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The concept of making a TV show sounds amazing. You have a team of writers. You could have a group of people from different backgrounds, races, genders, sexualities, and they could draw from their own experiences to make a super complex, realistic, interesting and diverse group of characters, with interesting story lines. Yet, somehow they manage to create the same awful straight white guy over and over again. 

i love sense8 like. of the 8 main characters, four are women. there isnt one token lgbt character, but at FOUR in canon (bonus: actual trans girl casted to play trans girl). all the characters are super complex and interesting people. there are biracial couples. it depicts both healthy and complicated relationships with parents. and my favorite is that it doesn’t go the ~edgy~ route with angst about how the world is a shitty place– ultimately the message is that humanity is beautiful because it’s based on empathy and emotion and friendship and everyone is connected and i just LOVE this show

when the gf discovers how ticklish you are..


Final round of my Brandenburg doodles using using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design because its my friend’s favorite. 

god when i first started noragami it was all cute and fluffy with the occasional angsty backstory now its a super complex plot with several interwoven mythological and supernatural elements, conspiracy theories, fully developed characters, thematic elements of betrayal and dishonesty, violence and body horror, physical and psychological trauma and torture, with minors involved, fucking, what the fuck,

Madatobi Sickfic

Hearty as an Ox
Rating: Gen
Sypnosis: Go home, Tobi, you’re sick. Pure fluff set in IzunaIsAlive!AU.

Tobirama slumps in his office chair, contemplating on committing the one act that is unheard of when considering his stubborn, prideful hide; defeat.

Aches jostle every fibre of his muscles. His head is pulsing like an angry, bleeding wound – Hashirama could’ve grown branches out of his desks, repeatedly slam it on his forehead, and neither the frequency, nor the severity of the throbbing would change. Chills penetrate his armour, making him quiver. Exhaustion threaten to drag his eyelids close. Pure stubbornness had gotten him dressed, fed and to his office this morning, but is quickly leaking out of his nose.

A sniffle escapes from him. Tobirama sighs and reaches for a tissue.

Around him is the hum, thrum and drum of chakra signatures, adding to the pounding his head. Times like these, being an astounding sensor becomes a double-edged sword. One aggravating chakra signatures is bouldering their way towards him, and Tobirama grips his letter opener for his customary greeting.

His door slams open. “Senju–,” Madara seamlessly ducks as the letter opener goes flying over his head. “That’s a pretty weak throw. You’re losing your touch, Senju. Anyhow, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.”

Any other, normal, person would take one look at the pure, unadultered hatred burning in his eyes, and body flicker away screaming. Not this buffoon. No, this monkey is the type to poke a growling tiger with a stick whilst snickering and end up wondering why he’s getting clawed to pieces.

Maybe Madara will catch fire from the heat of his glare, wouldn’t that be ironic.

“What do you want, Uchiha?” snarls Tobirama, then cringes because a snarl is only half as effective when it rings this nasally.

Madara’s jaw snaps shut. A leather gloved hand comes up to tuck a wad of spiky fringe behind his ear, and the dark, soulless eyes roam up and down Tobirama’s face. “You’re sick.”

“I’m not,” denies Tobirama. It would have been convincing, if not for the pile of tissues in the rubbish bin beside him. Face stiff and stony, Tobirama shuffles a foot over to tuck the rubbish bin under his desk – discretely.

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the flash writers: we made a villain

me: you fucked up a perfectly good character is what you did. look at him. he’s got a shitty storyline 


With Harrison’s hard grip coiling around your shoulders with enough pressure to bruise, a hot flare of blue sparks erupted from somewhere down the corridor and without asking questions, he wrenched you forward and shoved you in the opposite direction before tearing after you.

“Go!” He barked just seconds before feeling the clawed fingers of Zoom’s gauntlet teasingly drag over his scalp, which elicited a chill and a series of goose bumps to rapidly curb up the back of his neck.

And moments after Zoom zipped by on his first pass, you felt Harrison’s fingers curl into the fabric of your shirt before hooking an arm around your waist and pulling you to an uncoordinated stop, what with you still running at full blast and trying to escape the threat of a speed demon somewhere in the lab. By the time you registered Harrison’s grip and clutched at his arm, you pushed back into his chest just to feel the comforting dependability that came with his proximity…

“Why are we stopped?” You asked, still heaving through your exertion and pushing against him to grasp at some form of security.

He didn’t answer but you felt him jerk a leg and kick at something on the wall; with a loud crash that followed, you jumped and quickly snapped your stare to the now open vent near the floor.

“Get in.” Came his urgent rasp as he nudged you closer to the mouth.

You didn’t need to be told twice… Quickly dropping to your knees, you crawled and shimmied your way into the vent. It wasn’t until you heard a sharp metallic clink that you made an awkward attempt to twist against the confines of your crawlspace and get a look at Harrison, who had fixed the grate back over the opening.

“You’re not coming?”

With a flicker of something stubborn moving through his irises, Harrison set his jaw and said, “No matter what you hear, stay inside this vent.”

“Harrison…” Came your breathless whisper.

He opened his mouth to say something but before he could get the words out, the familiar sound of an electric charge filled your ears and with that, Harry was shoving away from the vent and sprinting down the hall; the bright gleam of Zoom’s blue torrent spiraling after him.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Running to Harrison after being Hunted by Zoom*

Request: Spooky request here! Could you do an imagine to this… Imagine running into Harrison’s arms after being hunted by Zoom in the night. I love you!

2014 Jeff Carrel “Les Darons” Languedoc

Keepin’ it simple with this Languedoc juice! Macerated strawberries, earth, dark fruit, mushrooms, and a pinch of pepper on the nose. Dark plums and blackberries on the palate with a hint of cinnamon. Decent acidity. Not long or super complex, but nice. 

3/5 bones


Carignan, Grenache, Syrah

13.5% abv

Languedoc-Roussillon, FRANCE


This is kind of messily thrown together, I know but I wanted to get this out there as soon as I could. My current tablet is some 6-7 years old and it’s not gonna last forever, so I want to save up for a Cintiq 13hd!!!!!!


  • No nsfw, complex machinery, animals (includes dragons and animal like creatures), hateful/offensive content, graphic gore, fetish/kink related content (if it’s tepid enough I may make an exception, ask me.), super complex backgrounds (i.e. sweeping cityscapes)
  • I have the rights to post your commission on my blog
  • Please don’t post the commission to your blog, I’d prefer if it was reblogged from me
  • You can use your commission as an icon, banner, cover photo, etc as long as you purchased it (or it was purchased for you)
  • If you’d like, I can put your commission up on my redbubble for a short amount of time so you can buy prints/print it on merch
  • The commission can take anywhere from 3 days to a little over a week, it’s ok to check on it occasionally but try not to pester me unless it’s been an unreasonable amount of time. This may also depend on the current queue of commissions I have, which I will let you know about.
  • Pixel art does not include backgrounds unless they are plain white/transparent.
  • Background prices may increase depending on complexity


Email me at, message me, note me on Deviantart, or add me on skype (message me for the name)

Include a full body ref, preferably front and back with the character’s base colors.

If you have a specific image in mind, please describe it to be (i.e. (character) doing (action/pose)) otherwise you get what I draw

Pay half the cost before ordering, I’ll send you a sketch (if it’s cel shaded/painted) for review and then once it is finished, I’ll send a watermarked version. I can make minor tweaks but I will not redraw the entire picture once it is done. Pay the remaining half once you are satisfied and I will send you the unwatermarked version.


“Are you still having those headaches?” Harrison asked, causing you to lift your head off the desk and find him leaning over your workspace, reaching forward to press a warm palm against your temple in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure.  

You groaned and leaned into his touch before huffing out a rough, “Meta visions suck… I can’t figure it out though.” Shaking your head and pulling away from Harry for just a moment, you said, “I usually only get these premonitions whenever Barry is about to do something stupid but he’s about six dimensions away so…?”

“They’ve been stronger lately, haven’t they?”

With a nod, your head dropped back to the desk. “They’ve been excruciating.”

The room fell quiet for a little too long before forcing yourself back upright to see Harrison chewing on the inside of his cheek and staring at you with a pinched brow, almost as if he was about to grill you with a tiring game of 20-questions but instead of saying anything, he turned and started for his office.

“We might need to pop over to Earth-1…”

“What?” You started, pushing away from your desk and mounting a stance to scramble after Harrison. “What for?”

“Either Barry’s in trouble…. Or he’s going to be.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being a Meta-Human from Earth-1 but Living on Earth-2 and Working at S.T.A.R. Labs with Harrison*

Request: (@silverwingedfox) I got another one! Not sure if it qualifies as protective Harrison though. I guess it’ll go where ever it goes. Maybe the reader gets um premonitions (i think that’s the word) for the stuff that goes bad on E-1 cause she was born there and somehow got on E-2 and she works with S.T.A.R labs? I try not to send in too many requests.


So i decided to start commisions! Truth be told, im a little worried on how well this is gonna go. So i guess ill show off the price to commision me. For 20 smackaroos (20 dollars) you can get some art like such:

(now if you wanna add multiple people or a more detailed bg like that pic up there, thatll cost you more. depends on the amount of people/ complexity)

Now perhaps we should talk about the things im not very comfortable with drawing/ will not draw:


-super complex mecha (now certain mecha on the more simplistic side, i can do. i can also draw knights if that was somthing concerning you)

Take in note, i will only accept payment via paypal. When you message me, i will link you to the account so you may pay. the payment will be in two increments. first 15 dollars, then another 15 dollars when the drawing is complete.

If youre interested in commisioning me, just message me on tumblr!

I’ve read a few companion reactions  that insinuated MacCready couldn’t or was very bad at reading and only had an interest in comics for the pictures, well, I’m sorry, (and to each their own head canon, seriously, Bethesda leaves that veryyyyy open to interpretation) but there is just so much evidence to the contrary based on  in-game conversations.

@bugsieplusone has mentioned this in previous posts, and I like to think it as well, that MacCready’s romance is centered around consistently breaking down barriers due to his years of pent-up mistrust. He’ll joke at first about comic books and superheros because that’s “cool” and “relatable” and doesn’t reveal too much about him, keeping his barriers up.

But why isn’t there just as much talk about his “Thoreau-ly” line, or how he mentions the kids at Little Lamplight re-enacting Pyramus and Thisbe? These were children, children who learned how to read without adults, and the fact that they knew about these writings, let alone could read and interpret them at such a young age is astounding.

He’ll even mention in ambient dialogue that “He read a book once about ocean view’s being breathtaking, must have been a work of fiction.”

It’s also very telling that he presents these bits to the SoSu in the form of a pun, or jokingly adding that it “didn’t go over well.” Like he’s not even sure that the SoSu believes that he


about this stuff. To me, these lines are


insights into his true character.

Joking is his nature, it’s his coping mechanism and how he’s still surviving and functioning day to day, disassociating his true feelings so he doesn’t dwell on them too much. It’s how he gauges the feelings of others too, it’s an easy “in”, a quick laugh, easier than the heartfelt, truthful words he’s not ready to give up yet.

So this got a little rambly and OT, but for as much as MacCready loves his comics, dude’s well-read too, no doubt about it. But like most other things, it’s just easier for him to let everyone assume he’s a snarky kid who’s only good for killing and a witty quip here or there.

Because letting people see the deeper side of him is just asking for trouble. That’s letting people in too close, but once he decides it’s worth it for them, after all they’ve done for him out of the goodness of their heart, the SoSu will never let them forget what a true nerd he really is.

I mean, Thoreau? Really? Sooooo much nerdier than Grognak.