super crappy gif

ok here is a other one xD
first off if any of the mun wishes to be taken down why i “ruined” how there chara look i will take it down
second that a super crappy and silly idea had when chara heaven hit 50+ charas in it so i have make the first 5 joined in it

we have
stitches: @notsafefromchara
Grumpy: @fallen-determination
Annoying: @just-face-planted
MC: @ask-thehuman
NC: @sayhellochara

hope you will like it >_<

I’m so ridiculously excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon! This is a super crappy animation of something I think would be cool for litten’s second evolution. I’d LOVE if the starters were circus-themed… Here’s litten as an acrobat! Or an acroCAT… heheheh (just pretend that I’m funny)



I know there’s already a ton of awesome gifsets of this boy and his baby blues but I’m just experimenting a little bit.



Tom Hiddleston and Jim Jarmusch leave the set of Only Lovers Left Alive


max domi: lion whisperer