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tell me about leverage. make me want to, please

alright buckle up motherfuckers, i’m about to school y’all about this wonderful show called Leverage.

let’s start with the premise: they’re a bunch of criminals who come together to work as a team and to “pick up where the law leaves off.” aka: they do illegal shit to legally take out the bad guys, i.e. framing/ruining the reputation of/revealing actual law-breaking by embezzling rich politicians, dirty cops, corporations doing secret shit on the down-low, etc.

each episode is a different bad guy they need to take down for doing something terrible, and each episode they come up with a different scheme to take them out. the team consists of: the hacker, the hitter, the grifter, the thief, and the mastermind behind all their plots. they’re all thieves at one point or another, they all grift, and they all contribute to the plan, but these are their Roles. i’ll go more in-depth on the characters in a sec.

now, i know what you’re thinking already: “wow bruh this show must be edgy af, being about actual criminals doing super illegal shit???” bUT NO. THIS SHOW COULD HAVE BEEN SO DARK BASED ON THE CONCEPT, BUT IT’S LITERALLY THE NICEST, MOST ENJOYABLE SHOW EVER.

it’s also SERIOUSLY unproblematic????? like to unrealistic levels. like Nate’s alcoholism is treated with respect and not just something he “gets over,” but despite his issues, he’s held accountable for when he’s a dick, Parker is pretty clearly neurodivergent and she’s never!! forced to be anything else!!!! anyway i could go on and on.

so let’s meet the gang.

this is Nate Ford:

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he’s the mastermind, he’s brilliant and the genius behind each of their convoluted plans. he’s a jerk sometimes, and grouchy, but he’s got good reason, and he NEVER crosses over into “angsty white man justifies his assholery because of his Issues.” he used to work for an insurance company tracking down criminals and thieves before A Thing happened and he became the Dad of a group of them. he makes bad life choices, so i relate. also his son died and he has a rad ex-wife and he struggles with alcoholism. we love him.

this is Sophie Devereaux:

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she’s the grifter. she’s a great actress but only when she’s breaking the law it’s a running gag. she’s terrible on an actual stage l m a o. she’s the Mom of the group, and she and Nate are lowkey flirting the entire show. she tells it like it is, but is v compassionate. sassy af. british af. would probably console you about your husband leaving you before stealing your rare artifacts. high-class which shows in the fact that she was primarily an art thief before joining the team. i wouldn’t trust her with my jewelry, but i’d tell her all my secrets, and tbh that’s the best summary of her character that you’ll get.

this is Eliot Spencer:

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hooooooooooo boy. where do i begin to describe Eliot Spencer? wel, for starters, he’s the “hitter” of the group aka he beats people up when they can’t sneak their way in or out of a place. or when things go wrong. he’s super fucking badass oh my god??? like i’m pretty sure there’s maybe only one or two times in the ENTIRE. SHOW. that he can’t win a fight?? he also has a Super Secret Dark Past bc he used to be a hitman for hire, which he regrets deeply and is happy to have changed bUT AGAIN!! IT’S NOT A WHITE MALE ANGST THING. he isn’t obsessed with attoning for his actions and his scenes aren’t eaten up with Angst and Melodrama. he also has anger issues, but again, it’s not the same stereotype that you’re used to. he controls it, and he never takes it on on anybody who doesn’t deserve it (aka the bad guys). he gets around with women but he’s not sexist?? he cares about his partners.

also he’s a hardcore chef and will Fite You about food. anyway Eliot is basically the Broody White Man With Dark Past trope turned on it’s head. he’s lovable and sarcastic and could kill a man but would prefer to make you an Omelette Du Fromage or some shit.

this is Alec Hardison, aka My Son:

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this is my baby. he’s a nerd and a geek and I Would Die For Him. he’s basically everything that’s good and pure in the world. the epitome of a cinnamon roll. he’s sweet and gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly–unless that fly is a corrupt ceo personally doing dirty business, in which case that motherfucker is going down with the help of his epic hacking skills. btw did i mention he’s the hacker? yeah. he’s super fucking smart and his sense of humor could rival the sahara desert in dryness. he always makes star trek references and he has a gr8 fashion style and he irritates Eliot to no end, lmao. #platoniclifepartners, tbh. did i mention he’s the sweetest person ever? no? he is.

this is Parker:

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she’s the thief, and predictably, she loves money and expensive things. tbh she’d probably stab you faster than anybody else on the team would (and has) but also she is smol and needs to be protected. she’s a killer rabbit. she’s an oddball and in the beginning, most of the others don’t know what to make of her, but they grow used to her. she’s nd af, probably autistic, and Does Not Understand Socialization. same, Parker, same. guess what? she’s never forced into acting like somebody she’s not!! when she has to be the grifter for the con job and interact with people, she’s patiently coached by Sophie, who never belittles or mocks her, and explains it in ways she can understand. she’s weird and i love her.

did i mention how unproblematic this show is? i did? well too fucking bad because i’m gonna say it again: this show is so unproblematic. like what i already said with Nate’s addiction and Parker’s neurodivergence, but wAIT! THERE’S MORE

Eliot hates guns–detests them–and won’t use them, he’s like constantly grabbing the mooks’ guns and unloading them and tossing them somewhere and it’s basically a huge trigger for him. and it’s always respected. also there’s scenes where like in the middle of a job Parker has to change into a costume and neither of men who are attracted to her–Eliot and Hardison–sneak a peak at her. they both look away during that shit and there is like, never any gross sexist jokes about it. or other things. i love it. also any romantic relationship that develops takes season of growth and shit. there’s nothing particularly Gay, but while heterosexual, it’s not Het.

the recurring antagonist is played by Mark Sheppard, a character called Sterling, who is basically a lawful good Crowley.

also one time they stole an entire country. 

Leverage is fucking rad, and the concept is amazing and it coulda been so edgy and shit, but it’s literally so pure and sweet and friggin hilarious and about a bunch of people becoming a family and you need to watch it, my friend. now.

like immediately go google a page to watch it i’m not fucking kidding do it.

im super into criminal minds rn !! im not usually too keen on crime shows but this one stuck to me cause the characters are so great ,, theyre all like a family and i really enjoy their interactions (as well as the cast, who are also great people !)

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a thing about race in America, it literally makes no fucking sense why people are grouped this way, especially if you look at the history of who could and could not legally be considered white in this country, it's so weird lol. but at the same time race plays a huge part in American culture, particularly in regards toward racial injustice, so it's kinda a big deal because it impacts people's lives in many ways, but at the same time it doesn't make sense

It’s just wild, like you literally do not see it happen anywhere else on earth. Like okay, when we do a census we have to say if we’re British Irish/Caribbean/Chinese/Japanese/Black British etc etc, but in the day to day, we don’t say “I’m African British” or “I’m Asian British” - we’re just British. We still embrace our heritages and whatever culture comes with that, be it Indian, Chinese, Japanese, whatever part of Africa you may have links to, its embraced but people don’t refer to themselves the way you guys say “African American” or “Asian American” etc.

And from what I know of the rest of Europe and places like Australia and New Zealand, it’s not really a thing there either. I don’t know about Canada but I don’t think it’s a big thing there either. It’s a very American thing to do, and it feels like a really bizarre thing to do when you think about it. It makes the population feel divided even when you talk about it. Like white people just get to be American, but you gotta specify that black people are African American etc?

idk, I guess it’s just a difference between America and the rest of the world, I personally would feel like i was being almost symbolically segregated from others if it became the norm to refer to white people as British, and all other ethnicities got put under the umbrella of “British African” or “British Asian”. Especially because my background is Irish, Caribbean and Indian like,,,,where the fuck am i supposed to go under ur weird umbrella terms.

one girl in all the world

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Imagine finding out about Tony’s parents

Part 1- Imagine seeing Bucky pull Steve from the water  

Part 2 - Imagine waiting for Steve to wake up

Part 3- Imagine being there when Steve finally talks to Bucky

Part 4- Imagine being in the car with Bucky and Sam

Part 5 - Imagine helping Steve & Bucky escape the airport

Part 6 - Imagine telling Tony where Steve was

Part 7 - Imagine Steve busting you out

Part 8 - Imagine finding out about Tony’s parents

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my mom was telling me about this lawyer she works with and she said he likes to make jokes at the most inappropriate times and once in the middle of open court for a super serious Big criminal trial he just tapped her on the shoulder and at full volume told her that a door isnt a door when its ajar and like. thats lance

Missing You (Aaron Hotchner Imagine)

Warnings: Pretty smutty :3

It’s hard to love someone who’s gone all of the time. Add two people who are gone and you’d think it would be harder.

Surprisingly, it’s not as hard as you would think.

It was 3 years ago when you had met your beloved boyfriend. You lived a few hours away from Quantico and his team was sent in for a case nearby. The unsub was a man who left bodies beaten, bloody and eyeless hung among trees by their arms, nails jabbed into each side of their necks. You had heard about the case but didn’t think much of it, you’re job taking priority of your thoughts. You were one of the top of your division at the asylum you worked at, interviewing patients.

That was how you two had met.

It was just another day at the asylum and you had just finished an interview with one of your patients when one of your subordinates said the FBI wanted to speak with you. You raised your eyebrow but placed the file on the huge pile on your desk, greeting the team as you closed the door behind you. There he was in his clean cut suit (which you found out later on in your relationship that he basically lived in them) and a serious expression on his face. He debriefed you quickly, informing you on their profile which stated that the unsub was a man who was a former patient at your asylum. It was all business, the only thing you two wanting to do was catch this unsub as soon as possible. You had led the team into your personal office and gave their technical analyst, Penelope into the files that were on your computer.

“Are these all your patients?” the perky blonde had asked through the phone and you cracked a smile. “There are like hundreds!”

“My specialty.” you bragged a bit, adding a nonchalant shrug of your shoulders and the team nodding in acknowledgement.

“You, my pretty little kitty, must be a keeper for the man you come home to.”

“I suppose if I had a man for that.” you giggled, a slight blush on your cheeks and you watched the team's’ surprise. Hours later, millions of files were read through and you all finally had pinned the unsub down to 3 potential suspects. Another hour or so and he was caught, the team returning him back to the asylum where you had belonged.

When they had wheeled him in, tied in a straitjacket, you were waiting there, his file in hand. His eyes landed on you and you tried not to smirk at the way his eyes showed his fear.

“Hello, Mr. Jeckel, a pleasure to have you back.” you said sweetly, writing into the file and you watched him tremble in his place.

“N-No! I’ll go anywhere but here! Please!” he cried, but I ordered him away. “SHE’LL KILL ME!”

“Only in your nightmares.” I breathed and they raised an eyebrow at me. “I’m sorry but what we do in my division of the asylum is classified. Just know that it is legal. Thank you all for your hard work.” You all shook hands, you and Aaron holding on a little bit longer, before they left and you went back to work.

Now here you were, 3 years later, still in the same loving relationship you were in years ago, since that night that Aaron had returned to you. You were working a late night and he was being the sweet man he was, bringing you coffee and some dinner since he and the team didn’t leave till the next morning. Much has happened since then and while you still worked in the asylum, you had  moved into an apartment complex with Aaron, and Jack (who you met several times throughout the years and he just adored you).

Aaron was off on another case and Jack was sleeping over at a friend’s house, which left you alone to catch up on the files you have yet to finish.

“You sure you’ll be fine, Y/N?” Jessica, Jack’s aunt had asked her nearly an hour before and you had nodded from your place on the sofa, a reassuring smile on your lips.

“Yes, I’m sure. You spend some time with your father, I’ll pick up Jack in the afternoon.” you said and she nodded, giving you grateful smile before walking out the door. You eventually moved yourself to the bedroom, the couch becoming too uncomfortable so you laid your files along the comforter and sat against the headboard, coffee in hand.

Eventually sleepiness was too much to fight and you ended up falling asleep, curled up among your files. Aaron had come home a couple of hours later and he loosened his tie, placing his briefcase on the floor and his jacket on a chair. He knew Jack was gone so he went straight to his bedroom, his eyebrow raising as he saw you laying there. Moving your files into a pile before moving into your bag and quickly changed, ready to get some sleep when he noticed what you were wearing. You were curled up in a ball but he could still see that you were wearing one of his shirts, which went down to your thighs. His cheeks reddened a bit at you bare legs - you weren’t wearing pants - and he sighed, slowly crawling into bed. He laid on his side, his hand going up to move some hair from your face, your nose scrunching up with his cold fingers. He smiled but couldn’t help himself, pulling you close. You wiggled a bit, feeling his arms around you and you slowly started to wake up as you felt his hand travel around to your chest, your eyes slowly opening.

“Aaron…?” you mumbled but you jumped when you felt his other hand move further down you body. “A-Aaron.” you breathed, your body curling up against his back and you sighed, his fingers playing your body like an instrument. Your breathes turned into pants and you groaned as you felt him hover over your body, which laid on its stomach on the bed. His lips kissed at your shoulder and you could feel him through his pants against your bum, his hands moving slower as your stomach tightened.

“Aa-Aaron, not tonight…” you breathed but he wasn’t listening. “I’m tired.”

“I know, it’s alright, you don’t have to wake up.” he whispered and you gasped as you felt him push inside you with no warning. He groaned against your shoulder as he slowly began to move, your hand clutching onto the comforter. You moaned as his pace quickened, your cheeks reddening as his hand gripped tightly on your hip.

“Aaron!” you cried slightly, one of your legs twitching and he paused for a moment before carefully grabbing your leg. You moaned, louder than before, as he slowly turned you onto your back, still inside you and continued to pound into you. The pants and moans got louder, the two of you calling out to each other and you opened your eyes, meeting his.

“I love you.” he managed to get out and you sighed, slowly wrapping your arms around his neck. There was a familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach and your lips parted, your tongue poking out slightly.

“God, I love you too.” you breathed and he kissed you, clinging onto each other as you two reached your highs. You both moaned out as you released together, his hand coming between your bodies to help you move through it, sharing another kiss before he fell onto you softly, still panting.

“Are you alright?” he asked softly and you nodded, but you were even more exhausted than you already were. He slowly pulled out of you and you groaned at the loss of contact, making him chuckle softly. He got up, leaving the room for a few moments before returning with a damp towel, making you jump as he began to clean you up.

“Can you call in tomorrow?” You asked tiredly when he laid next to you and he thought for a moment before nodding. “Really?”

“I think so. It’s our anniversary, so I’m sure the team can handle without me.” he smiled and placed a tender kiss on your lips.

“Can we cuddle?” he chuckled, nodding again but you didn’t move.

“I believe you need to move if you want me to hold you.” he joked and you groaned as you tried to move your body. “You’re so adorable, sweetheart.” his hand grabbed yours and you groaned again as he quickly but carefully pulled your body so that it was tucked comfortably into his sign. This was one of the many things you loved about your boyfriend: he knew exactly how you loved to cuddle. Once your hand was placed on his chest, he took hold of your thigh, pulling it over one of his legs, pulling you closer with his other arm which was beneath you. You smiled tiredly, looking up at him and he returned the gesture, placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Hey, Aaron?” you mumbled, your eyes slowly opening and closing, tiredness taking over once again and he looked down at you.


“Next time….can I have more of warning?” he raised an eyebrow, a smirk on his lips but you were asleep seconds later, making his smile widen.

“I’ll think about it.” he whispered, kissing your lips again before his eyes closed as well.

Can DCEU fans please, please stop defending the female characters of this franchise? Cause when you look at them beyond what the film wants you to think, they are just awful. Like, Michael Bay levels of awful.

In Man of Steel, Lois Lane suffers from the same problem as Mystique in X-Men Apocalypse, where a character and/or actress is given more screen time and importance just because. The way the film bends itself backwards to give her screen time is just pathetic. But what’s even worse is that they are all excuses for Superman to save her. Seriously. Lois Lane goes into the Kryptonian ship. Robot attacks her so Superman has to save her. Lois Lane investigates Superman: the government kidnap her, so Superman has to make sure she is safe (but he was going to turn himself in anyway, so Lois being kidnapped feels like an odd choice story wise). Lois is brought up to Zod’s ship, just another excuse to put her in a situation where Superman has to save her. Then she ends up on a military plane so that she can push a button. I’m sure only she knows how to do that, it’s not like they could have just told them what to do or anything. And not only can she not push a button properly, it’s just yet another excuse for Superman to save her. Then there’s Martha, who’s impact on Clark is completely sidelined for Jonathan Kent’s pretentious monologues. Outside of one good scene. she’s just sort of there cause she has to be.

In Batman V Superman, we have 3 more characters. Mercy, who gets the same treatment as Jimmy Olsen (given about 3 lines and then killed for no reason.) Senator Finch, who’s actually the most well done character in the whole film in terms of execution of characterization. Blown up with Mercy. Wonder Woman? No. Just no. I hate that they reduce her to a one dimensional ‘badass warrior chick‘. I hate that her only purpose is the worst possible kind of sequel set up. I had that this version of the character does nothing during a ‘century of horrors‘ because man just doesn’t work well together so what’s the point?. And I hate that her solo movie has to carry all that baggage. And as for Lois Lane: way too many problems for this post, but the main one is this: to all the people who say ‘she’s not just Superman’s love interest in this version.‘ Yeah she is. Her interview with the terrorist is just for Superman to save her. Her investigation into that bullet is just for the movie to tell us that Lex ‘Most Obvious Bad Guy In Cinema History‘ Luthor is the bad guy. And then Lex kidnaps her to get to Superman. Then she shows up at the title fight, and all she does is explain something Superman already said. Then she throws a spear into water, just so she has to go get it later, leading to, big shock, Superman saving her AGAIN!! Oh, and the movie strongly suggests that Superman will go nuts if Lois were to die, which is just horrifying. And don’t get me started on how Martha is just a reason for Batman to suddenly start helping Superman. But hey, at least she gets to give Superman a horrible monologue of her own, right?

Then in Suicide Squad (note. I have not seen the extended edition, so maybe these problems were fixed), 4 female characters yet again. Enchantress is the main villain, and wow, she is the most average villain in superhero history. She’s another ‘god who thinks they should be worshiped and in charge‘ type character with a dash of ‘technology is bad‘ thrown in. She’s Gozu from Ghostbusters but with none of the build up or threat. Lame. The split personality thing is interesting, but it’s forgotten about as soon as it’s brought up and never goes anywhere. Kitana is…. just sort of there. Much like Wonder Woman, she’s just a ‘badass warrior chick‘ with nothing to her. Her only character trait outside of that is that her husband, a character we have never seen or given any reason to care about, is trapped inside her sword, and I guess that’s meant to make us care about someone who just stands around and occasionally killing something. And Harley Quinn is only entertaining because Margot Robbie is perfect casting. But even with that in mind, she’s a character that can be defined in one word: ‘crazy‘. There’s no depth, no interesting analysis of her craziness, she’s just crazy. And the movie keeps acting like she’s this super dangerous criminal who needs her own cell in the open cause she’s just so crazy. Yawn. Oh, and take a shot every time the camera focuses on her boobs and/or bum. I dare you. Amanda Waller is…. OK, yeah, she’s pretty damn badass. But that’s one pretty good character out of 9 who range from disposable to wasted potential.

Are those really the kind of female characters you want more of from Hollywood?

Megamind is stalking Roxanne walking down the street. He’s in a safe distance not to be seen, but close enough to pounce when the moment is just right.

Suddenly, down the road, theres a car, speeding down in illegal speed and coming straight towards Roxanne who doesnt seem to notice.
No, she’s got her focus on the papers in her hands. 

“ROXANNE!!” Megamind yells in a panicked frightful roar, as he sprints with legs of their own will, and tackles Roxanne in he air—just precisely managing to move her out of the way of the unforgiving speedster, who instead crashes straight into the building of the sidewalk instead. 

Megamind and Roxanne lie panting on the pavement, with Megaminds arms tightly gripping Roxanne. 
Her eyes meet his, surprised by seeing green and blue rather than blue and beige like the hero she knows. “Wa–yne?”

She opens her mouth to say something else, but gets interrupted by sirens of the police cars that had been following the car in pursuit. 

Megamind stands up with shaking legs, still rushing with adrenaline. The side of his face bleeding from scraping against the pavement, along with torn up pieces of his suit on the same side as the wounded cheek. He looks at her with the face of a deer caught in headlights, and then stumbles back and disappears back into hiding. 

The cops, not having seen Megamind’s heroic act, rushes towards Roxanne and helps her up and asks her if she’s okay.

But she’s not. Megamind, criminal super genius and master of all villainy just saved her life and risked his own by doing so—-and no one will ever believe her.

Doctor Spencer Reid genius cutiepie working for the BAU

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Yes and I bet if I sold tickets I have a enough money to buy my own island.

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A valentines day gift for @begitalarcos because if I had never seen her Criminal Minds posts I might have never watched the show and never had fall in love with this genius cutie,Happy Valentines day @begitalarcos 

Notes from Batdad

-The No-Kill rule is not “More like a guideline than an actual rule” Jason. Stop telling Damian that.

-The Batmobile is not for joyriding. 

-The Batmobile is not for “picking up chicks”.

-The Batmobile is not for giving Damian driving lessons.

-None of you are allowed to drive the Batmobile. Ever.

-Tim is not a toy.

-Patrol is not for gossiping about which of the super criminals are dating.

-Glitter bombs are not and will never be standard equipment.

-Stop trying to one-up each other on how much tragedy you’ve gone through. It’s distracting.

-Just because Edward Nigma has reformed does not mean you can invite him over for Trivial Pursuit night.

-The costumes are not for getting a drink discount at the Iceberg Lounge.

-Most of you aren’t even legally allowed to drink.

-The next person who calls me a player or a manwhore is grounded. Yes, even you Dick.

-Stealing the tires from the Batmobile is not an acceptable Father’s Day present.

do u ever like sit back and look at your characters and your written milieu and realize that, subconsciously, you really REALLY fucking love one genre/style and like. model so much of your RP and characters and writing after that genre/style without thinking about it to the point that’s embarrassing. because holy shit i love crime movies/shows/books too much

Super Minds

Title: Super Minds

Supernatural and Criminal Minds Crossover!

Supernatural Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Jody, Charlie, Bobby, and Rufus

Criminal Minds Characters: Hotch, JJ, Morgan, Reid, Rossi, Prentis, and Garcia

Word Count: 2,420

Warnings: None

A/N: So, since this crossover is basically AU, I brought back some characters that I love and miss. I really hope you guys like this! PLEASE leave feedback!! Enjoy!

“Everyone here?” Garcia did a quick headcount before beginning. “Alright my courageous crime fighters. You are headed to South Dakota. Y/F/N Y/L/N was reported missing this morning when she didn’t show up for work. Why are we looking into this you ask? Y/N is the seventh person in the past four months to go missing and then have all of their internet data start disappearing.”

“Disappearing? Baby girl you’ve told us too many times that it never disappears.”

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