super beryl


[ITEM] Rose.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: 薔薇
Romaji: Bara

User: Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion/Moonlight Knight
First appearance: Episode 1
Last appearance: Episode 168
Status: In use.


  • Tuxedo Mask never used roses as a weapon in the manga.
  • These roses could pierce almost any surface.
  • When under Queen Metalia’s influence, Tuxedo Mask’s roses turned black. Black roses do not exist in nature. Hybridizers do try to create ones that appear black (i.e., dark red and dark purple), though. Others make them black by soaking the petals in ink.
  • Moonlight Knight’s roses were white. It is believed that white roses represent remembrance and purity.
  • While the last time Tuxedo Mask used a rose was in episode 168, Seiya did throw one in a similar manner in episode 194.


With the help from some friends, I finally got the design for the Pearl and Citrine fusion, she’s a yellow Beryl called a Heliodor Beryl, and her personality is akin to that of a super hero. She’s always wanting the spot light, but only when she knows she can help or save people. Her problem is she can show off, and if she messes anything up she can fall apart quickly. But if she’s focused, she’s a very swift and agile fighter!


[CHARACTER] Queen Beryl.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: クイン・ベリル
Romaji: Kuin Beriru

Role: Villain
Type: Humanoid
Alignment/Organization: Dark Kingdom
First appearance: Act 1
Last appearance: Final Act
Status: Dead.
Actor: Aya Sugimoto


  • She is named after the mineral beryl.
  • In the manga, Sailor Venus slew Queen Beryl with the Holy Blade. Beryl merged with Queen Metalia to form Super Beryl in the first anime, and she was ultimately defeated by Princess Serenity and the fallen Sailor Senshi. In Sailor Moon Crystal, Queen Beryl died when Sailor Moon shattered the necklace that supplied her power. Her death in the live-action series was unique as it was not directly caused by a member of the Sailor Senshi.