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I didn't see the fic you were talking about; can you explain what was wrong with Magnus's character? Also, do you have any recs with good Magnus characterization? Thanks!


The fic rec portion! (The discourse is under the cut because it’s a little long)

Here is a link to my previous fic rec, I stand by everything I said then.

And now! Some of the more recently written ones!

The Right Kind of Love by onyxmoon is totally stunning. Absolutely the type of fic that characterizes Magnus well, and respects the fuck out of him. The ending in particular always gets me.

Empty Seconds by Dead_walking is so beautiful- it really speaks to his tendency to constantly lend out his heart without looking back and ultimately all the people he loves truly taking care of him and respecting him. My kink tbh.

(the heart is a) Weapon by @theleftboobgrabber is a really wonderful spy AU featuring Spy!Alec and Handler! Magnus. When they get kidnapped by Valentine they have to escape! This one isn’t completed but I still rec it.

Fall Without Wings by vulturemonem is another multi-chaptered fic that is still a WIP. BUT it is fun, basically, it’s an entire fic of Alec unlearning Clave BS mixed in with Magnus being a badass. 

And Contemplate Your Navel by LilyChenAppreciationSociety talks about how Magnus first realized he lost his belly button (though that isn’t strictly true in show canon) and how he met Caterina. Super cute and has the added bonus of no Shadowhunters.

Bella notte by notnatural if you’re anything like me you like a fic to be well characterized AND funny as far as it can be. This one does a pretty good job of walking the line, and I’m a big fan of fluff. 

of all things green on this earth by horchatita394 I suppose technically this fic mostly deals with the death of Ragnor Fell and that impact on Raphael and Magnus. But it really hits you, and you get an understanding of Magnus’ wisdom. 

And, whatever, I think I do an okay job from time to time. So shamelessly: here’s my stuff if you’re interested

The Discourse Portion 

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