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“Father Mulcahy hauling Frank bodily out of the OR in The Kids” -requested by @brinnanza)


So I have two women’s sports story ideas that I have in my mind to do eventually. One is a Dodge-ball idea that I posted art of FOREVER ago on here. The other is this boxing story idea almost modeled in the same spirit as the celebrated manga “Hajime No Ippo”.

While the Dodge-ball idea is where I wanna go more over-the-top with implausible abilities and special moves, this boxing story tentatively titled right now after the main character as “ORTIZ” I saw as being a bit more realistic. 

With this comic I mainly wanted to get most of the emotion, fatigue, pain, and other intangible elements in boxing bouts with extreme symbolic imagery (Dangerous punches replaced with incoming full-sized missiles in the middle of the ring or pain from body punches replaced with impalement by spikes/blades through the body). Using the visual medium of a comic to get across such abstract and intense visuals is one of my big goals for this story when I tackle it. 

The titular character at the top, Anna-Lucia is our main character and a Dominican-American. The several other characters underneath are only about 50%-60% of the spread of other boxers she faces in bouts, but are probably the most prolific or prominent ones story-wise. 

Some like Rainbow-Sky, Riley, and Nadine become friends and arch-rivals. Others like Rosalinda and Harper pose as stiff and skilled opponents to overcome for title bouts. And a couple like Akshara are powerful antagonistic forces who represent a near ultimate threat to Anna-Lucia’s goals to become the best.

Wanted to draw more hildray though this is very implied (had this thought for about a few days about Hilda giving X-Ray hickeys and that’s it)

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A video demonstration of how to combine Choujuu Sentai Liveman’s Live Robo and Live Boxer into Super Live Robo starring Megumi Mori who played Blue Dolphin/Megumi Miskai in the series.

Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali (Cover art by Neal Adams)

If you were to ask Muhammad Ali who he was, he’d simply tell you he was “The Greatest.” He was a black man, and unapologetically so! With Laser focus every act committed in his long standing boxing career appropriated perpetual black freedom, and human equality at a time when neither of those two things were in abundance here in America. While his presence on this earth is no more, let us keep him alive by honoring all the things he stood for. Rest In Peace to the greatest fighter - Muhammad Ali.

I hope everybody can understand the struggle that Juzo Sakakura had inside of him with his feelings toward his attraction.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura had to keep his feelings toward Kyosuke Munakata tucked in deep inside, and watch as Munakata’s happiness belonged to a woman he loved with all his heart.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura, a man who loved Kyosuke Munakata with all his heart, gave up a career in professional boxing just to be security head of the school in which he made memories with his crush.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura, former Super High-School Level Boxer and former World Champion, considered by many as one of the manliest men in all of Japan and the world, had to hide his sexuality from being exposed in fear of ridicule and homophobia.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura, a man who was insecure abut his closeted sexual orientation and feared rejection from his best friend, had no idea that keeping himself closeted would lead to a mistake in the protection of the architect and mastermind of of The Biggest, Most Atrocious Tragedy in Human History from interrogation.

As a closeted individual myself, I could sympathize with Sakakura this episode. The fear of homophobia inside him was his despair. Losing Kyosuke Munakata was his despair. I know we’re all happy that another LGBT+ character has been confirmed by the series, but if you were Juzo Sakakura in this moment, you could feel this as the most terrifying moment of your entire  life.

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Would it be a bad idea to walk a dog in a binder? Me and my family recently got a dog and even though he's still a puppy he's super strong(lab/boxer/possibly pit mix) and sometimes yanks me around since I'm p slow.

Lee says:

I think it’d be fine, as long as you make sure to listen to your body and take a break (rest or sit down with it on) if you experience shortness of breath, and take it off if you experience any pain or dizziness.

I walk my aunt’s dog wearing my binder, so just use your best judgement and it should be okay.


Get Ripped like Little Mac, Jump Rope | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 7

Shout out to @realanimetraining for rope tips haha Here’s a Little Mac Routine to help ya get in summer shape to “smash” ;). 

Not A full boxing routine since my shoulder is still mending but I can Skip Rope like a Muhfugga so why not and help ya get toned for summer.