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What do you think Iwaoi's parents are like?

Hmm, interesting ask! here are my hc’s for Iwaoi parents:

- Iwaizumi’s dad is literally a replica of Iwaizumi but stockier! He has super beefy arms and strong thighs (´▽`) he’s also very short but has this huge booming voice so he is by no means a ‘small presence’
- Iwaizumi’s mum is small and petite, but fiesty. SO FIESTY. She is extremely sharp-witted and can destroy you with a single comment. but she’s also very loving and protective of her baby boy ♡ 

- Oikawa’s mum is a smol cinnamon roll. so sweet, so gentle. She’s calm and caring and always listens. She also makes the best bento boxes 👌
Oikawa’s mum is also good friends with Iwaizumi’s mum and the two often send each other extra food they have made using their sons as a means of delivery
- Oikawa’s dad is practically the opposite of Iwaizumi’s. He’s quiet and collected. Always thinking carefully before he speaks. A very tall, lanky man who wears large glasses because his eyesight isn’t too great.
Due to his work he is away most of the time, often gone for months at a time. Oikawa’s mother worried how his lacking presence would affect Oikawa and from a young age showered her son with extra affection (hence his slightly egotistical personality). But she is now comforted with Iwaizumi as his best friend

6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime

Woot woot, I’ve been tagged by my sweethearts Bee @denialanderror and Bella @thenightmarebeforebucky to do this thing! Thank you, loves! 💕

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I’m sorry… I just really love this movie (I’m quoting most of the dialogue whenever I watch it, so no one wants to watch it with me XD). The script, the cast, the portraying of it… and, of course, the beefy AF super-soldiers we get, lol.

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2. Harry Potter (anyyyy)

I freaking love Harry Potter, I’ve read all of the books/watched all of the movies and I can watch the movies whenever I feel like it bc they’re all so much fun. Once, I watched them in reverse order (for reasons???) and it was hilarious.

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3. Star Wars (anyyy)

Honestly, I love Star Wars. While the prequels aren’t the greatest (srsly Anakin you moody brat), I love them all so much and I’m definitely watching ‘The Last Jedi’ once it gets released. Seriously, if you invite me to a Star Wars marathon, I will show up XD.

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4. Maleficent

Sue me all you want, but this movie is just amazing to me. I love how this time, they don’t really antagonise Maleficent here and it’s just incredible altogether (actually, sign me up for all Disney movies. I love Disney so much, it’s crazy).

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5. The Hobbit/LOTR series (aLl Of ThEm)

I love the LOTR series! It’s so captivating and the storyline is so well thought-out. If you wanna binge-watch a good 9 hours of LOTR, hit me up bc I will bring popcorn and appropriate candy (and maybe tissues for Return of The King but whatever)

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6. Thor (both the first one and TDW)

I love Thor and Loki XD Also, Asgard is definitely a place I wanna visit, lol. Visit and binge-watch with me? XD

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"joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles" with poly Steve/Bucky/reader ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Joyful kisses peppered across foreheads and cheeks between scattered giggles + Steve/Bucky

Warnings: This isn’t my best but I hope you enjoy it anyway, honey! Probably a few mistakes around but I’ll fix it later! 💖 Enjoy!

There’s nothing better in the world than waking up in a Saturday morning in a big warm bed, filled with fluffy blankets while you know there’s still 20 full days of vacation for you to enjoy.

Usually the bed is filled with fluffy blankets and beefy super soldiers but by the noise you hear by the kitchen, you know they’re there and up to something.

Pans clashing, cupboards opening and closing, giggles and humming and music just to complete the background.

You honestly think of getting up to check on them but deep down you know what they’re doing and you decide that the bed is too soft for you to leave and the boys are having too much work for you to spoil the surprise.

It doesn’t take full five minutes until they’re walking into the room again.

Bucky is wearing just a white plain towel around his hips and Steve is wearing a pair of dark blue boxers. Both of them are wearing big smiles, swollen lips and fresh red marks all over his necks and collarbones, instantly making you smirk at whatever they were doing at the kitchen meanwhile.

So much that the tray filled with all sorts of goodies almost goes missed by you until they’re sitting on each side of the bed and placing the tray over your thighs.

“I really don’t know who I love more. Both of you or this marvelous plate of pancakes.” You sigh dreamily with a lazy smile and slump against Steve’s chest, feeling his arm soon circle your shoulders. “Is it our anniversary or something?”

Steve chuckles softly and squeezes you against his side, watching in amusement as Bucky tries to steal a piece of strawberry from your plate and you swat his hand away with a slap.

“We just wanted to do something for you, sweetheart.” He mumbles affectionately, pressing his lips against your temple until you’re looking up at him and smiling at his sweet gesture. “You’ve been working so much this week, you deserve a proper first day of vacation.”

You whine playfully at his words and let your body melt against his hold, feeling his chest rumble with laughter as Bucky’s grinning lips met your cheek in a quick kiss.

“I really don’t deserve either of you.” You mutter with your eyes closed and a sweet smile that soon is replaced by a smirk and a raise of eyebrows. “I thought last night’s sex session was my proper pre-vacation welcoming?”

You feel Bucky grin against your cheek and his lips sliding down to your neck, spreading little nibbles and sucks to your skin until you moan softly and he pulls back with mischievous eyes.

“That was just the warm-up, baby doll.” He chuckles lowly and press another kiss to your cheek, giving a pointed look to the tray as Steve just huffs in amusement. “You better eat all these pancakes, you’re gonna need the energy.”

You don’t waste any time in diving into the food like Bucky recommends and with their help, soon there isn’t much left on the tray as Steve discards it besides the bed before sinking in the mattress again following yours and Bucky’s doings.

“I’m exhausted! How is it possible that I’m exhausted?” You laugh lazily and “Keeping up with a big ass breakfast and mindblowing nights with two super soldiers is apparently too much for me.”

Bucky and Steve share a knowing look and you can’t help but frown curiously at them, pouting your lips when they laugh at each other and scoot even closer to you, their bodies trapping you completely on both sides as they threw their arms over you and each other.

“We can just cuddle, if you want.” Steve says with a small grin and look over to Bucky again, who just nods his head smugly once you look at him. “We’ve got better plans for tonight anyway.”

With an overly exaggerated tired sigh, you close your eyes and mumble an affirmation to the boys, making them laugh at your attitude and then lean over to kiss you with smiling lips and bright eyes and cute giggles against each other mouths sliding to cheeks and foreheads and turning into smooches.

They pull back and you can’t help but sigh again, this time happily because honestly.

“Yes, cuddles, please.”

There’s nothing better in the world than a Saturday morning.

list of reasons harry is the bestest
  • he tattooed big on his big toe
  • he supports and loves the lgbt+ community
  • hes the tiniest lil cupcake but also super freaking beefy and could probably knock u out in one punch
  • but he wont do that cause hes really nice and understanding
  • hes the most polite boy in the whole world
  • hes a huge freaking goofball
  • hes really fcking talented like he sings and writes and now ACTS
  • he likes knock knock jokes
  • his favorite color is pink
  • this

PAYDAY 2 Heisters

Payday 2: New Crew Members 

  • Jacket - Sociopath
  • John Wick - Hitman
  • Bonnie - Gambler
  • Clover - Burglar
  • Dragan - Meat Sandwich Infiltrator
  • Sokol - Grinder
  • Jiro - Yakuza

(Here’s part two of “What I do when I don’t feel like doing homework and see an old post I don’t like”. I just realized how bad some of the perk deck names connect to the perk deck’s abilities. Like, you’d think Infiltrator would be some kind of stealth perk deck, but it’s actually a super beefy tank perk deck)

Payday 2 Heisters

Original Crew Members

New Crew Members


Nat. 20. FTM. Dad aesthetic.

Some of my best summer selfies. Feeling super cool and beefy and getting really fit and coming out and being vocal about it and it’s been great!!

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It’s Gender Euphoria Weekend here at Ways to Raise. From July 31st - August 2nd. Trans and nonbinary folks should feel free to submit those selfies that make you feel great, or any stories and thoughts you have involving what makes you euphoric/what Gender Euphoria means to you!


Bionicle body build (pun) diversity

Tahu: wide shoulders, beefy calves, pink eyes that everyone always forgets about or ignores

Ouna: wide shoulders, beefy thighs

Pohatu: narrow chest, wide shoulders, xbox huge hips, super beefy calves

Lewa: slim shoulders, beefy calves

Gali: wide shoulders, either a bust or scuba gear (I’ve seen arguments for either), big hips, beefy thighs

Kopaka: slim shoulders, beefy calves

Civil war aesthetic: A beefy super soldier, a solid af bird boy, and a metal armed enhanced ex assassin crammed into a tiny car

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