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Seth Meyers jokes Trump's inauguration day will end with his impeachment hearing

(“Late Night With Seth Meyers”/NBC; YouTube)
On the eve of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, Seth Meyers examined the challenges the president-elect has faced and will continue to face as president in a new edition of “A Closer Look.”

On Friday, Trump will be sworn into office having the lowest recorded approval ratings for an incoming president.

“Can you feel the excitement?” the “Late Night” host said of Trump’s ratings. “It’s like getting ready for the Super Bowl if the Super Bowl were the Cleveland Browns versus players who were cut by the Cleveland Browns.”

Meyers asserts that’s one reason it was reportedly so difficult to book performers for Trump’s inauguration events. The host pointed to an article from TheWrap, which reported that ambassadorships had been offered to talent bookers who "could deliver marquee names.“

"You get an ambassadorship for booking an inauguration performer? If that were the case, you could bet Chris Christie would be cold-calling everyone in the Los Angeles phonebook. ‘Please, Rihanna, if you do this, I could be ambassador to Chili. And I love Chili’s!’”

Aside from the continuing investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the election on Trump’s behalf, Trump’s continuing ties to his businesses and their financial dealings with foreign governments pose a problem. Trump’s decision not to divest from his companies or create a blind trust will be in violation of the Constitution when he becomes president, legal experts told ABC News.

“I guess that explains the inaugural schedule,” Meyers said. “Noon swearing-in, 3 p.m. inaugural parade, 6 p.m. impeachment hearing.”

Watch the video below:

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