super bowl champ

tombrady: It takes a team.  And so much love. #NeverStopBelieving

glenn_gronkowski: WORLD CHAMPS

mccourtytwins: Did u miss me??????? -Dmac

23patrickchung: Reason for my being!

geneo_grissom: Dreams really can come true to those who stay true to their dreams!!!! #sb51 #houston #worldchampions

shaqdiesel_70: Means The World To Share This Moment With You 3.  Neither Of You Will Remember This But Just Know Daddy Is A World Champion!!!! #3Reasons

martellusb: Love you bro!!  Thanks for always believing in me and always loving me no matter what.  #BestBigBro @mosesbread72 We’re Champions!!! 💍💍🍾🍾🏆🏆

edelman11: #patsnation we love you!!!!!  coming home with another one! #wegotsomereallybigrings

dharm30: I got 2 rrriiiiiinnnnngggggsssss *Kevin Gates voice* 😤😤😤😤😤

_king205: Super Bowl LI Champions #loyalty #royalty #patsnation #kingb

gronk: Best ever no question asked! # 2 for me and # 5 for that guy!!

cammyjfresh: I’d like to take this opportunity to apoloize…TO ABSOLUTELY NOBODY THE DOUBLE CHAMP DOES WHATEVER THE F*** HE WANTS!!!!! #patriots #worldchamps #Super Bowl #noLI #LI @thenotoriousmma​ 

d_lucien15: “Congrats Tom”……. “Dev, we did it.  Congrats Luc” #ThatsMyDawg #HeIsTheGoat #SaySumm 

mikefloyd: #familyfirst

chrishogan_15: Can’t even describe this feeling.  I love you @ashleyboccio Chase and missy Kay.  So happy for everyone on this team, we fought to the end!  We never quit!!!!  LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! @tombrady

realkylevannoy: They say everything happens for a reason… Thank You !!! Super Bowl Champ!!!!!

money_mitch26: Belive in your dreams long enough they might just come true. #sb51 #gopats

josephthuney: SUPER BOWL LI CHAMPS!

marcuscannon61: #kurupt

sweetfeet_white28: What a indescribable feeling!  I love my teammates! #superbowl51

nink50: World Champs!!!!!!! #itsneverover #patriots


Russell Wilson, Seahawks Player, Super Bowl 2014 champ, and celebrity yogi

 The entire roster also participates in yoga class, which players enjoyed so much last year as an optional activity that the staff decided to make it a mandated part of player workouts this year.

The big idea is that happy players make for better players. Everyone in the facility, from coaches and players to personal assistants and valets, is expected to follow Carroll’s mantras regarding positivity of thought, words and actions. “Do your job better than it has ever been done before,” he tells them.” 

Mothafuckin Legend!



5 x Super Bowl Champ (2002, 2004, 2005, 2015, 2017) - Most All-Time (QBs), Tied Most All-Time (All Positions)

4 x Super Bowl MVP (200220042015, 2017) - Most All-Time

7 x Conference Champ (2002, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2017) - Most All-Time

25 Playoff Wins - Most All-Time

15 Super Bowl Passing TDs - Most All-Time

2,071 Super Bowl Passing Yards - Most All-Time 

63 Playoff Passing TDs - Most All-Time

9,094 Playoff Passing Yards - Most All-Time


Regular Season:

NFL 2000s All-Decade First Team 

2 x Season MVP (2007/08, 2010/11)

2 x First Team All-Pro (2007/08, 2010/11)

2 x Offensive Player of the Year (2007/08, 2010/11)

1 x Comeback Player of the Year (2009/10)

.779 Winning Percentage - Best All-Time (QBs)

12 x Pro-Bowl

456 Passing TDs - 3rd All-Time

61,582 Passing Yards - 4th All-Time


*Super Bowl winning years in bold


Do you have the Seattle Seahawks taking it all?