super cell storm


Luck would have it that a very nicely formed super cell popped up out of nowhere right near my house. further luck would have it that it was almost magic hour as I began to chase it across the prairie, watching it suck up moisture and cycle from shape to shape protected from collapse by a good updraft. It started pulling the universe out of shape very briefly where every thing in the sky is drawn to it. 

The luck ran out though as it got broken off from its feeder clouds just as it was achieving mothership status. All magical with multiple layers and stretching time and space in the way only few storms can. I didn’t get into good position till she was already in the death throws but it still filled me up. still quenched that need to see something magnificent and awe inspiring. 

I’m going on a little overnight road trip today so I expect there will be a flurry of perfectly formed, wonderfully photogenic, non-harming tornados right by my house in my absence. 


30 July 2016
Water Valley, AB

Yesterdays storm was a punishing, unforgiving monster. Despite being out to watch it form with lots of time I made a miscalculation about where it was heading and got stuck on the north end of it as it began to move. I couldn’t get back to the good side despite repeated efforts to get ahead of it and cross over before the hail core. That core had windshield smashing ping pong ball sized hail in it and pushed me back. I read it wrong and lost out on the best view of it and put myself in needless danger at the same time. Storms are so utterly unpredictable that even a year of chasing and spending massive time learning about them they still provide unexpected turns all the time. The season is almost over and I’m longing for one of those peaceful slow moving beauties you can take your time enjoying. Straight line winds, large hail and torrential rain which could be hiding a tornado is no fun.