super bowl halftime performances

Taylor Swift is gearing up for a huge performance.

A source tells ET that the 27-year-old singer will be performing at the College Football National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia, which is set to take place on Jan. 8, 2018.

“She will headline a concert in Centennial Olympic Park during halftime of the game,“ the source says. "It will be a free concert. ESPN has her booked for the event and has a massive deal to release new music from [her upcoming album] Reputation through its college football coverage this season.”

According to the source, Swift can’t perform at the Super Bowl halftime because she has an endorsement deal with Coke, and the Super Bowl is sponsored by Pepsi.

“Taylor’s sponsors (UPS and AT&T) are two of the biggest NCAA Football advertisers on ESPN,” the source notes.

On Saturday, Swift surprised fans by releasing a snippet of her second song off Reputation – “…Ready For It?” – during the college football game between Alabama and Florida State. The following morning, she released the full songon iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

ET has reached out to Swift’s rep and ESPN for comment.

For more on Swift’s new love song, watch the video below.

Random Nordics headcanons

I have a few headcanons that I should put up since there’s so many. So here you go:

 They have a big surround sound system in the house 

 On New Year’s Eve, Sweden didn’t yell happy new year he played Dancing Queen on full blast and everybody in Europe heard it 

 Denmark is roasted/told to shut up at least 5 times daily, but he know they all love him

 Iceland whips and dabs ironically and he can’t stop 

 Norway tried to work at Starbucks before but he ended up quitting because he couldn’t stand how picky people were with coffee 

 Finland is like a middle aged wine mom on Facebook because all he posts is cat videos and pictures of Hanatamago with occasional pictures of Sweden and Sealand sleeping. He also posts low angled selfies 

 Denmark likes to wear those aprons that say “kiss the cook" 

 Iceland says “boi” to Denmark and Norway a lot  

 Norway has a blog about faeries

 Since Denmark goes to the bar so much, everybody knows him there and they always tell him to go home if it’s daytime

 Norway likes trap music but won’t admit it (he likes lil yachty)

 The only current “meme” that Denmark really references is “cash me outside how bow dah”

 Finland likes to watch shows like Jerry Springer and Maury

 Sweden knows how do a lot of braids, but he has no one to practice on because the nordics don’t have long enough hair

 Norway made SKAM so Iceland could pay attention to him

 They all have a tradition of having a picnic together

 Iceland says “fight me a lot”

Sweden tried almost every pair of glasses because he always get new ones

 Iceland went to visit America just so he can watch the super bowl since he wanted to see Lady Gaga’s halftime performance

 When there’s a wife carrying contest Finland wins every time and he carries Sweden

 Iceland is obsessed with Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Rey, and Marina and the Diamonds

 During a snowball fight Denmark was having a bad day, and Finland threw a snowball at him and he caught it with his hands

 Denmark has the best reflexes out of all the Nordics, but Finland is just as good

 Someone exposed Sweden before by posting his selfies of him licking furniture on a fake instagram account

 Norway smokes, but he’s trying to quit


In black and white or in full color, we’re here, and we matter. Have an amazing week!!