled in his seat so he was sitting normally, but as he congratulated himself on a smooth movement he forgot he was holding you up and your head thwacked down onto his shoulder. He froze on the spot, terrified he had woken you, but you were so tired you just slept on happily. Johnny would snap a quick photo to show to the boys later, he would brag to anyone who listened, but otherwise he wouldn’t act very differently, he’d just sit on his phone.


When Yuta had promised you dance lessons you had been a bit nervous, because you didn’t have the best rhythm in the world and Yuta was an amazing dancer. But he was actually a really good teacher and you found yourself working hard and having a lot of fun. When you told Yuta you needed a bit of a break he took you to the corner of the dance studio to have a water break. Yuta was watching the other boys dancing, giving them tips, but you could feel your head dipping slowly, you had been dancing so hard and you were exhausted. Knowing you couldn’t stay awake much longer you curled up on your side, deciding to take a nap.  As soon as Yuta realised what you were doing a pang of nervousness would run through him. He’d swallow back the nerves and tut at you, telling you to come and rest on his lap because the floor was too hard. So you found yourself napping with your head on Yuta’s lap, the other boys glancing at the two of you. Each time Yuta’s smirk would grow and he’d shoot the boys a thumb up. But actually, he was super nervous to have you so close, he just couldn’t miss the opportunity for a bit of physical contact with you.


The two of you had been watching films together when you fell asleep, your head resting on his shoulder. Doyoung was so wrapped up watching Harry Potter fight a dragon he didn’t even notice for a while. But then he’d look down at you, wondering why you had gotten so quiet, and his eyes would bulge out of his head. He’d instantly start telling himself off, he could have woken you so easily, it was honestly great you were such a heavy sleeper or he never would have forgive himself. He would stare at you, just admiring how gentle you looked all curled up, your cheeks a little puffy, your face relaxed. He’d have a huge smile on his face, because seeing you looking so sweet was so lovely to him and you were making him feel so soft. He’d pull the blanket draped over your legs around your arms to keep you warm and then he’d turn back to the movie, but he’d be unable to remove that massive grin from his face and he’d peak down at you every few minutes just to check if you had gotten any cuter (he didn’t that it was possible.)


When Jaehyun noticed that you had fallen to sleep on his lap he would straight up start giggling. He was kinda nervous because you were on his lap and he wasn’t quite sure what to do. He’d just kinda stare at you open mouthed, drooling a bit, and he wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. He’d grab his phone and video call Taeil to be like “Hyung look!” and then Taeil would tell him to stop being stupid and then he’d hang up. So then Jaehyun would message Winwin and Winwin being the cheeky shit he is would tell him to start moving your hair and poking your face. So Jaehyun would just start poking your cheeks, he wouldn’t even noticed when you woke up. One moment you were asleep, the next you were staring at him. He’d instantly start apologising because he’d realise straight away he’d been acting like an idiot, so as you sat up he’d just keep apologising. He’d pull you into a hug and he’d hold you there until you fell asleep on his chest. He’d keep his arms tight around you to keep you comfortable to make up for waking you up. He’d have an affectionate little smile on his face when he thought of how comfortable you were around each other.


You and Winwin had been studying together, trying to keep up with all of your work. You were on the sofa, on your back, trying to read over your notes to memorise them whilst Winwin was sat on the floor, his books and notes sprawled around him. You were so comfortable in the warm dorm, you just couldn’t focus on your work and you quickly drifted off. You would roll in your sleep, bringing you to the edge of the sofa, and your arm would flop down to rest over Winwin’s shoulder, your hand on his chest. He would jump out of his skin, like he’d be so shook. He’d look up super slowly, not knowing if you were awake. When he saw that you were asleep he’d just pause and smile, his whole face crumpling up with a big ass smile at how cute you were. He’d try and turn back to his notes to keep working but he just couldn’t focus with your hand on his chest, so he’d lean back so your heads were close together on the sofa and he’d just close his eyes and lie there happily.


Mark is super freaking busy so I think any chance you got to chill together would end up in him sleeping. You went round for a movie marathon but twenty minutes in he was asleep on your shoulder. It was super comfy curled up on the sofa, and you quickly fell asleep too, your head resting on his head. He’d wake up randomly feeling disoriented with his head on one side and he’d sit straight up. You slumped over with his sudden movement and wake with a yell, and soon it’d just be the two of you screaming at each other, both feeling completely dazed and confused. When you both realised what had happened he would start stuttering an apology. After you assured him it was fine you’d settle down to watch the movie, still laughing at eachothers silly reaction, but he would just be sat there the whole time ignoring the film. His cheeks were burning so much, he couldn’t believe he had fallen asleep on you like that. And you had slept on him too! He would be lowkey wondering if he could pretend to fall asleep again so that he could lie on your shoulder again.


It was super late and you and Haechan were having a catch up in his bed, you were just lying next to each other, muttering quietly between yourselves about your week and just random things that came to mind. But Haechan wasn’t really focussing; he was actually feeling super nervous. You were right there next to him, and he couldn’t stop thinking about holding your hand. He would be so nervous thinking about it that he wouldn’t notice when you went quiet. He’d decide to test the waters and just move his arm so your arms were touching. When he glanced down to see your reaction and found you asleep he’d feel an escape of tension in his chest. On the one hand he was glad you were asleep because you couldn’t react badly, but he REALLY wanted to see if you would have liked having him touch your arm. He’d just kinda end up staring at you, because he was usually wayyyy too nervous to look at you for this long. He’d end up just drifting off to sleep whilst watching you, a content little smile on his face.

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can i have some sleepy dad headcanons? )^o^(

* gets really southern
* like hes got a cute lil southern drawl whenever he’s tired or drunk as hell
* rants about random shit, like aliens or movies
* will probably cuddle the nearest bottle of alcohol till he’s asleep
* what a babe.
* just wants to cuddle everyone
* cries about dogs and how precious they are
* also cries about how amazing lucien is
* and how much he loves him
* shows everyone videos of the dogs at the shelter before passing out
* complains about ernest
* then goes on about how he wishes he could be closer with him
* rants about his ex being the fun one
* let hugo be fun dad dammit.
* accidentally slips wrestling facts out
* reminisces about the touring days of him and
* talks about the best way to brew coffee
* tried to get up to make coffee so he won’t fall asleep
* is immediately stopped by someone
* cries about how he can’t have coffee at 11pm
* still doing crunches but like
* craig go to bed
* makes sure river is asleep too, if she’s not with him (like she’s in her own room)
* constantly trying to hype himself up to finish his night routine
* eventually crashes while doing push-ups
* sleepy rendition of margaritaville
* talks about his kids a lot
* and jesus
* and how he could’ve been a boat captian
* passes out while singing and ranting
* crying about how daisy is smarter than him
* and he’s just a carpenter
* turns into an even bigger teddy bear
* super cuddly and snuggly
* curls up into a ball while talking about daisy