super bowl champ


I’m sick of seeing tumblr special brand of stupidity and lack of common sense. Are we really equating the New England Patriots to trump? If we really want to bring trump into it then I ask all of you, who won the state of Georgia during the presidential election? That’s right trump, Georgia voted red, just like the color of their football team. While Massachusetts, where the Patriots are from, voted entirely blue. So do you really want your super bowl champs to be from a state who voted for Hitler 2.0? So yea I would say the right team won last night.

trump had nothing do with it, those guys earned their win. They went into the third quarter with a 25 point deficit and won in Over Time. They worked hard for that win and getting mad that they won just because their coach is friends with trump is just stupid and belittles their hard work. As @ashermajestywishes said Bill and Brady are not the Patriots and they do not represent MA. So please get over yourselves.