super bert


Bert: “Wow, you drew me. Ok I’ll draw you, and I’ll give you a rad thumbs up and a big heart because I can tell you have a big heart” 


got you, bertholdt

isayama has always done a good job at creating this sense of insurmountability of the SC defeating the titans. prior to this chapter, i could never imagine how the SC would eventually, not only take down but, take the power of, the colossal titan - i.e. the face of the antagonists of the series, the god of destruction

hence, this scene was super satisfying and feels very well-earned. 

i loved how this scene paralleled the earlier scene where eren first faces the colossal titan,

i also think it’s cool that the colossal is taken down by the 3DMG instead of eren’s titan form - very david/goliath-esque

while it was super gratifying watching bert get dragged out like that when this chapter first came out, after reading the marley arc, i can’t help but feel a sense of despair when revisiting this scene.

eren and bert could have been friends if they had been born in a different world. they could have grown old together, retired together and have had drinks with one another. 

but because of the cruel reality of the world they were brought into, they were destined to hate and kill one another. kinda sad really and props to isayama for portraying such complexity in the core battle between the series’ main protagonist and antagonist.

boldsicko  asked:

Poly relationship with Armin and Bertolt??

-Bertolt loves his small lovers.

-Bert is super warm, so you and Armin love to nuzzle up to his chest.

-Bert can easily pick you both up and it’s super funny to watch.

-You the little fire that these boys lack.

-They always have to hold you back when someone criticizes your relationship or makes fun of them.

-Bertolt uses your heads as arm rests sometimes.

-Armin loves to show you both books that he finds interesting, and you and Bertolt love to listen to his excitement.

-You love PDA. You’ll kiss their cheeks, their lips, hold their hands, whatever.

-You just love seeing them blush and get flustered.

Pluto AKA Pluto Penguin

Pluto was the name of an emperor penguin sent into space by scientists during an illegal experiment. He actually landed on the Dwarf Planet that was his namesake and absorbed some cosmic gasses that mutated him, causing him to grow to the size of a human, be able to speak any language, be able to breathe in any planet’s atmosphere and have superior human-level intellect. With the help of a native Plutonian named Bert, he fixed the rocketship that brought him there. Now he and Bert travel from planet to planet, fighting crime.

His power(s): Super Intelligence, Atmospheric Adaptability, Universal Translation

I wanted to share this because I think it really shows how much of a class act the Red Wings organization is and how much they appreciate and acknowledge their fans.

Last night I was at the game and a staff member came to my seat. She told me my mom had contacted them and told them I “do a lot” and she handed me a goodie bag. Inside was an autographed Todd Bertuzzi puck, a Bertuzzi fathead (that they originally handed out 2 seasons ago), a wall calendar, and some other small Red Wings things. At the time I was honestly kinda embarrassed that my mom would send me a gift bag at a game, but I was super excited because Bert is my all time favorite.

I called my mom this morning to thank her and she had no idea what I was talking about. She told me she didn’t send me a gift bag, then she got really excited. A few weeks ago she sent an email to the Red Wings basically asking them for help with my Christmas present. She told them I’m a huge fan, I go to home games, I travel to away games, seeing the Wings play in all 30 arenas is on my bucket list, and she wanted to surprise me with something unique. They never contacted her back. She had no idea they were going to do this. She didn’t pay for it. She claims she did not mention Bertuzzi being my favorite in her email.

I am throughly impressed that the Wings would do something like this for a fan. I think it is so cool and one more reason to respect and love the organization. I’m also really curious how they knew about Bertuzzi because there is no way that was a coincidence.