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I am!! In Love!! With Truffle and her morph!! She's so cute!! And that morph is absolutely GORGEOUS. It's making it hard for me to decide what morph I want for my first ;w;

Thanks! She’s a good girl. However, I can’t in good conscience recommend supporting the continued breeding of her morph. 

She came from my very first clutch years ago. Though I lucked out and got healthy babies, I learned soon after that Super Cinnamons, Super Black Pastels, and related morphs are more likely to have spinal kinks and facial deformities. I plan to address this in Orochi High–it’s why the character Truffle has a kink in her tail. 

As attractive as the morph is, I haven’t bred for it since and won’t be breeding for it ever again. If you’re set on a solid-colored snake, consider the SUMA! It’s just as dark and beautiful as the Super Cinnamon without the associated problems.

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I feel ignorant for asking this, but I plan on getting a snake in the future (when I'm old enough) and want to be sure I get information from good sources. I've read every post you have on Spider Morphs, but you don't have many detailing Duckbills, Small/Bug Eyed, and Kinked Spines. I know these are bad, but what exactly happens to the snake when they have these?

hey!! don’t ever hesitate to ask questions because we all stated somewhere and questions are how we learn!! I’m happy to answer anything I can. 

Okay, so duckbilling, small/bug eyed and kinked spines show up in other Ball Python morphs. Morphs like Carmel Albino (kinking and female sub-fertility), Super Cinnamon/Super Black Pastel (duckbill and sometimes kinking), Super Lesser Platinum/Super Butter (bug eyes) and Lesser Platinum x Piedbald (small eyes) are examples. There are more, so be sure to research if there are any problems for your chosen morph! 

Anyways, going over these individually: 


Dr. Mark D. Scherz ( a herpetologist here on tumblr, great blog) explains it best: “This mutation arises from a loss of bone in the lateral portions of the skull. I would not be surprised if it were accompanied by respiratory and feeding problems.” The Ball Python’s face, essentially, looks like it has a duckbill. 

Small Eyes: 

Really as it sounds; this is a ball python that has a genetic deformity that causes small eyes. Couldn’t find a good picture for this one, so if anyone knows where I can get one, that’d be great! 

Bug Eyes:

Complete opposite of small eyes! These are abnormally large eyes that stick out further than a normal ball python would. 

Kinked tails/spines: 

Kinks are twists or turns in the animal’s tail or spine. It’s a huge deformity. These vary on how the impact the snake. Some are so deformed that they die in the egg while others can still live a long and relatively healthy lifestyle depending on the severity of their kink. 

Hope this helps a bit and if you have any more questions then feel free to ask me or shoot me a private message! 

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That video is not depicting a spider with a "mild wobble" it's showing one with a severe corkscrew. I have a spider with a mild wobble, and she wobbles a tiny bit during feeding time. Snakes aren't intelligent enough to feel upset at being uncoordinated, so anthropomorphizing them like this is pointless and causes drama, like "I hate spider breeders." Do you also hate people who breed super black pastels with their spine kinking? Truffle has a tail kink, and people think that's cute.

I don’t support breeding Spider morphs or Super Black Pastels/Cinnamons, but I don’t hate anyone who does and I certainly don’t support or encourage hating or attacking people who breed or own them! I bred for Super Cinnamons myself once years ago, after all. When I learned about the potential complications, I stopped, and will never breed for them again. Hating doesn’t help anyone, but educating can. 

Not all Spiders will have a severe wobble, and not all Super Cinnamons/Super Black Pastels are born with spinal kinking or facial deformities. The potential is there, though, and people need to be made aware of that. It’s not anthropomorphizing to suggest that a severe wobble or kink could cause an animal stress or decrease its quality of life.   

For the record, the real Truffle does not have a tail kink. I got lucky with that clutch. It’s something I added to the Orochi High character to bring attention to the potential complications associated with the morph.

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Are there any solid black BP morphs?

Eeeh the only ones are super cinni and super black pastel, both of which are very likely to be born with deformities so I don’t really support the breeding of them :/

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hi! I have a question about morphs, but I couldn't find anything on it in your resources so I hope this isn't a question you've already answered. can you talk about the ethics of breeding for morphs in general? like.. is it really ethical to breed just for looks? do morphs always have worse health than a normal ball python? (please don't take offense; I genuinely don't know much about breeding and just want your thoughts!) thank you so much, and I hope you and all your snakes have a good day!!

It’s going to vary case by case in what people consider ethical and what they don’t. Is breeding for nothing more than color considered ethical? I’m not entirely sure myself. There are however a number of questionable things involved in ball python breeding.
Tons of people value color over health of the animal. Spider morphs and others with the same neurological disorders are still bred because “they’re pretty” as the main excuse. With other species we don’t even consider color morphs with brain issues for breeding, but it continues on with ball pythons.
Similar story with super black pastels, super cinnamons, caramel albino. People will still breed these animals despite the risk of linking and duckbilling.
The common practice of keeping ball pythons is definitely unethical. Most breeders keep them in small enclosures that dont allow them to move from their own waste or provide opportunities to express natural behaviors.

A list of morphs I do not condone breeding for:
Super cinnamon
Super black pastel
Super lesser or super butter (super mojaves and lesser/mojaves are ok, theres no health detriments)
And I think those are all. All the above morphs have problems linked to the gene such as wobble, duck bill, kinking, and bug eyes. Its not just the spider morph that has issues, its just the most popular one so its mentioned more.