super cool photo

“quick, everybody look cool”

(a family took a photo at work like this so I had to adapt it for my favorite family <3)

inspired by that one time Jos did a Coco cosplay and I died


PJO Headcanon #47 - Instagram

And by instagram I mean how they act on Instagram. What they post, how they act. Because let’s be real we all LOVE those ~aesthetic~ social media edits that’s not how real teens post on insta (who even makes those? like who’s ~known~ for that?  idk I’m so disconnected from this fandom).

  • Annabeth
    • Frequent poster. Posts a bunch of super cool photos but each and every one has like a 4 paragraph rant attached to it. Not even rant, just like an update on her life. Is incapable of posting something without at least two sentences of text. Has a ~theme~ that’s both geometrically pleasing and color appeasing made up of random photos. Posts a bunch of pics of her schematics, her boxing, random pics of her friends or Percy, etc. Has like 200 followers, makes it a game to get more though. Posts in exact window times to get more and has a theme revolving around colors that will get more likes. Loves the analytics.
  • Percy
    • Infrequent spam poster. Forgets instagram exists then posts five pics in a day. Most of them are of Annabeth with a bunch of heart eye emojis or a caption like ‘ma girl’. Sprinkled in are pics of his family and friends, plus the beach. Basically everything he really loves. Has like 1.5-2k followers.
  • Jason
    • Infrequent poster. Barely posts, usually when he wins a game or random pics of his friends/piper. Most of his captions are inside jokes. Kinda basic, but has about 500-ish followers.
  • Hazel
    • Doesn’t know how instagram works, has two blurry posts and five followers. Hasn’t posted since 2015.
  • Frank
    • Regular poster. Hella aesthetic. Looks like every shot was beamed down from God himself. The Real Deal™. Has like 80k followers but a steady fanbase for his photos. Random pics of the canadian flag, pics looking down his arrow at a target, lots of pictures of Hazel looking like a badass insta model. 
  • Leo
    • Frequent/spammish poster. Constantly deletes all of his photos and then posts new ones because he needs to ~cleanse~ his social media. All of his captions are puns. He has like 40 followers.
  • Piper
    • Regular poster. When she posts something she posts it for good. It is THERE it is STAYING, is v against this whole ~cleanse~ thing. Her feed dates back to like 2012. Has a very activist feed, a lot of pics of her protesting and the like. Has like 1.5 million followers.
  • Nico
    • Infrequent poster. Barely posts on his ~real~ account which has like 1k followers. But his side accounts are INSANE. Has a hella spam finsta with a bunch of random pictures of Will and long complaining rant paragraphs about his life. His fan account has like an insane amount of followers but nobody knows what it is. They just know it exists because Will teases him about it.

shyhawkeye requested: Chinese legend The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd

Through the varying shapes of the delicate clouds, the sad message of the shooting stars, a silent journey across the Milky Way, one meeting of the Cowherd and Weaver amidst the golden autumn wind and jade-glistening dew, eclipses the countless meetings in the mundane world. The feelings soft as water, the ecstatic moment unreal as a dream, how can one have the heart to go back on the bridge made of magpies? If the two hearts are united forever, why do the two persons need to stay together—day after day, night after night? 

anonymous asked:

2 things: 1. I gasped when I saw the art you posted yesterday. I was scrolling and it came up and i gasped out loud because it's so fucking gorgeous. You are AMAZING. Looking forward to reading the fic so much! 2. You wouldn't have anything of your moms to show us? It would be really cool to see, but I totally get it if you can't/won't, I'm just curious. =) ♥

1. Thank you so much and if you’ve read it, I hope you enjoyed the fic!

2. I couldn’t get to all of the nice scanned images of my mom’s paintings, but I did find a picture of one way back in the chat archives with Petals!

So this is just one of her still lifes, and just LOOK AT THAT GLASS. SHE PAINTED THAT SHIT. And the crystals. And the reflections on the metal. She’s basically the best, and she can do pretty much any medium. For example:

This is an ornament she made out of paper mache. She also makes cupcakes and gingerbread men, solely because it sounded kind of fun to try.

Currently she’s really into dioramas and miniatures so she’s working on a tiny tree and little rock molds (thus the fine leaf foliage in that picture), and I think she’s making plans for one of those teeny tiny rooms in a box you look at through a fish eye lens.

Oh, and here’s one of her planning sketches that will probably be a background fabric in her next painting. Or maybe just a painting of flowers? Who knows with her! It’ll be amazing either way.

And you should see some of the cakes she used to make when I was little. They always had these crazy delicate sugar snowflakes on top, and there are pictures of them buried in boxes somewhere, but it’s probably a lost cause trying to find them, because she’s also a kickass photographer. I don’t have any of her super cool photos on my computer, but she did take a picture of this majestic horse back in the 70s?

And fun fact: my dad’s motorcycle in the 70s was named Derek. My parents drove it through a lot of the United States. Thus the random majestic horse.

She’s amazing. The end.


Super cool aerial photos of the Patagonian stranding orcas preying upon South American sea lions! You can see pod cooperation, as well as a mother teaching her calf the skills to nag a pup successfully.

Photos: Frank Wirth