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Yuzuru hanyu on SBS(korean news) for 4 continents, super cute interview
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Me, holding all these gay birds: Hi, these are my new children and I love them all. I’m so proud of each of my gay bird children. I might even love them more than my human children who I have adopted over the past year. 

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Headcanon that we don't see the continent(s) that the WiiWare titles take place on because it counts as an undiscovered area that the Expedition Society doesn't know about. There could be plenty of unknown places in the world! It's not out of the question. We never saw the Water or Sand Continents until Super, so...

true that! world can actually be much bigger than we see in super, super is just the biggest/most we’ve seen so far

Virtual Connections - Tim Drake x Reader

Prompt: ok honey, but think about this: Tim and reader are internet friends, timmy has a crush on reader and his bros tease him a lot about it. they are actually besties but reader lives super far away (another continent maybe?) english isn’t even their first language, but both (reader and timmy) are accepted in the same college, they are obviously happy as hell, and then timmy disapears/dies but reader doesn’t know what happened and is dead worried, someone has to tell them. (requested by anon)

I can’t wait to finally meet you’ Those were the last words he ever sent you. You stared at the weeks old words and wondered if he really meant them. For years the two of you couldn’t go more than a few days without speaking and now he decides to suddenly cut off connection? Did you do something wrong? Was it something you said?

A small part of your mind nagged at you what if something bad happened to Tim? You couldn’t even bear to think of the possibility. You had just been accepted into the same college and you were so excited because that mean you could talk and stay up all night with him like you usually do but this time on the same continent, the same timezone, the same location.

Tim please respond. I’m really worried.’ You typed hoping that this time you would finally get a response. You sighed after a few minutes of no response and closed the lid to your laptop and continued packing for your journey to America. You really hoped Tim was alright.

When you got to Gotham you tried again to reach out to Tim once you arrived and began unpacking your dorm room, but was again met with no answer. After another few days you were resigned to never hearing from him again and then the impossible happened. You ran into Dick, Tim’s older brother. You didn’t recognize him from the photos that Tim had shown you but he recognized you immediately.

“Hey you’re [Y/N] right?” He asked looking at you with sympathetic look in his eyes.


“I’m Tim’s brother, Dick, he used to talk about you nonstop.” He introduced himself with a sad smile.

“Oh.” You replied, your disappointment clear in your voice. Used to. “Is he well? He hasn’t talked to me in a while.” You asked. The smile fell from Dick’s lips and he visibly gulped.

“I-I’m sorry [Y/N]. He’s - Tim … he’s gone.” He said, his words reverberating in your mind.  

“What?” You asked in disbelief. Your heart began pounding in your ears, drowning out whatever Dick was saying. You saw his mouth moving but all you could hear was you increasing heart rate and labored breathing.

“[Y/N]? [Y/N]? Are you alright?” Dick asked sounding like he was miles away. You shook you head numbly. Dick quickly wrapped his arms around your shoulders and held you in a firm consoling embrace. You sobbed against his shirt, your tears making the fabric damp. You felt like a hole had been torn in two and you were bleeding.

As Dick held you in his arms, comforting you, your mind returned to the last words Tim ever sent you.

‘I can’t wait to finally meet you’

The blow is hardly even recognized by the fallen magi, more shocked by the shattering of his borg which makes him phase out of the scenario entirely, even the sharp pain dull.  The feeling does not sit well with him, having rather just be rammed head on without the feeble attempt his limited magoi made to protect him to prove how insufficient he was, and he blames the frustration he has on the Dark Continent in general for being such an anomaly.

When Judar does feel it though, it’s hardly pleasantsince there had apparently been something a bit sharpon the edge of the vine that had his shoulder feeling warmer and wet.  His suspicion was confirmed upon sitting up and clasping it with the arm that remained useful… blood.  However, he’d rather get a cut compared to having something BROKEN which was lucky for him it was a mere surface wound even if he was sure there’d be a nasty bruise around it as well.

His head slumps forward, eyes shutting at the bright flames that are cast by Aladdin and he sighs, annoyed with himself and everything about this situation.  He’s been cut before, more than once so he wasn’t prone to throw a fit or complain.  Still though he doesn’t move his hand for the other magi to complete his inspection, knowing neither of them know enough life magic to do much about it anyway.

“It’s fine, let’s just get out of here already…” He mumbles, shifting back onto his feet and forcing the hand not clasping onto his shoulder to grab his staff despite the angry flaring of pain in protest.  “We don’t have anything to help it now anyway,”

A deep frown settles onto his face when he refuses to let him see, but Aladdin knows all too well that with their lack of experience with life magic, it wouldn’t do either of them any good to look anyway. He’d worry and worry and worry at the sight of the cut ( even more so than he already was ), so perhaps Judar was doing both of them a favor. 

Still…it didn’t stop his features from sinking at the simple fact that Judar had even gotten hurt in the first place. If only he’d been more in tune he would have seen that strike coming and dealt with it accordingly but now….

Sorry,” It’s all he says at first, the guilt of knowing he’d failed at protecting in the only place Judar would ever need protecting already weighing onto his conscious. He’ll grab a hold of his waist, pulling him to him as his free hand holds out his staff. The familiar glow of teleportation magic lights underneath their feet, and with a quick pass through of light and blurred images, they’re back in the courtyard of the palace. 

All eyes are on his shoulder first and foremost, and Aladdin lets one of his hands reach out and lay over top of Judar’s carefully. He’s silent at first, contemplating just what to even say before letting his grip slide down and to the other’s wrist, gently tugging him along to where he knows a first aid kit will be housed. 

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A dish slips between Pats fingers one day whilst he and Ace are washing up. He cuts his finger collecting the pieces but kneeling among blood and shattered dishes triggers a bad memory. He sees not Achilles then but his Father looming over him. So when Ace puts a hand out to help him up, Pat flinches. Ace feels sick, never again in his life did he want to see such fear in Pats eyes. He lies awake that night, clutching Pat to him and SEETHES that he never saw this going on until it was too late

what the hell is this w h a t the HELL is THIS

achilles bandaging patroclus’s finger and pressing gentle kisses to his hand

achilles crying silently into patroclus’s hair that night, because he hates that patroclus has been hurt and he hates that he couldn’t help him

patroclus slowly melting against achilles and letting his body heat relax his tightly wound muscles and ground him in the present

quiet “i love you”s, quieter “i know”s

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is there any other continents in nirn besides tamriel, atmora and akavir?


The big one is Yokuda, a land said to have been three times the size of Tamriel. The Redguards originated there, as did a race of mer called the Left Hand Elves. Most of the continent sunk around the middle of the first era, and now all that’s left is a few islands: 

You might also find references to a continent called Aldmeris, where the elves are said to have originated. Aldmeris is a mythical continent: a name for the super-continent that occupied Nirn prior to the creation of the seas, as well as the idea of that time, when all elven peoples were one people. Aldmeris did, at one point, exist, but going back or finding it again is impossible. 

Pyandonea is also worthy of a mention, despite not being a continent. Pyandonea is an island chain to the south of Summerset Isle, home to the Maormer. The only depiction we have of it is the few pixels on this Daggerfall globe: 

Night Elf Cities: Stranded, Buried, and Drowned

A few remains of night elf civilization before the Sundering exist in odd places around Azeroth. While some, like the ruins near the Emerald Portals in Duskwood and the Hinterlands, can be explained by travelling druids after the Sundering, others turn up in odd locations, such as the Barrens and even the islands where the Exodar originally crashed. And, of course, the majority of the most major cities of the Highborne empire, have been submerged deep into the sea.

The following is a mix of in-game excerpts and personal headcanons, all for fun! 

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Theory: The Great Diamond Authority; identity and goal

Yes yes, I’m sure you’ve all heard all the speculation that came from Keeping Beach City weird, where Ronaldo more or less spoils the plot of SU series, but let’s get bit more deeper.

1st, lets just recap.

“Polymorphic sentient rocks! They’re here to hollow out the earth! It’s part of the great Diamond authority!”

Polymorphic sentient rocks is obviously refering to Gems.

And “hollow out the earth“ is refering to kindergarten.

But there’s one other mystery, 2 even.

You’ve all seen this no doubt.

It’s the same symbol that’s appeared in Serious Steven except colorless.

And after mention by Jasper of there being a Yellow Diamond, it more or less clicks together that is the symbol of triumvirate that leads the Gem homeworld and beyond. So it’s easy to assume that by that logic, the other 2 are Blue and White (colorless) Diamond.

Why is this important?

Here’s an interesting fact about the diamond’s symbolism depending on color:

Yellow Diamond - The Yellow Diamond stimulates and enhances our creativity  and self-expression. It represents an artist of life who is able to celebrate  and respond to life and its challenges. The wearer of the Yellow Diamond can  stay very focused, determined, and patient.

Blue Diamond - Blue diamonds strengthen willpower and motivate people to improve their health, a healing therapies website. The color blue in a diamond gives rise to peace and creative expression, instilling idealism, dedication and a sense of perspective. In Biblical meaning, it is symbolizing heavenly grace.

White (colorless) Diamond - Its hardness has made it the emblem of perfection and power, while its transparency is associated with constancy and purity.

Now, while the later could apply to all diamonds, you could get the idea what kind of people the diamonds are, if they follow its symbolism, like Crystal Gems.

Yellow Diamond represents the power of mind. Blue Diamond represents one’s inner stregnth. And White Diamond represents physical stregnth..

That being said, why have 3 people be leaders of Gem kind? Because 1 person cannot lead if he only has experiance in certain field and no knowlege of another, especially with diverse funcionality beings like gems. It can easily be assumed that each of the 3 leads a specific branch of Gem society.

Think of it like Qunari from Dragon Age series: 3 people lead them; one who controls the military, one that leads the priesthood and one that leads the craftsmen.

The principle’s the same.


If we want to go heads deep into Ronald’s conspiracy theory mentality:

What if there was 4th gem, one who’s been pulling the strings of gem kind since their existence?

There is one gemstone that fits that theory:

Black Diamond - Black Diamond signifys truth. It also symbolizes mystery, boldness, strength, as well as authority and power. These colored diamonds have been believe to develop the user’s life in several ways, specially by bringing clearness (perhaps connected to the precision of the stone itself) into the user’s life and mind.

There’s a mystery about black diamonds origins. Most probable is that, its creation was caused by Super Nova billions of years ago (since to create it is required extremely high presure) and than after traveling through space, it eventually hit Earth in form of meteorite, at the time when Pangea, the super continent, existed (which is why it can only be found in Brazil and Central Africa).

Also, its unique property is that, unlike other diamonds, who reflect light, black diamond absorbs light instead.

Now that we have the face of the one’s behind the existence of Gem kind and control over them. The main question is: WHY. Why would gems want to hollow out the Earth.

There is 2 key moment in 2 of the episodes that holds the answer as to why.

Rose believed that all life was prescious, each moment unique and worth living (so it’s ironic that the next episode is Warp Tour, which featured the 1st Homeworld gem and it just shows how merciless she is).

But what about the rest of crystal gems?

No matter how you look, when it came to interaction beyond gem related buisness, they didn’t care about it. When they broke the Pizza’s house, they didn’t care. When they caused a blackout that could last forever, they didn’t care. They care about the planet, but not its inhabitants.

Than I came back to Keeping Beach city weird episode and this stuck out to me.

THIS. This is the basic mentality of a gem with realization of who it is and the world it percieves aground.

Now imagine this for a moment:

If a gem has lived long enough, to see rise and falls of civilizations, of atrocities that human (or human-like) beings are capable of, and be able to see death happen in all forms for thousands of years, while they remained the same, what kind of perception would one have existence.

Paths of all organic beings lead to death; no matter their trials or struggles, in the end they die. Gems are immortal. They do not eat, sleep or age. It would be merciful to extinguish all organic life and spare it the insignificant struggle, while give rise to a kind that can make a difference and insure its continued existence, one that would fix this flawed Universe into PERFECTION.

That’s where kindergarten comes in and it’s likely that the one on earth isn’t the only one in the universe.

Notice how the land surrounding kindergarten is devoid of any life, even after thousands of years? You cannot create life out of nothing. In order to create life it must first come from something, it’s an unavoidable fact.

Some people have speculated that kindergarten used humans in order to create gems, but one doesn’t have to go that far.

Removing a single link in the food chain can completely shatter all life. Destroy fauna and herbavores have nothing left to eat, they die out and carnivores have nothing left, etc., one way or another it would lead to extinction of all life on the planet. 

And considering there are other gem controled planets, they likely suffered the fate that Earth would, had there not been Rose’s rebelion.

So I’m working on another post when I had this thought

and instead of derail the other post I’m just putting it here.

The machine that created the Arcanist was also responsible for the ability for the Sea of a Thousand Currants to exist.

So Sorienth, the continent, is a Pangea-like super continent that covers probably about 2/3 of Sorienth, the planet. Except… its got this weird fucking huge body of salt water in the middle of it.

‘But xazz it says in the lore that the Sea is fresh and-’

you be quiet.

that is a river running from the ocean (we’re not even going to go into why a river would run fucking inland from the ocean and uphill) through the Sunbeam Ruins (meaning that that river is 100% salt water and worthless for crops or anything but mangrove forests along said river) and then cascading into a waterfall into the Sea… from a cliff.

From a fucking cliff bro.

Which begs the questions: what sort of bullshit physics lets a water go from a greater source to a smaller source? (Ocean to the Sea) And then if the Sea is at sea level, and the ocean is (obviously) at sea level… HOW DOES IT GO FUCKING UPHILL BRO? HOW????

This leads me to the conclusion that the Sea is not just like… this naturally occurring thing. It is the massive crater created when the machine that made the Arcanist just blew the fuck up to kingdom come and destroyed all life on Sorienth up to that point. Its why there are cliffs on the Border of Light/Lightning/Fire/Plague (not counting Wind cause I headcanon its a high altitude plateau so it’d always be cliffs) and Water. But… not Shadow.

Shadow shares a natural beach/shore border with the Sea that is different than every other Flight territory. Know what? Cause Shadow is sunken. The Tangled Wood and the Forum of the Obscured Crescent like… used to be part of Light and the Sunbeam Ruins. Like you go west enough in the Hewn City and you will just end up at a cliff and at the bottom of that cliff is the rest of the Hewn City that resides in the Tangled Wood.

So the Wood is sunken. And like I said it shares an actual shore line with the Sea where as everything is literally a sheer fucking cliff. So all that land just… moved. It just fucking moved down. Which happens when tectonic plates in the earth move. Meaning that that probably didn’t just happen. Something very drastic had to happen to make the earth move that much to sink the Tangled Wood and create this gigantic hole in the middle of Sorienth.

Something like… an earthquake caused by the explosion of a huge magic making machine that literally birthed a god

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Hey! Do you by any chance have any headcanons that would cover transportation to/from America? I've realized suddenly that all this gramander is strictly bound to the territory. I mean, what are the options? I guess it might be challenging to apparate UK->US, floo powder probably wouldn't work across the ocean, portkeys - can anyone make them? And what about owls?? How a cute little Newt would send a letter to beautiful and smug Percival, if it requires an owl to have superpowers to get to him..


just as a by-n-by - i am possibly the worst person to ask about hp verse lore. i will shamefully admit that i’ve only read up to book 5 (but i only remember events up to book 4) and i haven’t seen past movie 4.

so, i believe, from a quick squint at wiki, that apparating cross continents is super duper hard and only possible by the most powerful of wizards and from that, i would infer that it’s really taxing on magical power, maybe even physically too. but apparating together when they’re in the same country though? any excuse to hold onto each other amirite

in regards to floo, it seems to be a britain only thing? i would think america would have it’s own system, maybe using something based off the underground network but it’ll probably be domestic only as well, as opposed to international.

portkeys can be made! but probably a highly uncomfortable way to travel constantly and percival would probably insist on going through all the right channels and getting permission from the ministry of magic as well as macusa and it’s a hell of a lot of effort to set up (with newt not understanding why because it’s literally eighty pages of forms, percival, eighty. pages.)

so, if they’re far apart the only thing they can rely on is owl/bird post. in hp, canon (if i’m remembering correctly), sirius has sent harry stuff using a tropical bird, hermione’s sent letters to viktor krum using owl and both of those recipients are presumably overseas. so, why not newt and percival?

imagine this - newt finishing off his book in the south american jungle after the events of the movie and sending percival a letter via toucan or a parrot, something big and colourful and flamboyant that knocks on the window of his office when he’s briefing his new crop of baby aurors about something. percival sighs even as he unlatches his window and let’s the bird settle on the perch he’s had set up in an unobtrusive corner. there’s food and water ready and the bird already has its beak full of seed as percival slides the letter from it’s claw. meanwhile, his troop of young aurors just. gape. (what is he doing. what is that. does he have a secret lover or something?) - the last one is basically correct but percival isn’t telling them anything, dismissing them with a wave of his hand and a Very Pointed Look.

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Because nothing says “tanning fun” like “historic genocide”!

5 Ridiculously Offensive Ads That Somehow Got Approved

#5. A Tanning Salon Offers Native American Skin Tone for Thanksgiving

In a lead-up to Thanksgiving 2013, tanning salon Club Sun unveiled a Facebook ad for their upcoming special Thanksgiving deals, in which they honored the Native American people by “giving thanks” for their contribution to white American culture. What was that most important contribution? Our most prevalent staple, corn? The inspiration for our democratic government? This entire lovely continent? Nope: super sexy tans. Club Sun offered customers the opportunity to bake their skin until it reached that same delightful Native American color.

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Don't Forget the Sun - Chapter 18 - Weevilo707 - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
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Karkat Vantas always accepted the fact that he was not going to live past nine sweeps. It was just a certainty of his sad, miserable life. At least, that was until his friends found out and decided to hatch a plan to get him out of the Alternian empire. A plan thatactually worked.

Now, he was stranded on an alien planet, at the mercy of some strange creature that was either trying to help him or going about some freaky ritual of flirting with your food before you eat it.

Also, aliens have sunglasses.

He was better off dying on Alternia, wasn’t he?

finally got a new chapter up! 


TED-Ed’s Michael Molina made this AMAZING pop-up book that explains the dissolution of the super-continent Pangaea and the formation of the continents as we recognize them today (fun fact: did you know that the top layers of the Earth’s crust are moving at about the rate your fingernails grow?).  Here’s the full video:

If you want to try your hand at making your own pop-up books, the Extreme Cards and Papercrafting blog has very detailed instructions. And if you DO make your own, we want to see! 

h/t to io9 for the link!