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Inside the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Some super belated Beefy Bucky exchange art for @lasenbyphoenix

I ended up pinch hitting for them after a few people were unable to, Izzy and I are super sorry you had to wait this long and are really greatful you stuck with us.

I shouldnt be typing this up at like 2am because my brain is potato but they wanted some Bucky in bedclothes. I’m sorry it wasn’t drawn by Steve as mentioned in one of the previous asks lalskdng but I don’t think my style + pencil brushes would have fit so I ended up doing some artistic liscence with it. However I was able to add in the Monty Python reference and quirky mug (thank you izzy for mug inspiration B) ).

I hope this is okay asdfasdf


So remember that Godzilla design I did? I finally got around to actually drawing the rest of its body. By now it should be clear that this design is basically just ShinGoji with skin, but I just love Shin’s silhouette so much! I mentioned before that it’s incredibly well-balanced, with each part of it contributing in a different way to the overall image of the perfect giant monster. The massive legs provide much of its bulk, while the spry digitigrade feet ensure that it always looks like it should be moving, rather than simply sitting on the ground anchored by its own weight. The tiny arms make its anatomy distinctly inhuman, and ensure that its shoulders don’t break the overall conical shape of its upper body, which makes it look incredibly stable when placed on top of its massive legs. The ridiculously long tail serves multiple purposes, with its girth adding to the overall weight of the creature and making it look even more stable on its feet, while its extreme length draws attention to the wake of destruction the creature leaves behind it, and its highly mobile nature gives the whole design a sense of flow and energy that the otherwise stiff monster might not have. Finally, the five rows of densely packed dorsal fins give the back a powerful forward arch and further exaggerate its bulk, in addition to just looking cool and aggressive. The monster doesn’t move much, but its outline is incredibly dynamic, emphasizing its perpetual march forward, so even when it’s standing still, it always looks like it’s doing something.

People like to claim that ShinGoji doesn’t look like it can fight because of its tiny arms, but I disagree. The arms are short and skinny, but they’re organized much like a bird’s legs, with huge muscles at the base, and hardly any in the extremities. Godzilla’s deeply-keeled sternum and super beefy shoulders are all packed full of gigantic muscles meant to put as much power as possible behind its claws, while the arms’ short length sacrifices grasping range for sheer power, defensibility (they’re hard for an opponent to grab onto), and a surprising amount of speed due to the high twitch speed and short lever attachments of the muscles involved. With this in mind, Godzilla probably fights much like a sumo wrestler: ramming into its opponent with its chest and maintaining control with its arms while using its powerful legs and tremendous bulk to overpower and knock down its foe. Its low center of mass and wide stance make it particularly hard to topple over in this scenario. At moderate ranges, beyond the reach of its arms and head, it would likely attack with its colossal tail.

I sincerely hope this isn’t how the Aligned Continuity is going to end.

● Megatron is MIA.

● There’s another Council on Cybertron.

● Starscream tried to cope with his issues but is now defeated and passed out… for now.

● Optimus is?? Alive again?? After being dead?? And it’s hinted that most of Cybertron doesn’t like him when he is the most lovable dad, unbelievable.

● Bumblebee is still rounding up Cons and dangerous artifacts with his ragtag team. What could possibly go wrong?

● Recently incarcerated Decepticons have a major beef with Bee and friends on Earth. Will they stay in jail forever? Probably not.

● As far as we know, MEGATRON HAS STILL NOT BEEN HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS DECEPTICON STRAGGLERS. Nor have we heard of him going on trial.

● What happened to Miko, Raf, and… that… other kid, with the dead lizard eyes…(Jack! That’s his name.)

● Also I guess Windblade just decided to fuck right off this plane of existence, whatever it’s fine. (It’s not. Where is she and what is she doing?? She was blessed with all these powers… now what does she do?)

● Also why is Optimus still like super beefy if there isn’t a threat of war? Or is there still a threat??


… I’m not mentioning Rescue Bots because at least last season’s finale had CLOSURE, so tbh everything from that show now is just icing on a perfectly fluffy-cute tasty cake at this point.

The Sklance Cowspiracy

Lance likes cows. Lance is from Cuba. A famous cow in Cuba is named Ubre Blanca. Blanca means White. So does Shiro. Shiro was a cow in a previous life. He is super beefy. Keith’s dad has a Texan accent. So Keith’s dad HAS to be a cowboy and by proxy Keith is one too. This is why Keith and Lance are attracted to Shiro. It’s destiny.

(This is just a silly idea. It is not meant to actually be a headcanon.)

- Mod Shiro

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What do you think Iwaoi's parents are like?

Hmm, interesting ask! here are my hc’s for Iwaoi parents:

- Iwaizumi’s dad is literally a replica of Iwaizumi but stockier! He has super beefy arms and strong thighs (´▽`) he’s also very short but has this huge booming voice so he is by no means a ‘small presence’
- Iwaizumi’s mum is small and petite, but fiesty. SO FIESTY. She is extremely sharp-witted and can destroy you with a single comment. but she’s also very loving and protective of her baby boy ♡ 

- Oikawa’s mum is a smol cinnamon roll. so sweet, so gentle. She’s calm and caring and always listens. She also makes the best bento boxes 👌
Oikawa’s mum is also good friends with Iwaizumi’s mum and the two often send each other extra food they have made using their sons as a means of delivery
- Oikawa’s dad is practically the opposite of Iwaizumi’s. He’s quiet and collected. Always thinking carefully before he speaks. A very tall, lanky man who wears large glasses because his eyesight isn’t too great.
Due to his work he is away most of the time, often gone for months at a time. Oikawa’s mother worried how his lacking presence would affect Oikawa and from a young age showered her son with extra affection (hence his slightly egotistical personality). But she is now comforted with Iwaizumi as his best friend

The Merciful King (Kings of Lucis Headcanons)

So let’s talk about my favorite lady: the Merciful King, the wielder of the Shield of the Just

  • Let’s be real. This lady is a BEEFCAKE. Like, if you thought that the guy with the Axe of the Conquerer or the king who had the Mace of the Fierce was intense, hell no. This woman’s a monster who cannot be taken down in battle.
  • Legit, the Chaos King (axe man) and the Demon/Fierce King (mace dude) had limitations to vitality and ballistics. But this woman? Her only weakness is that she lacks in strength and the ability to cast super strong magic.
  • You really think she needs that in order to slam her shield into your face and tank every single one of your blows for days upon days. From anything.
  • But not only can she take a hit, but she also has the ability to self-heal behind her shield. Take cover, and literally she has Medi-guard for days. Added with her super beefy +1000 HP, she’s able to limit break her goddamn health.
  • She could literally walk through the fire and the goddamn flames. And carry on.
  • She probably a pretty hefty too. Like, Zarya-sized.

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PSA: read only memories is one of the best games i’ve played in a while and i really highly recommend it if you’re cool with extremely text-heavy games (borderline a visual novel with some point&click elements BUT it is almost totally voice acted and the voice acting is great, so it’s a pleasure to listen to) (the narrator is lee from twdg and turing is clementine!!!!)

like pretty much all the characters are queer in some way and it’s super well written and turing is the cutest robot protagonist in maybe anything ever, you get to name yourself and pick your own pronouns (though unfortunately due to the voice acting patch those don’t come up in the dialogue much since they couldn’t afford a bunch of alternate recordings of the voice acting but it’s still cool), the art and music are INCREDIBLE, the cyberpunk aesthetic is choice as heck, the setting is really neat

i could go on and on but i REALLY loved it, and it’s pretty dang cheap on steam (i logged like 15 hours so it’s super beefy, you’ll get your money’s worth out of it)

anyway you can hug this cute precious robo child, please play it

also turing is a giant fan of bob ross and i cried from how cute that was

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Do you still see or feel a difference between Bandits hindlegs?

Oh yeah, I can definitely feel a difference. Seeing a difference is a little harder because his fluff covers it up. The exception would be when he’s having a bad day and limping; then it’s easy to see his good leg vs bad leg.
But yeah, his good leg is super beefy because he puts most of his rear weight on it.
For those unfamiliar with what happened to Bandit, here’s the story.

life updates:

i applied to a job at an archival company, i dunno if i’ll get it but my mom is friends with one of the employees and she helped me with my resume and cover letter so even if i don’t get it my resume is super beefy now 

i’ve started posting more art (mostly on furaffinity aha) and have gotten a couple of commissions; it’s not something i think i can make a career from but people paying money for my art is a good feeling. i’m also working more on developing my own characters (i have a fursona now. they’re a hyena. g is insisting everyone in the system should have a fursona)

i’m hopefully gonna be getting my driving permit in the next few weeks; hanging with ari irl made me realize how Freeing being able to drive is and i really want that freedom because frankly public transport in my city is terrible. 

i’m gonna be moving to a bigger apartment soon and there’s one i’m really hoping i get; it’s in a part of the city i like, right near the lgbt coffee shop. there’s a bedroom in the back of the house that the apartment is in that looks out on the backyard and that’s where i’d be living if we get it

adderall is helping with basic life functioning but tbh so is weed; ptsd is going to be a qualifying condition for medical in the state of ny soon so i’m gonna get a card hopefully once that happens

i might try being more active on tumblr just because i’ve been lonely as hell honestly and i miss a lot of people from here

Drabble Request #32 & #44 - Bucky

For @smexy-bucky-waifu

#32: “You make a good pillow.”
#44: “This beats the first time we kissed.”

Author: mermaidinplaid

This one was not proofread so I apologize for any mistakes.

When you walked in the front door of your apartment the first thing you saw was Bucky’s leg hanging off the end of the couch. He was sprawled out on his back watching some animal documentary, a bowl of chips balanced on his chest.

“What are we watching today?” you dropped a few shopping bags on the floor and walked up behind the couch

“Hey, babe!” Bucky leaned up slightly to kiss your lips, his hand resting on the back of your head, “It’s about the ocean and marine life.”

“Sounds interesting. Scoot over.” you nudged Bucky’s leg with your knee as you walked around the couch to join him

He sat up for a split second as you laid back on the couch; but then he was back to laying there with you. His cheek now resting on your stomach.

“Ugh, you’re so heavy.” you whined jokingly and tried to shove him off the couch; of course you failed

“But you make such a good pillow.” Bucky looked up at you with puppy dog eyes and you were done

You smiled and started running your fingers through his unfairly soft hair-why couldn’t your hair be this amazing? Bucky sighed contently and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer than you thought possible.

This was how you stayed for the remainder of Bucky’s documentary, each of you squirming every now and then to get more comfortable.

As the credits rolled Bucky closed his eyes, nuzzling the side of his face deeper into your stomach. Then, in the blink of an eye, he raised his head off of you, giving your stomach an offended look.

You couldn’t help but laugh, “What happened?”

“She kicked me!” Bucky sounded genuinely hurt

You laughed louder and cradled his face in your hands “Well, my darling, you are 500 pounds of beefy super soldier.”

Bucky shook his head as your description of him and put his head back down. You could feel every time Bucky took a foot to the face and it made your heart swell.

“I can’t wait to meet her. Three more months is too long.”

“You’re telling me. I’m the hugely pregnant one.” you sighed loudly when, at that moment, your daughter decided to shove herself into your ribs

“I’m sorry, honey.” another swift kick to the face had Bucky laughing and kissing your stomach, “This definitely beats the first time we kissed.”

You laughed and wrapped your arms around Bucky’s shoulders. You could sit and watch him talk to your growing belly all day; but right now, curled up with the man of your dreams, all you could think about was a nice long nap.

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"joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles" with poly Steve/Bucky/reader ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles + Steve/Bucky

Warnings: This isn’t my best but I hope you enjoy it anyway, honey! Probably a few mistakes around but I’ll fix it later! 💖 Enjoy!

There’s nothing better in the world than waking up in a Saturday morning in a big warm bed, filled with fluffy blankets while you know there’s still 20 full days of vacation for you to enjoy.

Usually the bed is filled with fluffy blankets and beefy super soldiers but by the noise you hear by the kitchen, you know they’re there and up to something.

Pans clashing, cupboards opening and closing, giggles and humming and music just to complete the background.

You honestly think of getting up to check on them but deep down you know what they’re doing and you decide that the bed is too soft for you to leave and the boys are having too much work for you to spoil the surprise.

It doesn’t take full five minutes until they’re walking into the room again.

Bucky is wearing just a white plain towel around his hips and Steve is wearing a pair of dark blue boxers. Both of them are wearing big smiles, swollen lips and fresh red marks all over his necks and collarbones, instantly making you smirk at whatever they were doing at the kitchen meanwhile.

So much that the tray filled with all sorts of goodies almost goes missed by you until they’re sitting on each side of the bed and placing the tray over your thighs.

“I really don’t know who I love more. Both of you or this marvelous plate of pancakes.” You sigh dreamily with a lazy smile and slump against Steve’s chest, feeling his arm soon circle your shoulders. “Is it our anniversary or something?”

Steve chuckles softly and squeezes you against his side, watching in amusement as Bucky tries to steal a piece of strawberry from your plate and you swat his hand away with a slap.

“We just wanted to do something for you, sweetheart.” He mumbles affectionately, pressing his lips against your temple until you’re looking up at him and smiling at his sweet gesture. “You’ve been working so much this week, you deserve a proper first day of vacation.”

You whine playfully at his words and let your body melt against his hold, feeling his chest rumble with laughter as Bucky’s grinning lips met your cheek in a quick kiss.

“I really don’t deserve either of you.” You mutter with your eyes closed and a sweet smile that soon is replaced by a smirk and a raise of eyebrows. “I thought last night’s sex session was my proper pre-vacation welcoming?”

You feel Bucky grin against your cheek and his lips sliding down to your neck, spreading little nibbles and sucks to your skin until you moan softly and he pulls back with mischievous eyes.

“That was just the warm-up, baby doll.” He chuckles lowly and press another kiss to your cheek, giving a pointed look to the tray as Steve just huffs in amusement. “You better eat all these pancakes, you’re gonna need the energy.”

You don’t waste any time in diving into the food like Bucky recommends and with their help, soon there isn’t much left on the tray as Steve discards it besides the bed before sinking in the mattress again following yours and Bucky’s doings.

“I’m exhausted! How is it possible that I’m exhausted?” You laugh lazily and “Keeping up with a big ass breakfast and mindblowing nights with two super soldiers is apparently too much for me.”

Bucky and Steve share a knowing look and you can’t help but frown curiously at them, pouting your lips when they laugh at each other and scoot even closer to you, their bodies trapping you completely on both sides as they threw their arms over you and each other.

“We can just cuddle, if you want.” Steve says with a small grin and look over to Bucky again, who just nods his head smugly once you look at him. “We’ve got better plans for tonight anyway.”

With an overly exaggerated tired sigh, you close your eyes and mumble an affirmation to the boys, making them laugh at your attitude and then lean over to kiss you with smiling lips and bright eyes and cute giggles against each other mouths sliding to cheeks and foreheads and turning into smooches.

They pull back and you can’t help but sigh again, this time happily because honestly.

“Yes, cuddles, please.”

There’s nothing better in the world than a Saturday morning.